Illuminati Use Women to Destroy Men

Henry Makow Ph.D. — (Revised from July 12, 2010)

When I was young, there was a saying: “Behind every successful man is a woman.”
Women used to empower men. How? By accepting their leadership. By being First Mate to their Captain.
My mother was happy to be “Mrs. David Makow” and proud to be a successful scientist’s wife.
The Illuminati realized that this process can work both ways. Instead of empowering men, women can emasculate them by challenging their power. By teaching women to usurp male power, the Illuminati created a new breed of feckless males incapable of leading families and taking political action.
Recently, I saw an example of how this process works. A friend, “Gary,” was broken up because his common-law wife left him. The split came after a “domestic assault.” She became very argumentative, especially when drinking.  He pushed her. She wasn’t hurt but she called the police.
As a result, they were physically separated by law, and the relationship ended. I don’t like this policy but it does end a lot of dysfunctional relationships.


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