The Culture of Greed and the Suicide of Evil

Visible Origami — January 17, 2014

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Every time I find myself pondering the state of the times and… that happens often, I look for the basic keys of disturbance and negative change that are responsible for a culture being out of balance. In America, probably the most noticeable and pervasive negative is the Culture of Greed. The Culture of Greed is responsible for the vast gulf between rich and poor. Well… there’s always a gap between rich and poor and I don’t have a problem with that because I have somewhat of a grasp of the forces and precedents that bring this equation about. Karma, in my mind, is a fixed reality and… like The Wheel of Fortune spinning over lifetimes, inevitably you will be rich sometimes and poor others and then there’s the middle of the pack
The Middle Class is the glue that holds a society together. A prosperous middle class is usually indicative of a thriving culture. In these times, the oligarch, plutocratic rich are deliberately seeking to destroy the middle class and remove the clout of the middle class from the social and political structure, so as to control the direction of the nation. Some of these individuals, members of the super privileged class, are vicious monsters; The Koch Brothers, George Soros, The Chicago Mob of Oligarchs that put Obama in office, Wall Street and the elite players who manipulate the operation of the market for their own gain. Goldman Sachs and J.P Morgan are examples of this. They have nothing but contempt for humanity and whatever laws of the land may be operative at the time. They lobby fiercely behind the scenes to do away with all restrictions on their ability to loot and plunder at will. They see humanity as chattel. Of course, a prominent group of players in this environment believe the arguably Satanic preachings of The Talmud …and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, clearly state where these characters are coming from. You hear from affiliated sources that ‘the protocols’ are a fabrication. Since they mirror to a precise degree the actual and observable behavior of this group and since the historical record also corroborates much of their previous activities, I’m in the camp that believes it is legitimate.
Many of these maldoers like to paint themselves as progressives on behalf of the common good. Soros is one of these and the reality is that he is anything but. His policies and financial grants are directly responsible for significant loss of life around the world.
So… it is the corruptions of the culture of greed that accounts for much of what is wrong in Western lands. More so, it is the celebration of it, the affirming of that Randian quote, “greed is good”. The culture accommodates excess as a badge of success. Yeah, that’s one thing that is not only wrong in every way, it is ultimately destructive of the system it operates in. It is akin to loading a horse down with goods and then whipping it forward until it can go no further and drops dead. Now the means of transport is gone.
There are no circumstances anywhere, where this sort of behavior is not certifiably insane. It’s not as visible and obvious to the population because they are collectively dysfunctional. Once it has been established that it’s okay to do anything you can get away with and once criminals are in charge of the legal system, whatever nation it is happening in is toast. The reason for that is that there is a correct way, a certain natural order that receives the imprimatur of the invisible hierarchy. Once this is deviated from, certain reactive forces are set into motion, to return existence to that former state. The impact of these forces becomes ever more increasingly severe, as the remonstrations are not acted upon. Remonstrations can take all manner of forms such as natural disasters, unpleasant weather, continuous warfare, ubiquitous crime, widespread ill health and opportunistic infections and diseases. Given that the society is diseased, it logically follows that disease will be a predominant feature in any culture that has gone off the rails… as most of the ones alluded to here have done.
When you are mentally unfit, physical unfitness is a predictable result. Everything is made out of mindstuff and comes down, via precipitation, from that plane. Once the general mind becomes fertile soil for aberrant thought and action, that is when things like political correctness shows up. Political correctness has nothing to do with redressing observable wrongs, unfairness or inequality. One can understand it best by considering that Tribe creation, Communism. In principle, in theory, Communism has much to recommend it. In application it is nothing like what it seemed to be in principle and theory. This is because this socio-political construct is ruled by a cabal of self styled elites, who manipulate it in all kinds of evil and horrific ways. The greatest holocaust in history was performed by these people in Russia and the second greatest in the Ukraine was done by them as well. Political correctness is a bastard offspring of Communism. It is used to promote all kinds of unqualified people into situations they are incapable of effectively managing. It does away with the merit system. It is a vehicle for any number of questionable behaviors. It is a system of enforced restriction, an engine of behavior modification. It is a very, very bad thing.
Political correctness began to insinuate itself into the education system as a result of changes brought about in the 60’s. A lot of good things came out of the 60’s. This is not one of them. Because the same Satanic forces that were behind political correctness are also in control of the entertainment and music industries, as well as publishing, there came a multi-pronged offensive to dumb down the population in order to make them more manageable for enslavement and extermination.
Presently, there is something really bad in the wind. Early signs of this are to be seen in the purging of the ranks of the military. There are only so many ways to take it, unless you just don’t want to know and in those cases where you don’t want to know, there are all manner of unpleasant ways in which you will be shown. Knowing and seeing are ultimate requirements in an apocalypse. The reason for what’s coming to be coming now, aside from planetary configurations, is the fact that the world is waking up and reacting against the will of the overlords. This time history is on the side of the people, so whatever these bloodstained clowns get up to, it’s going to turn against them. A part of them knows this and that’s why nothing has happened so far but… they are increasingly up against it.
In America there is a rising tide of opposition against the policies of Obama. Some amount of it is getting into the press but it’s much bigger than it seems. There’s a lot more to certain recent events, like the cheating and drug scandal at the missile encampments, than is being brought out. There is a very active wave of resistance going on behind the scenes in critical locations. Some number of factions have seen the writing on the wall and the Snowden affair has brought about changes in the international theater of a most undesirable kind. The kind that affect economic realities as well as strategic alliances. It’s one thing to have a strategic alliance, where the principals are going to do what they say they will and another where the structure is still there but the will is absent. There’s a whole lot of musical chairs going on all over the place and affected parties are hearing the music.
I apologize for this dry polemic, in lieu of more entertaining fare. On any given day, what comes to me is what comes to me. People can argue until they are blue in the face and- in some cases- red in the face, about the facts presented here but… since all of these facts are a matter of public record, the rare arguments against are the usual disingenuous garbage, designed to muddy the waters. One of the spurious arguments I got lately was, “So, if we do away with these criminals is that going to change this and this and this and this?” As a matter of fact, yes, it will affect ‘this and this and this’ but… such arguments are rather more stupid than useful. It’s like saying there’s no point in stopping one bad thing because this other bad thing is still going on. What kind of reasoning is that? It’s the reasoning of aligned and associated players, seeking to take the scrutiny off of their despicable deeds. Of course, they could just stop what they’re doing but they are not inclined in that direction. It is an element of their basic nature to prey upon their fellows. It’s what they do and the only realistic solution is to have a land or location where they are denied the influence they will invariably acquire that allows them to do what they do. Either people wake up to what is happening to them or they are inevitably plowed under.
One thing you can count on is that evil will destroy itself. The principle is that nearly all evil comes out of the preeminence of self interest over the good of the whole. In the ranks of evil, there are cabals and lone wolves and they strive against each other, as much as they strive in any direction. There is no honor among them, so they continuously plot against their fellows just as they are plotted against. They inform on one another. They destroy one another. Generally they are all after the same things and- in their minds- there is only so much to go around. In truth there is more than enough for everyone but their minds don’t work that way. It’s why they never, ever have enough. It’s a sickness and it’s terminal, thankfully. One of the great movies of all time, “the Treasure of Sierra Madre”, really shows the essential nature of these misfits. It is enough to stand aside and watch. It’s all inevitable and it’s all just a matter of time.
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