Of Devil Signs and the Singularity of Force

Smoking Mirrors — Jan 18, 2014

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(I got up this morning and said to myself, I don’t think I’ll write a posting today. I’m kind of tired and just want to lay on my couch, or work on my new tunes, or finish up the editing on the new book for that Monday deadline but… here I am. I guess I have no choice- grin)
Invariably, now and again, there appears someone who didn’t get the memo, even though the memo has gone out a couple of dozen times by now and so I come into the possession of yet one more (often snide and mostly always looking for trouble, or some kind of gotcha moment) query along the lines of, “Why are you making devil signs with your hands on the websites?” Occasionally, like the one today, I get not only a comment at The Petri Dish but an email as well, presented to me in a serious matter of fact way. I can almost hear the little ballet slipper slapping on the gym floor, see the arms folded across the chest and note the no nonsense look in the eye, followed by… “Well? Well?”
As I have done every time in the past, I referred the emissary from the district attorney’s office to Google (or any search engine) for the purpose of searching for ‘Ramakrishna’  ah… look at that, visible went and did the search for you. Now, visible isn’t worthy to be in the same room with Ramakrishna, who was one of the greatest, if not the greatest, saint from India in the last several hundred years. I use him as an example because there’s no question of him being evil. In fact, one of the stories told about him is that one of his disciples slipped a coin under his mattress once and when Ramakrishna went to lay down, he leapt back up immediately as if he’d been burned. This is why he is known as a saint and not by some other title.
No, I am not worthy to be in the same room with him but I have also had a Kundalini experience that causes my hands to go into those positions all by themselves. I’ve had any number of Kundalini experiences and some of them have been severe (after a certain fashion). Out of these have come certain powers and abilities and it doesn’t matter if you believe me or not. Too many people have already encountered these features of Visibilia. Now, if you ask me what that means, I couldn’t tell you. I am kept in the dark about a lot of things, “for a very good reason”.
At this juncture, one might well ask, “Well Vis, why put those photos up? they just encourage Nimrods and Nodwells to distrust you and talk stink about you.” That’s a good question. I’ll take that for $800.00 and a spin of the wheel. First off, I don’t give an FF (the first word would be ‘flying’) what Nodwells and Nimrods think about me and no matter what I do, certain disgruntled people who don’t trust anybody, because they don’t trust themselves and who see boogeymen everywhere, will talk stink about me no matter what. People still talk stink about Jesus Christ and did back then too AND I am no Jesus Christ. That’s another cat that I am not worthy to be in the same room with AND… you can be sure that he held his hands that way on occasion too. It’s all the same force, whether East or West. Scroll through pictures of Buddhas, statues of them, demigods and sundry entities and you will see that many of them hold their hands the same way. When I was in prison I saw various black gangsters who walked around with one hand on a cheek of their ass, palm outward and with the fingers in that same holding pattern but pointing downward (reversed kundalini).
People, THERE IS ONLY ONE FORCE in the universe and all expressions of force come from the same source. I’m sure any competent physicist could show you that in mathematical terms. We exist in a world of apparent (appearing) duality and an endless multiplicity of expressions. This leads to confusion and bewilderment. Force is cyclopean. Intention defines it in terms of value, moral or otherwise. The same force operates in both saints and sinners but it operates differently. As Lao Tzu, or one of his offshoots said, “Before I attempt to fix what is wrong with a bad man, I first fix it inside myself.” meaning they probably wouldn’t even see it otherwise.
I know there are people who want to think of me as an employee of evil forces, or some kind of cointelpro, or amateur (grin). I have been painfully transparent about my shortcomings, which I have “for a very good reason”. I haven’t lied about my life or my adventures. Others have though. They have lied because the truth was not enough and the reason the truth was not enough is because they freaked out in relation to what they were afraid might happen and then… it didn’t happen. This left them in an uncomfortable state and so, in order to justify their position, they had to embellish and exaggerate and in certain cases, just make shit up. Once again, there are people prone to believing these things and others who do not. That all depends on whether you believe my version of events. I don’t argue with these people. I don’t care what they believe. I do know that there is a reckoning up the road for everyone who slanders and defames another. This does not apply when it isn’t slander; just in case some wag wants to bring to my attention my criticisms of certain public figures.
