Of Departing Monsters and Serious Transformative Change

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Jan 12, 2014

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Well, there’s your common garden variety crap and then there’s your military grade, highly toxic, double noxious, life threatening crap and that would be exemplified in the departure of this high ranking Nazgul who, no doubt, spent the last eight years in the place he is now resident in. Listen to the whore chorus of slithering sewer roaches, as they praise one of the most bloodthirsty mass murderers of recent time as a man of peace. Ariel was a Satanic emissary of a Satanic state. All I got to say is Sabra and Shatila and that sums up Sharon. Of course he was worse than that, as well as being neck deep in 9/11. He was an evil psychopath and I think this graphic image tells the tale of his departure; finally the Gates of Hell were opened wide enough to receive him. He was a monster and so are those praising him in the first link in this posting, now he is with monsters. My first instinct was to ignore him the way I do the dung slugs on my woodland walks but after experiencing the simpering and saccharine fellatio of the sycophant catamites in the Crass Media, I felt the need to name him for what he was, a cruel and gross obscenity.
Let’s rather enjoy the work of a hero such as this man. His presentation has been broken into 3 parts so you’ll need to click on these in sequence. And if for you, it’s that you ne pas parle francais, well, it’s English dubbed. As the reader who sent this to me said, “I can see why they’re worried about him.” Yeah, he’s cool, courageous and street side articulate. He’s the guy who came up with the ‘quenelle’. The pernicious professional victim industry, which is very powerful in France, is seeking to shut him down for speaking the truth and because they insist that the quenelle is a reverse Nazi salute but… as I mention in this week’s radio broadcast, are they missing the irony concerning this? If it’s a reverse Nazi salute then it should be something they approve of, shouldn’t it? I mean, it’s the opposite right? I think you will be pleased, entertained and in admiration of this man. He’s on the money and boy… he’s sharp. He’s working some of the same angles I like to use for my own protection. You can say a whole lot depending on how you say the opposite. I am sure many readers will be aware what I’m talking about.
As I have been saying, a lot of prominent bad guys are going to go down in this near time span.
There are many sad tales making the rounds in these times and they stand as stark testimony to the stresses of this age. Let me point out that even the most insensitive among us, those of us who can be inspired to murder women and children and peasant farmers, in their pursuit of alleged terrorists are being forced to feel. If a soldier wants to lay hands of harm on a terrorist then he should consider heading for the House of Lords, the House of Commons, Number 10 Downing Street, The Capitol building, the Senate Office Building, the House of Representatives, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, J Street and of course, Tel Aviv. That’s where you will find the terrorists that you are supposed to be killing on the battlefield. They are not on the battlefield, they are in the halls of power and in the banking institutions. If you are determined to get terrorists, this is where to look. This is where they are. Anyway…
…in respect of that link, regardless of how insensitive, dumb and clueless you may be where you can be convinced that rural farmers are your enemy, once returned from the battlefield, the horrors you committed will follow you. They will hound your steps and give you no peace because sensitivity will be raised up in you and you will suffer accordingly for the terrible crimes you committed in foreign lands, under orders of international bankers (second down on the left). The Apocalypse; uncovering, revealing. The magnitude of your deeds is revealed to you in these times. There are many who have yet to feel the weight of their crimes. They are being permitted to continue because their crimes are much graver than the crimes of those they sent out on errands of malice and mischief. The time will come however and there will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from the thoughts in their heads that will burn them like fire.
On a humorous note, but still tragic, those things I said we would see more and more of, we are in fact seeing more and more of. I fully expect to see some remarkable manifestations of this in the Christian Zionist fellowship. The lunacy afoot in this movement and the cost in lives abroad, as a result of their intransigent ignorance, is going to bring about any number of unintentionally funny and gruesomely embarrassing events, like this.
It must be said, the spirit of the cosmos is a comedian. Any informed Zen practitioner will tell you it’s all a joke. Looking at it philosophically, it is an operative absurdity. Look around you and look with the eyes of clear reason and pure objectivity and you will see you are wandering in a madhouse. What I mean by pure objectivity is that is has no taint of personal perspective. It involves a detached awareness, independent of motive or agenda. It’s called, ‘seeing things as they are’. Seeing things as they are is your greatest defense against being engaged in shit that is dangerous to your well being. It protects you from bad companions. It sets your value system so that you are not compromised by the desire for useless things. It separates you from the driven crowds in the flaming cities. Uh huh and… if you can maintain it, it will lead you by the still waters, which are allegorical for an end to internal conflict and a quiet mind.
I can’t stress it enough, be on the lookout for more and more startling and remarkable things both good, bad and WTF. We are entering into the time of signs and wonders. Massive shifts are initiating in the body public, as they come up against both untenable circumstance and a greater awareness of what is being done to them. I expect all kinds of ET activity, whether fabricated or real. Sooner or later… who knows? The human race is in trouble. Corporations are flat out evil. Corporations put politicians in office or keep them out. Between the corporations and The Tribe, it’s The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Thankfully, implosion is at work at many levels in many locations. The greedy little minks have set the stage for their own destruction. They are neck in neck with their ambition and their downfall. It appears they are going to head themselves off at the pass.
Countless situations are explosive and combustive. Predicting what will break out where and when is nigh on impossible. The critical individual concern is where you happen to be located when it goes down, along with what you happen to be up to. Mind how you go.
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