Israel Executes Three Little Girls and it Doesn’t Matter

Smoking Mirrors — Jan 15, 2014

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
I’ve been concerned about the New England defensive line, since Vince Wolfork’s injury. Thankfully, today, I spotted some definite replacements. I now feel a lot more confident about the Denver game. The PC storm-troopers are marching to Pretoria, Pretoria, Pretoria. When the public snaps back at their Nazi tactics, they manifest in their own words, “We have every right and everyone else has none.” It is fascinating to watch how they use the language with such specificity, materializing one tortured word origami after another. All over the fascist nation of America and many western lands, humanoid rodents have burrowed into Academia, using political correctness, as a cover for malicious dysfunction and lack of capacity, in order to rise to supervisory and tenured positions, from which to lobby for and legislate superior positions of invulnerability for minority agendas, especially for very, very tiny minority agendas, to the detriment of the majority. This has brought about countless cases of things like this. Of course, the real intent of these things is not the publicized intent. The real intent is chaos and confusion everywhere, coupled with a rapacious plundering of each countries resources at every level. It is a systematic effort by an organized collective of Zionists, Satanists, Materialists and assorted crazy people. It’s right out in the open but the public is either too dumb or too fearful, too sexually obsessed or too occupied with fascinating glittery shit to organize and shut it down.
The absurd and the ridiculous are commonplace. Aluminum is toxic. If you cook with it you will incur a host of maladies over time and they will be chronic and incurable. There’s a new documentary out called The Age of Aluminum. It tells the tale. This is not the point. The point is that manufacturers of toxic poisons make their profits by having their poisons put into as many products as possible. This is why aluminum is in so many cosmetics. It’s the same scam as Kosher salt. People who manufacture chemicals need their vile creations to be inserted into anything they can get them inserted into so they set up phony research operations and hire corrupt scientists who come up with all sorts of data that verifies the need to insert this shit into everything. This is one of the bestial by products of capitalism and materialism.
Evil is highly competitive. This is how you get situations like this. Obama is evil, not misguided or deluded (he’s that too) but consciously and intentionally evil. Scalia is evil also. They are in competition over whose evil reigns supreme and- predictably their mindset and policy trickles down into public policy and works it’s dark magic into impressionable troglodyte minds and you get things like this and then things like this and these are just two examples of a variety of similar contemptible events that take place every day. The routine murder of prepubescent children in Israel, stirs not a murmer in the world wide Israeli controlled press. Were this horror accomplished by anyone else there would be global outrage. This behavior has now been transplanted from the seat of Satan (Israel) to Satan’s footstool, America.
They’re doing everything they can do because the heat is on. ♫ the heat is on♫ cue Kenny Loggins.
It’s crazy time in the crazy, ‘obsessed’ lands. Unless one can rein in their fires and forces, they are going to be burned up by them. Yes, weird is the order of the day and you can look for a rash of similar scenarios such as this occurring. As I have mentioned a time or two, a great spiritual master told me that ‘you would know that the end times have arrived when cannibalism becomes pervasive’. We’re seeing more and more of it. The world is in an uproar and you are going to soon see this kind of thing spreading like wildfire around the planet; uproar on the social and cultural front and uproar on the environmental front. Change and transformation are breaking out all over and if you can see it now, you won’t be one of those people who find themselves suddenly astounded by critical circumstances on all sides of them.
We… you and I, cannot save the world. We can personally change and adapt to conditions. We can become more and more aware. We can set an example and we can push and appeal for inspiration. We can meditate in search of clarity. There are many thing we can do and many, many more that we can not do. Discrimination is high art. The logical and sensible thing to do is to seek shelter when a storm threatens. People who are not paying attention might not note the approach of a storm until it is upon them. People who know a storm is coming are (or should be) already prepared. At least they are mentally prepared (or should be).
Storms localize. Storms form out of opportune conditions. One who possesses an internal barometer can be made aware of changes in the atmosphere. If you are on the ocean side of a mountain range near the ocean you are going to get a certain kind of weather and you will get another kind of weather on the other. This might be the difference between being okay and not being okay. Of course, Mr. Visible is being all kinds of allegorical here.
Speaking of Mr. Visible (which we were), he’s been undergoing some very strange sensory experiences. Since he hasn’t had any consciousness altering comestibles in months, it can’t be that. He’s seeing things, peripherally and hearing strange, musical sounds inside of other sounds. It’s as if a crack has appeared in in an alternate dimension and stuff is starting to leak through. On any number of occasions, Mr. Visible has become distracted by something going on in his thoughts. Something that is completely unidentifiable (so far). This is not a good thing to encounter when operating a motor vehicle (grin). Whatever it is, it’s powerful. Either Mr. Visible is transitioning in some manner; with the result of new sensory abilities going into operation or something is going on in that place where the visible meets the invisible and anyone with any sensitivity is picking up on it. I’ve not encountered anything like this before. It is something pressing and insistent but cloaked. From my perspective on it, it’s not revealed a single identifiable detail. It’s just there. Well, as with most anything else… We’ll see.
The daily fare of ironic occurrences is off the charts. It is to be hoped this individual gets both trampled and gored in the process. You can exhaust yourself each day and never encounter half of the absurd, ridiculous and ironic events being reported on and which are, for the most part, not identified as any one of these things. Then there is this unrelated but no less outrageous piece of news. One of the largest political money sucking systems on the planet is gearing up again. Yes, Mr. Twenty Million Dollars in a Day, Mr. Money Bomb, is back in action. He’s saddling up his stalking horse in the stable and leading him out into the paddock to get him some exercise, prior to hitting the faux Libertarian, rubber chicken circuit, to pump the flesh and lighten the wallet; not to mention kill the spirit, grinding it into the pavement under that heavy, heavy shoe.
It’s okay to believe in someone once, when times are dire and you don’t know enough to be objectively critical of the situation. It’s quite another to be twice deceived by the exact same process that came to the exact same result but… to be willingly deceived by the exact same thing yet again for the third time makes you an incurable fool and a patsy extraordinaire. According to the principle of the apple not falling far from the tree, one can glean a lot from Rand Paul’s pussy footing, bowing and scraping before his Israeli masters. Let me be clear here. Israel is America’s deadliest enemy. Except for it’s appalling and widespread ignorance it has no greater enemy. The dual nationals who reside in that country are all operational traitors. There’s no wiggle room here otherwise and those who consort with traitors are also traitors. AIPAC is a terrorist organization and so is the ADL, the B’nai Brith and dozens of other umbrella groups whose intent is the destruction of the United States and every other western country. These are vile and violent aggregates of the greatest enemies The Republic has ever encountered and those who give them fealty and who seek to carry out the marching orders given to them by these enemy combatants are traitors. They are traitors. They have no honor. They have no integrity and they have no souls.
These are sorrowful times. It’s one thing to be a slave to appetite during times of plenty. It’s quite another thing to be a slave to appetite in times of pending catastrophe but… so it is. I am more and more amazed with every passing day that so many people can carry on as they do and be so completely indifferent to what is going on around them and what is headed in their direction. I am astounded by it. I lack words adequate to the task of accurately describing what I see. I comfort myself with the thought that this is all meant to be for the purpose of demonstration and that regardless of appearances to the contrary, everything really is under control.
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