Pushing For War – Are They Crazy Enough to Try Another False Flag Attack?

Michael Rivero — What Really Happened Jan 12, 2014

At the risk of sounding like the little boy who cried “wolf” I think the time has come to once again re-examine the possibility of a false flag act committed by either the US or Israeli governments, or banking interests, in order to restart the clearly stalled war agenda.

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Despite the P5 +1 deal with Iran, factions in the United States Congress, encouraged by Israel and financial interests, are ramping up pressure on Iran leading to a war; a war that will likely include Russia and China. So eager are these interests that they are openly advocating the United States violate the P5+1 deal before the ink is even dry on it. Both the United States and Israel have declared that they are willing and able to attack Iran should they decide to do so, regardless of the P5+1 agreement, and Iran’s complying with that agreement and its requirements.

It is important to recall that the United States is already in violation of a previous treaty with regard to Iran, and that is the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which grants Iran the right to peaceful uses of nuclear power, including nuclear power plants. Moreover, article IV of that treaty obligates the United States to assist Iran in building peaceful nuclear facilities, which would allow the United States to satisfy for itself that those facilities are peaceful and do not conceal clandestine nuclear bomb factories, as Israel has underneath their reactor at Dimona. It should be pointed out that Israel, which does have nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons technology, refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or allow IAEA inspections, yet arrogates to itself the “right” to meddle in the P5+1 negotiations with Iran.
President Obama supports the interim deal with Iran. The American people, already weary from Iraq and Afghanistan, clearly oppose war with Iran, or with anyone else. Selling a new war to the American people is impossible. We The People have had enough!
Given public awareness of the deceptions used to start wars with Iraq and Afghanistan, and the backlash against the claims that Syria was gassing its own people, it may seem reckless indeed to be considering a new false flag attack at this time. But we know there are ample motives for war with Iran coming not only from Israel but from America’s financial centers. We know that the war to force the world back into Bretton Woods is an all or nothing deal. They must carry the plan through to engulf the entire planet or it will fail. Therefore, the only way the pro-war faction will be able to move forward is with a new false flag attack to anger Americans into supporting war against the designated target.
Ther there is the Russian “threat.” As the US continues its Israeli-directed foreign policy blunders in the mideast, the Arab oil nations are moving away from the US and more importantly the US dollar. As they do so, Russia is quick to move into make deals. The most recent example followed the attempt by the United States to use the August 21, 2013 chemical weapons attack in Syria to justify an invasion. Russia moved quickly to broken a deal to remove Syria chemical weapons, and in the interval sense, virtually everyone who initially supported the specific US claims against Syria have rescinded, including the US chemical weapons inspectors themselves, who reversed themselves on their claim to have found Sarin at the site. Syria, obviously grateful to Russia for having stopped an invasion of their nation, signed an oil development deal with Russia.
This is precisely what the United States cannot allow. The plan for all these wars is for the resource rich areas of the globe to be under US control and sell their resources only for the US dollar, to support the petro-dollar plan. A petro-ruble is a major threat to the US agenda, as is every other nation in the region which is moving away from the dollar and towards either Russia, China or both! Clearly the US needs to stop this process, either with a war with Russia and/or China or by driving a wedge between Russia (and eventually China) and the Arab oil nations.
Either agenda requires false-flags to create the illusion of hostility between two parties who otherwise would engage in peaceful commerce.
What form might such a new false flag take?
Certainly the recent bombings inside Russia, blamed on Muslims by way of the usual bomb-proof indestructable passport found at the scene. The threat of potential “Muslin” terror attacks against the upcoming Russian Olympics would certainly serve to drive a wedge in between Russia and the Arab oil nations. But to actually trigger a war, something far more spectacular will be required!
Crashing airplanes into buildings is now passe. A single “terrorist” incident hardly makes the headlines any longer. For a new false flag to work in angering Americans into supporting more invasions of more countries, it will have to greatly exceed 9/11 in its psychological impact.
Israel might prefer a false flag intended to anger all Christians against all Muslims. Such an attack might take the form of multiple coordinated attacks against important Christian cathedrals. I doubt the planners of the false flag are considering an attack on the Vatican itself, as they need the leadership of the church alive and intact to exhort their followers into joining the new war mind set. I am not expecting an “Angels and Demons” nuclear strike against St. Peter’s. But bombs against places like The Duomo in Milan would serve the warmongers’ purposes just fine.
