The Small Print on Mr Apocalypse’s Business Card

Smoking Mirrors — Jan 11, 2014

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Like I been saying (seems I say this a lot, seems I have reason to say it a lot because these things are happening) change is gonna come (cue Sam Cooke–  listen to the song by one of the last centuries great songwriters. I miss Sam Cooke) and precisely where those who have resisted and manipulated change don’t want it to come  See, behind the scenes, those serving the machine of monsters, know there’s a power shift taking place. It’s not being talked about but there is a coverslip of chilling fear, trembling and fluttering like a white sheet on the laundry line on a Palestinian rooftop. It’s no space blanket, baby. It’s not going to keep you warm. The mid-little people know there’s something up. There’s a change in the wind. Even if they have no clue as to its intention and intensity, there is a hidden sense in all of us. It is the origin of hunches and intuitive feeds and, as is often the case, it is precise and on the money; although the details and dimensions may be an unknown, the essential vibe is what it is and the subconscious has pulled its trumpet out of the case and is blowing Stardust for all the Morlocks who have been running the place into the ground. You can look for a large uptick in unintentional humor across the board, concerning all kinds of things.
You can also look for an increase in the despicable inexplicable Yeah, the demons are afoot, seeking whom they may take unawares. You’re going to see evidence of this sort of thing low and high. What has long been concealed and suppressed, is roaring to the surface like some Hell rider on a subterranean subway train, with flaming red eyes, rising up out of previously unexplored regions of the mind. It’s Steven King Island, floating on a sea of non Newtonian fluids and keep it in mind, you got to keep moving or you’ll sink. That’s the case on the metaphysical plane as much as on the temporal. Hey! As above so below! They got banks in both places too. Most people don’t know that. I know that and some of you do too. I’ve got an account in one of those invisible banks and I am the currency.
Let’s talk about being the currency for a moment and let’s pull some examples out of the air, where the truth of them vibrates as evidence for anyone who is paying attention and most people are not but… attention is creeping up on them… creep… creep… Mr. Apocalypse’s Mission Creep is coming to town, just like Santa Claus and he is Santa Claus, sometimes. Other times, he’s The Bad Stranger but… you invited him. Indifference is an invite. Denial is an invite. Tunnel Vision is an invite. Being a bad guy is an R.S.V.P. Invite. Being a moral relativist is also a V.I.P. Invite. You’re going to get special attention. Being a politically correct, Cromwellian, enforcement bureaucrat brings in the hypocrite harpies and fire breathing furies. These are all things you can count on and like I’ve been saying, “we’ll see.”
As for being the currency, (got a little sidetracked there in the color commentary), we are all currency of varying value. You’re familiar with the tungsten gold bars? We got a lot of them in ambulatory Johnny (stroll walker) Red and Black, serious as a heart attack, negotiable with the unwary. Then you got your various purities of gold and silver and that’s where integrity comes in. You can’t have enough of that. Some may dispute my possession of this item and I’m okay with that. I can understand it. In some cases the biased observer doesn’t know what integrity is in the first place. There’s a cardinal rule about integrity, you have to have it to see it and you certainly have to have it to appreciate it. Others think that integrity is joined at the hip to conventional morality. This is not so.
Me personally, I’m not much concerned with what people think of me. I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to act contrary to my own best interests, on several occasions, if that was a big deal to me. Life is not only a movie, it’s a play in multiple parts and they all connect in series and make sense only when seen in their totality and that is why I say, “we’ll see.” Everyone can rely on that, supporters, naysayers and those that don’t give a damn one way or the other. Everyone is going to see. I suggest you read the fine print on Mr. Apocalypse’s business card. Note where it says, “No eyes left unopened, even if it means stapling your eyelids to your forehead.” There’s more there, much more. In the Library of Congress, where I was once employed, ironically, in the Division for the Blind, they have a Rubaiyat which was (maybe still is) the smallest book in the world. I saw it once. Mr. Apocalypse’s business card is like that. Like they say, “You got to read the small print”, especially when it comes to Mr. Apocalypse. I was memorizing the entire Rubaiyat at the time by going to the public library on New York Avenue in Washington D.C. and listening to the 33 RPM record of Lord Alfred Drake, reading it to me through headphones.
Integrity is self knowing. Integrity is conscious, just like compassion and other wonderful assets that individually are more valuable than the entirety of all the physical wealth in the world. One of the primary realities of Integrity is that it does not sell out. What is the point of not selling out? This is one of those A to B to C to D and so on items. Most people have a hard time getting past C. It’s why most people don’t play Chess very well or understand the value of occult information over Conventional Wisdom. It’s why people are so attached to fundie cant. It makes them feel safe. They don’t want to come face to face with what is really present and operational behind the curtain of mortal darkness. This limitation is why ‘most people’ can’t trouble shoot the complexity from A to D and beyond and this is where Integrity steps in again so… what’s the point of not selling out? It can only be that there is a far bigger payoff down (up) the line. I know this. I have, through concrete evidence, convinced myself of it, from every angle it can be approached from. It’s a reality and a fact but short terms thinkers and observers only see things within the context of what they desire and value. This is where Integrity comes in again because the level of your Integrity determines your value system. Most people have little idea of how important this can be.
As complex as life can appear to be, it is blindingly simple but it is only simple when you are simple. See, Truth is simple, lies are complex and this is because lies require more lies in order to establish a support structure for the initial lie. Truth, like the cheese, stands alone.
There has never been a time, since back when the ancient nameless cities, that are now hundreds of feet below the ocean floor, were on the surface, that Integrity and the rest of its family of deathless treasures were of such critical importance and only the people who know this, know this. For the ones who know this, it is obvious. For the ones who do not know this, it’s all obscure and distant. There’s no attraction there because it doesn’t ping off of temporal value systems. You can argue out of the slag pit of duality in defense of every argument you’ve constructed to justify embracing a mortal course. That is unimportant to me. What is important to me is not going to change, that is one of the perks of Integrity. After a time, try as you will (not that you would), you can’t break the grip of established disciplines.
For some, results come quickly and for some of us there can be forty years of bad highway. It all depends on what is to be expected of us once the highway finally runs smooth. For some of us, the organization we work for looks into vast distances. There’s nothing short term about it. It is impossible to see and calculate what it may mean but… you soldier on. You soldier on. Hoorah!
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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