Let me migrate into occult and metaphysical explanations concerning devils and angels with an observation, The Devil is how God appears to the wicked. Ponder that at your leisure. It will also serve to free you of fears and apprehensions concerning all these mysterious matters. That same ‘radiant energy’ that expresses itself in snake behavior and is so called because it manifests in an undulating rhythmic manner, is the same serpent force that is generated out of sexual continence, is then transformed into Ojas and then ascends up the spinal column to the luminous heights that reside out of mortal sight.
You don’t need a college diploma to engage in this process. You don’t have to have a badge, an impressive ID or a uniform. You don’t have to be born to aristocrats. There is no external authority that confers upon you the rights to engage in this process. This is the inevitable outcome of self inquiry and evolving awareness. Some people are making millions of dollars and some people are acting in blockbuster films, or have prestigious titles and positions and… some of us have Kundalini experiences. I am one of those people. Why was I chosen for this? I couldn’t tell you. Why is my personal history occasionally unlike anything one would associate with such a process? I couldn’t tell you. The one who makes the selections in this regard has their own inscrutable reasons for it and, like anything else, it’s for the purpose of demonstration.
It is to be expected that people under the spell, or influence, of infernal forces would see me as an infernal agent. Others would see a very different entity. So… why post those pictures? It is precisely because most people misinterpret these things and assign incorrect values to them. In Bush’s case, sure… he is probably making what he thinks is a devil sign and the same with the rest of that ilk. In Bush’s case, I think he’s a little too stupid for The Devil to take seriously but maybe he has to use what’s available.
I would think that after ten years of doing this and many more years living on the thinnest of material margins, that it might occur to certain people that I should have exposed my hole cards by now. There should have been some reasonable material payoff and not a bunch of websites with free advertising on them. A great many people in my line of work make enormous sums of money; hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars. I’m sure if I dressed up a certain way and acted a certain way, with the gifts I possess, that I could be raking it in too but… I am not. I must have a very good reason.
If a person’s intent in their activities is to enjoy general public favor, then they will cater to those positions and points of view that are held by the masses and which were given to the masses by their handlers. Here’s a useful little guide in relation to the sort of things that are going down these days
If you are naturally or intentionally at odds with TPTBGD; the powers that be going down, it is to be expected that you will encounter specific actions, directed at your credibility as well as your continuance. You can expect to fall in and out of favor with various people along the way. The important thing is to not waver in your focus or industries, so that consistency is an operational accessory with you. Sooner or later you will succeed at what you do. There are eternal laws that cover this sort of thing. Of course, you will catch shit here and there for one reason or another and I have found that the best way to handle that is to view praise and blame with a similar dispassion and to always remember that today’s vocal supporter can well turn into tomorrow’s venomous detractor,
You need to be in possession of that spiritual thousand yard stare. You’ve got to take the long view and also be willing to take the long way. You have to have your eye on an ultimate goal, then all the pedestrain bullshit will be of little account. You need to be sincere in your motivations and your actions. Then, a certain kind of legitimacy is vested in them and the right people will notice this and who cares about anyone else? Of critical importance is your value system. You need to know the actual worth of things and act accordingly and not be unduly influenced by a lot of glittery shit. You have to know that just cause your name gets mentioned on television, or you happen to appear on television, it doesn’t mean a damn thing. Being rich and powerful means nothing too and in MOST CASES is a serious liability. You should always wait for such things to be granted by the appropriate authorities. This would mean, at a time when you are unlikely to screw it up. The road to remorse is paved with people who figured that if they didn’t grab it they wouldn’t get it. Remember, though it might be true that “fortune favors the bold”, it’s an important aspect of it that you are in a position to properly define what fortune is and to always remember, “there but for fortune goes you and I”.
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