Voice of the White House June 6, 2008

“Not only is our beloved President sliding off the muddy cliff into the cesspit of public oblivion, he is dragging the far-right Republicans and the pro-Israeli neocons with him. Added to this mixed bag of fruits and nuts, we also have the evangelical Christians who are loud, vicious and entirely crazy.

McCain, who has the acumen of a jar of pond scum, chased the lunatic Christian nut, John Hagee, around, panting after his endorsement. McCain must be living back in the Coolidge administration because the so-called Christian Right has been repudiated by most Americans and their endless rantings about abortion and gays are falling on very deaf ears.

Now, we learn that the pathetic Hagee is claiming the fictional anti-Christ is going to be both Jewish and gay! It has always been a curiosity to me, and others, that born-again freakos loathe gays so much. Given the Haggard revelations, I strongly suspect that the loudest gay-bashers secretly lust after other men and are filled with self-hatred.

These pin heads are in love with the Book of Revelations which most historians know was written a hundred years after the early Christian era by the inmate of a Roman lunatic colony on the island of Patmos . They love this nonsense because you can read into it anything you want…and they do, regularly. Hagee has also said that Hitler was a Jew, which he wasn’t, and that God made Hitler go after the Jews to force them to repopulate the Holy Land !

Most of the Jews who fled to Palestine in 1946-1948 are not even ethnic Jews but are descended from Caspian Sea Turkish tribes and have about as much historical right there as Canadian geese.

If it isn’t the idiot Hagee bellowing about evil gays, it’s professional Jews screaming about 800 passenger gas vans and twenty millions barbecued. This is what comes of promulgating Political Correctness. No one dares to speak out against this sort of imbecilic propaganda just as one cannot poke fun at Mongoloids, dwarves or urine colored people. Don’t forget the old law of physics: Every action has a reaction. I’m waiting, eagerly, for it.”

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Web Site Footnote – June 7, 2008

As amusing as the above is, this web site feels it necessary to add the following footnote.

First of all, the so-called “anti-Christ” is not “fictional” as claimed above. True, much of the Bible’s original message has been devalued, by sectarianism and most recently by the likes of Hagee and the so-called ‘Christain Zionists’.

However, we have it on good authority that the long awaited “anti-Christ” will enter the public arena soon.

Two very reliable sources have independently confirmed that within the next 18 months he will begin his ascent to prominence, although initially he may not be recognised for what he actually is.

Although outwardly a man, he will in fact be the incarnation of a figure known by the ancient Zoroastrians and referred to by Christian esoteric teacher Rudolph Steiner as Ahriman. Better known today as satan, his incarnation will be a counterpoint to Christ’s 2,000 years ago, hence his being referred to as the anti-Christ.

Second, he is not to be confused with lucifer.

Ahriman/satan and lucifer are two entirely different figures. Although both are at odds with mans higher evolution each has their own unique way of opposing it.

As words derived from his name suggest, lucifer seeks to divert men’s evolutionary drive with false illumination, illusion and delusion.

In contrast ahriman/satan strives to confine men to a world that is wholly materialistic, hence his hold over the realms of banking and scientific materialism.

Thirdly, the anti-Christ is the off-spring a very rich and influential family somewhere in North America. Moreover key individuals have already been placed in crucial positions to assist his ascent to power, Bill Frist being one such.

Finally, a couple of other important pointers: he will have ties, either financially or professionally with the medical/pharmaceutical industry and he will be Jewish. This latter point comes from a very reliable psychic friend and it leads us to suspect that his ascent will be under the auspices of the neocons and against the backdrop of a looming war with Iran.

As the late Sherman Skolnick was wont to say, stay tuned…