Bilderberg 2003

The following report exposes more than the fact that Bilderberg meeting is currently taking place in Versailles. It also reveals that the established media is seriously worried about losing credibility. For only now, after nearly half a century of Bilderberg meetings, has the BBC seen fit to cover it. Previously the mainstream media studiously ignored the annual event, while truly independent outlets and individuals like Jim Tucker and The American Free Press, have doggedly pursued the story. Now however word is spreading about the Bilderberg meetings and the mainstream media can no longer ignore them, at least not without risking accusations of colluding in a cover up.

So now after more than half a century the mainstream media has finally come round to reporting a Bilderberg meeting. And tucked well away from any prominence the following report is notable for how little it actually says. We already knew months ago, thanks to the persistence of Jim Tucker and The American Free Press, that the meeting would take place in Versailles. Beyond that the BBC can tell us little more than the event “is a bit of a mystery.” No list of who attended this year and absolutely no attempt to find out either, other than saying that Kissinger and Rockefeller were “rumoured” to be there.

This isn’t real probing journalism. This is the BBC covering its butt against charges of being complicit in a cover-up. And note how the final sentence asks: “if what the delegates are discussing is really for the good of ordinary people they ask, then why can’t they publicise it?”

The obvious answer being that until now the BBC has barely deigned to report it.

Elite Power Brokers Secret Talks
Emma Jane Kirby BBC Correspondent Paris
Thursday 15 May 2003

The world’s financial and political elite are to hold a closed meeting in France on Thursday where delegates are expected to be focusing their attention on post war Iraq.

The Bilderberg meeting will be held in Versailles just before the start of the Group of Seven meeting of finance ministers in nearby Paris.

Bilderberg, which was founded in the 1950s by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, is said to steer international policy from behind closed doors.

Its critics say that it is a capitalist organisation which operates entirely through self interest.

By anyone’s standards, it is a bit of a mystery.

There are no members as such – instead, an invitation list is comprised each year by an unknown steering committee, but participants are mainly leading and powerful figures in the fields of business and politics.

Political clout

The meetings are cloaked in secrecy and participants rarely reveal their attendance, although this year’s list is rumoured to include the American banker David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger.

What the group actually does is no clearer either, although it’s known to be an extremely influential lobbying group with a good deal of political clout on both sides of the Atlantic.

Key members of both the British and the US governments are said to have attended gatherings.

But critics accuse Bilderberg of being sinister and conspiratorial – if what the delegates are discussing is really for the good of ordinary people they ask, then why can’t they publicise it?

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