Other options for false flag attack might include a staged biological attack on multiple US cities using anthrax. Anthrax is a poor weapon for a genuine act of terror because of its low secondary communicability. But it is the ideal weapon for a fake terror attack for that very same reason.
For this next false flag terror attack to have maximum psychological impact, it must appear in immediate and omnipresent to the American public. Planes crashing into the world trade Towers are a disaster and tragedy for people of New York, but for the rest of America it was an event that happened at a distance. Multiple attacks in multiple cities makes the threat seen immediate. The fear that the very air they are breathing might be infected elevates the desired degree of terror.
Another variation on a theme is the virtual 9-11. In this scenario, the government deliberately attacks and crashes the financial computers in order to declare a national emergency and total economic controls. The crash will be blamed on Iran, or Russia, or China, or whoever the US plans to go to war with next. A cyber attack also would justify the government imposing strict controls over the internet, including the content, transforming the world wide web into just another channel for force-fed propaganda.
The worst-case scenario is that a nuclear weapon will be detonated someplace in the United States or Europe with evidence planted to attempt to frame the government of Iran, even though Iran has no indications of pursuing or possessing nuclear weapons. Certainly it must be kept in mind that Iran has no reason to attempt such an attack, now that the door to peace is open. And it must be remembered that Iran has not initiated a war of conquest against another country in over 200 years, standing in stark contrast to Israel and the United States, which these days cannot seem to go for six months without bombing someone else!
Where might such a nuclear weapon actually come from? We know there is still one unaccounted-for nuclear weapon inside the United States, left over from the strange nuclear armed flight incident in 2007 when a bomber armed with nuclear weapons flew from Minot Air Force base in North Dakota to Barksdale Air Force base in Louisiana, arriving one weapon short. We also know that Israel possesses hundreds of unacknowledged and unrecorded nuclear weapons. Israel also has a well-documented history of false flag attacks against US assets to trick America into war on Israel’s enemies. When NEST surveyed New York City to build a baseline map for potential searches of nuclear weapons, they discovered radiation emanating from Israel’s consulate. Israel, citing diplomatic immunity, refused to allow an inspection. Given that Israel’s first generation nuclear weapons were built with weapons-grade materials acquired inside the United States. It would have been trivial to retain some of that material inside the United States with which to build a nuclear weapon. Once you have the uranium, building a uranium bomb is actually quite easy, especially if one does not have to worry about delivery over a distance.
These are all scary possibilities, and that is the point. Americans rationally refuse to support any more of these obvious wars of conquest. Those who desire the continuance of war must resort to fear to motivate the population towards war.
We are at a crisis moment in the history of this nation. Those who favor war to serve their own varied and multiple purposes are desperate to revive the war fever in a nation that is weary of war. The United States has been at war against these various countries for far longer than this nation was in World War II. Americans are tired of the cost. Americans are tired of their young children returning home in those cheap metal boxes with those made in China American flags on them. The backlash against Obama’s claim regarding Syria’s President Assad gassing his own people proves that the US government has lost the trust and faith of the American people. This makes selling a new war very difficult indeed, absent some powerful catalyzing event. Certainly the proposed revival of the military draft will meet with great resistance absent some motivating cause to go to war.
As I said above I don’t want to be the little boy who cried Wolf, however best way to deter a new false flag attack by the US or Israeli governments is to openly discuss it as a very real possibility with our friends and family, so that the perpetrators and planners of such a false flag understand that the population is expected such a stunt to further the war agenda. The goal of this discussion is to create a climate of doubt in the minds of those were planning such a false flag attack to discourage them from moving forward with the plan. Doubt is our most potent weapon against the false flag attack; doubt in the minds of those who cannot succeed unless the population can be relied on to blindly accept the official story. Again the backlash against the claims regarding Syria’s chemical weapons shows that the American population has lost trust and faith in the government and no longer accepts anything they are told on faith. We live in an age of lies and as a result the American people have grown quite skeptical of the official story on anything. Prudence and common sense would suggest that the perpetrators of a false flag recognize that and call off their plans. But as I noted above the promoters of war are desperate to move their agenda forward. They have boxed themselves into a corner; they cannot go back, and moving forward risks total failure. But cornered animals are the most dangerous, and desperate people will take desperate chances.
Be on guard. Talk about the potential for a new government false flag with everyone you know. Help create that climate of doubt. This may be the only way to prevent one!


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