Zakheim and Chabad Lubavitch Dedicate Talmud To Pentagon Memorial of 911

A couple of years ago this website posted a story that clearly linked former Pentagon Comptroller Dov Zakheim with the events of that fateful day. It must have hit home because our web hosts – not us because we would have gone to court – took it down after threats of legal action by attorneys acting on behalf of Zakheim.

Fortunately, a couple of other websites copied and posted the article.

Now however, in an act that must rank alongside history’s most cynical gestures, Dov Zakheim (pictured below left) dedicates a memorial to be used, in the words of Moshe Barouk, Aleph’s Director of Operations: “in worship, honored with dignity, to guide, inspire, and empower”.

Fine words that cloak dark, criminal deeds.

Dov Zakheim (left) is also a trained rabbi.The Chief Chaplain of the Pentagon, Chaplain (Col) Ralph Benson said that, “this day is the answer to a prayer, to have the Torah, the word of God, in our building, as part of our chapel at ground zero. It is especially gratifying to hear the concerns that guests of The Aleph Institute expressed for our service men and women.” “It is not just an historic event,” he said, “but a blessing.”

“It was an awe-striking experience,” said Moshe Barouk, Aleph’s Director of Operations. “The room was filled to capacity with military personnel and out of town guests all in honor and respect of this new Torah dedicated at the Pentagon [chapel.]”

Chaplain Andrew J. Cohen of Bolling Air Force Base in Maryland called it a triumph of good over evil. “In this spot, where the plane struck on September 11, here we choose to place our Torah,” he said in his address to the crowd. “Not as a museum piece, not on display, but to be used in worship, honored with dignity, to guide, inspire, and empower all peoples to the great cause of freedom.”

“It was especially moving to complete the Torah in the place where the Pentagon itself was physically wounded, and then repaired and completed,” said Major Elizabeth Robbins, a Jewish service member.

After the ceremony, rabbis, guests, chaplains, generals and military personnel gathered for a catered, glatt kosher celebratory meal — a first for the Pentagon Executive Dining Room, preceded by the National Anthem accompanied by the Color Guard.

Rabbi Aaron Lipskar, Executive Director of The Aleph Institute said, ““The Torah dedication is a high point in The Aleph Institute’s commitment and service to the United States defense forces and will always be treasured by Jews worldwide as a symbol of our freedom. It was truly a memorable experience.”

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