Ghost Government and the Slave State

Introduction — January 17, 2014

Kaminski makes the mistake that all anti-Semites make: he evaluates Jews en masse. In doing so he ignores the fact that their are many who don’t buy into the herd mentality and who won’t run with the pack.
We feature many on this website. To their credit such individuals think and act according to their conscience, as distinct human beings rather than members of a supposed “chosen people”.
True, they are in a minority but their numbers are growing.
Kaminski fails to make this distinction and in doing so he falls into a trap the Zionists have set. One only has to consider the numerous instances where Jews have been caught faking anti-Semitic acts or even leading such movements to realise that Zionists actually benefit from “anti-Semitism”. Quite simply because it reinforces the herd mentality and prevents individual Jews from asserting themselves as individuals and acting on the prompting of their personal conscience; rather than the dictates of the collective.
So while Kaminski makes some telling points he omits to make this crucial distinction concerning the individual. Ed.

Ghost Government and the Slave State

John Kaminski — The Jan 17, 2014

Don’t kid yourself, bucko. The world is full of hungry people who will do anything for money and a square meal. They never wonder about the consequences of their actions until it’s too late. And when it is too late, then they’ll see that their own actions are what brought them down.

Sure, they might get rich taking the bribe and committing the crime, but their kids will turn bad, and maybe even kill their parents. There’s a lot of that going on now. It happens because their parents don’t think about what is moral, or what is good for the world they have to live in. It’s all about having enough to eat, and when that’s achieved, getting as rich as possible, no matter who they have to step on. Too many people behave like this. It’s inhuman, which is a synonym for kosher.

If you think you’re going to galvanize an army of heroes into resisting this spreading gangrene of conscience now engulfing everything that lives, you better think again. Sadly, the only heroes today are U.S. soldiers who come home and kill themselves once they realize the atrocities they’ve inflicted on innocent peasants have wrecked their own souls and benefited no one except rich Jew bloodsuckers.

Everybody knows by now — if their brains haven’t been permanently atrophied by lithium-laced chemtrails, death porn TV, and roadfood hamburgers with maximum 12 percent meat — that Obama won the last election by flooding the country with half-wit immigrants who could vote more than once and vagrant Negroes who were promised free welfare checks, multiple cell phones and carte blanche to beat up white people with no charges whenever they wanted.

For some of us it has taken decades to realize that our government is playing the knockout game against the very people who built the country, the white time-clock punchers who played by the rules and got kicked in the groin for their trouble. No American government would do that, but a Kenyan government run by kosher Bolshevik tricksters definitely would, because they always have.

The government has become a ghost, hovering over our lives like a poison mist, every day creating new methods to tax us into the gutter and take our homes, extolling the virtues of pedophilia, and taking our best children and sending them off to die in pointless wars that benefit only people who make more money in an hour than you will make in your lifetime.

Flashy writers on trendy websites are all too willing to take control of the argument, as long as they aren’t pressed to admit what’s really going on, and what they never mention. All these new websites that give you the inside scoop of the newest catastrophe or the latest swindle all have one thing in common. Have you noticed? They don’t mention Jews. They only talk about America’s perverse politicians, and fail to mention the twisted kosher manipulators who are funneling millions under the table to absolutely every single member of Congress, creating a unanimous chorus of cheering for the world’s greatest killers plundering the world from their vipers’ nest in Israel.

Newscasters hired by Jews rave about substandard entertainers created by Jews. Doctors miseducated by Jews push poison pills manufactured by Jews. Lawyers trained by Jews fleece clients targeted by Jews and found guilty by judges vetted by Jews.

By not mentioning Jews as the world’s leading killers and behind the scenes of every scam you can imagine and many that you can’t, all these shallow shills are revealing that their candid, sensational, and concerned websites are really run by Jews, which is why they will never tell the real story about who is committing all these crimes.

Here’s the rule to follow: sites that don’t mention Jews are run by Jews. Throughout the 20th century and now into the nightmare 21st, this is the rule to follow. If you don’t, you’re either a Jew, a Jew shill, or a patsy headed for a coffin. In all cases, you’re useless to the human race, and participating in its extinction.

As Video Rebel pointed out so eloquently the other day, the No. 1 issue in the world today is the inability to speak freely about Jews. <>

Our horizon is filled with Jewish threats to continued life on this planet, and yet, in over 90 percent of political commentary on the Web, stories make no mention of Jews. In fact, Jewish writers are prominent in savaging the idiocy of paid-off American politicians. Yet Jewish writers, most notably, never mention the kosher driving force that is transporting the world to destruction. What they describe is America coming off its rails without ever mentioning who put the logs on the tracks.

Most everyone these days knows about how the Jewish medical power elite put cancer into the polio vaccine <> and you’d have to be a real dummy not to know about how Gardasil, the new vaccine against cervical cancer, is canceling out the next generation <>, thanks to Jew social planners.

The main threat from this new Obamacare insurance epidemic is not that it is another major robbery of the American people, in which they pay much more money for much less care, but the dire fact that it locks people into allopathic medical care, diabolically designed by Jews, which is a sure and proven way to adversely affect your health and shorten your life. <>

It’s impossible to even enumerate never mind quantify all the threats to our well-being and our lives that this ghoulish Jewish ghost government is pouring down on the heads of American citizens these days. All the government’s functions have been sold to private contractors at a much higher price, and all government oversight, especially in the areas of pharmaceuticals and food production, has been essentially disconnected.

Google, Facebook and Twitter are all Jewish inventions run by Jews that gradually whittle down the human knowledge base and collect information on everyone that they feed to the controllers to further fine tune our slavery.

All the facts you learn in school are prescreened by Jewish censors. All the news that’s on the tube has been screened by Jewish censors. Every movie you go to see in your local theater is desperately designed to get you to hate and preferably kill anyone except Jews.

The Department of Homeland Security was created only to protect Jews. Jews may commit crimes and get away with them, escaping to Israel as a last resort to avoid prosecution. The DHS is under orders to prosecute everyone else, whether they have committed a crime or not.

Deception is the order of the day. The only truth you can find is in your own heart, if you but have the courage to look for it, and in finding it, realizing the dire situation we are all in, simply because we have been unwilling, too timid and in fact terrified and paralyzed in our own cowardice to perceive, to recognize, to admit that we are slaves of a ghost government run by totally untrustworthy Jewish ghouls who are implementing a widespread plan to kill most of us and enslave the rest of us into a giant plantation prison camp, in which we will not be allowed to think, only respond to the orders of our Jewish masters.

Those of us who have been paying attention know that day is already here.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives in the Gulf Coast of Florida (pelicans are back, eating merrily) whose essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.

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