Put Petty Differences Aside, Fritz Springmeier Writes

Fritz Springmeier was one of the first to expose the Illuminati and their agenda. In 2003, he was framed for bank robbery and sentenced to 9 1/2 years in prison. He would be a national hero in a country that honored its servants and punished its traitors. Henry Makow received this letter June 10.

Fritz Springmeier 65941-065
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 5000
Sheridan OR 97378

May 26, 2008

Dear Henry,

You asked for an autobiographical sketch but there are several problems with that. First, it’s not about me, it’s about Christ (Yashua Messiah.) With that in mind, I did start an autobiographical account for you that directed peoples’ attention to Christ. For what i did against the Illuminati/NWO can’t be understood separate from Him and His

Second, information about me tends to be misquoted and misused. The lower I am on the radar the less problems people make for me….Which leads to another problem: an overemphasis on what’s wrong and what Satan’s world is doing without balancing material to keep people spiritually on-track…

As to my current situation, let us bear in mind that no matter where we reside, our job remains the same: to do the will of YHWH. Biblical Joseph in prison in Egypt had to have faith in the goodness of YHWH and YHWH’s revelations; he did not overemphasize or focus on his circumstances.

Bottom line I was persecuted & landed in federal prison because of the work I did against the Illuminati. A retired federal law enforcement [agent] said as much to my original lawyer. In order to give me 9 ½ years for “aiding and abetting” a bank robbery they had to forgive more than 130 years of prison time to real criminals to bribe their testimony. Had it not been for my work against the NWO I would never have been a priority to frame.

The American justice system found me guilty, but I personally look forward to YHWH’s judgment which will be based upon reality and in my understanding far more kinder.

In prison, I keep myself productively busy helping other inmates by teaching college and high school subjects, preaching, providing legal advice and any other way possible.

From the first moments of incarceration, i determined to remain my good old self, and to not give in to the head-games to which inmates are subjected by incarceration. Prisons are really designed to shred a person up and to be schools to turn out criminals. So far I have been able during over five years of prison to side step that crazy dynamic…

The Illuminati has switched their scheduling this last decade, but that may not have any more long term effect than when gen. Grant was delayed in taking Vicksburg.

While the level of awareness by the public has dramatically flourished since 1990, I do not see any viable opposition to the NWO, nor much comprehension of its length, breadth and depth. Humanity’s situation does not look good. We are needing another rescue mission like in the days of Noah’s Ark. People need to put their petty differences aside and think of the survival of the human race, as well as the survival of our faith. Those of us with faith would contend that a life which is not lived well (Godly), but lived serving the Kingdom of Death is not worth living. Shall a true faith in our wonderful good Creator as displayed and modeled by Yahshua -shall this faith survive or disappear?

We are facing problems of Armageddon-Mathew 24 proportions. We can be part of the solution or by default part of the problem.

The public doesn’t have a good grasp at what happens in the prisons. At best they are merely warehouses for humans. The United States has the highest incarceration rates, and continues tom prepare for more prisoners.

I encourage people to learn to become self sufficient in various ways. Learn how to take care of yourself. Practice being a positive useful person to society rather than being be a drain. Quit accepting the drivel that is passed off as news. I often see people say the media can’t be trusted…but then they hear a specific story and believe it. If they can’t be trusted, it’s that simple–they can’t be trusted. People need to develop some very close friends as a support system.

I wrote these things in response to your inquiries.

Take care, and continue your good work,

Your co-worker and brother,