Mr Apocalypse is Gonna get You, One way or The Other

Visible Origami — Jan 10, 2014

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
This is The Apocalypse, make no mistake about it and Mr. Apocalypse is the walking and talking embodiment of a cosmic archetype who, like all cosmic archetypes, has a job description and does it well. Let’s see if we can come up with some useful illustrations. Can anyone stop the wind? No. You can shelter from the wind and ‘most of the time’ you can close the wind out via some kind of a structure but you can’t stop the wind. You can use the wind to run windmills and you can generate energy with the appropriate technology. You can’t stop a volcano but you can run from it, if you start in time. Of course, some volcanoes, super volcanoes, can threaten all life on Earth. However, you can manifest a geothermal technology (my favorite out of all the presently known technologies) that will power every need in your home. You can stop the course of a river and you can alter it but you have to let the river pass somehow or the river will overcome every dam or obstacle. No one can stop the ocean but power is there in all kinds of moving water and it will provide for you, if you know how to harness it.
What’s my point? Mr. Apocalypse should be viewed in the same way. No matter what, you are going to have a relationship with him. I’m going to use a bad example but its fitting. You can make love to someone or you can be raped by them. Interacting with Mr. Apocalypse is like this. He IS going to get your attention, one way or the other. You may like it and you may not like it but it’s going to happen anyway. You can tense up while getting a shot or you can relax. It might hurt either way but it will hurt a lot less if you relax. Fear can play a big part in the level of pain. Apprehensive anticipation of anything can put you through suffering long before actual suffering occurs, if it ever does; keeping in mind that often our fears are not realized. Still, most of us are in a constant state of suffering. It’s gone on for so long that many people are unaware of it, unless it intensifies to an appreciable (appreciable?) point. Absence of Suffering is Serenity or Tranquility. You should be able to easily tell if you are in possession of either of the latter.
You can go through your life as an enemy of truth, armed with denial and elaborate justifications, all either focused or constructed according to whatever the components of however your self interest expresses itself. A certain amount of self interest is sane. It depends on how you define self interest and which ‘self’ you’re talking about.
Denial is just operational ignorance and there are a lot of so called intelligent people who are under its spell. Being a decent human being can be a liability in the world as it presently exists and Denial is a bulwark against that kind of risky behavior. This is where Justification comes in and both of them are enemies of Truth because, in this world, Truth is one of the greatest liabilities of all, when it comes to advancing your own interests in the wide marketplace that this world of the moment has become. It’s usually one of four things, depending on where you are in it. It’s a marketplace. It’s a war zone, it’s a theater of pain, or it’s a palace of pleasure. This is one of the reasons that ‘peace on Earth’ is only so much BS and those who think this is some kind of a potential reality in near time are Polyannas or fools. You can’t have peace on Earth when the predominating life form is composed of warring elements that are rarely under the control of the operator. If you are at war with yourself, you are at war with the world. You can make peace with yourself and your immediate world will come into alignment with that, but that would be for you. It wouldn’t be going on in the next town over. It can transmit to others depending on the ability and power of the one generating it.
Peace on Earth is a reality in other yugas but, even then’ only according to the degree of light in those locales where light is the dominant influence. There’s always some amount of shadow on this plane. In this yuga it is more than fifty percent. The general proportions are 75 to 25% shadow to light. What this means is that at least this portion of the population are more influenced by shadow than light. Let’s take a look at some of the gruesome examples of shadow-play taking place in that area of so-called spiritual pursuit, The New Age  Here’s an odious example of profiteering from opportunity. This came out of one of those near death things, where the survivor suddenly found themselves in a position to profit from something that had nothing to do with the spurious industry he got himself hooked into. Carefully read into some of the horseshit disclaimers on the site. Here you can purchase a copy of The Sacred Scriptures of Love for a mere 70 dollars, she’s got testimonials for other things too.  Here you can purchase a truly important spiritual work (Yack!!! Retch! Retch!) from the cruise’s resident psychic  Hey, she won an award for Best Pet Psychic  Who comes up with stuff like this? This whole ridiculous affair is put on by Eastern AshkeNAZI Susan Shumsky and… just in case you haven’t had enough of this happy hipposhit, here’s some more with Tupperware featured in the listing. I don’t know exactly what Tupperware does New Age wise but I’m under no illusions about its capacity to equal the veracity of the other practitioners mentioned. Wow!!! Holy Kamaole! check out the list of abilities of Madame Noseworthy who is second on the list in that last link.
I keep getting invited to be a participant in one of these events and I must admit to a certain amount of motivation to attend with my spy sunglasses and record the whole thing, ‘with’ running commentary. Someone flush and with a sense of humor ought to fiance this. I can assure them it will be full on hilarious. I’m pretty good at that sort of thing (grin). If I could ever get my VHS tapes of my TV show, converted to digital, you would see serious evidence of this from my comedic period. I keep trying to do this on my own with no success. It’s very suspicious is what it is. Well, so many things are going right (for a change) lately… who knows?
There has been a serious sea change in my situation, inner and outer, after a number of punishing years. Everything seems to be going right these days. Man! I hope that’s an enduring trend. I’ve been told it is (also going to become exponentially greater) and to take it off my mind but I’m in that position of a whipped cur, or a kicked dog (same thing) so it’s taking a degree of constant reminding and remembering. Memory is the key to many things. If we knew even a part of the value and immense resources of memory we would be much more respectful of the potential. There is very little you can’t pull up out of the well of deep memory with the right bait.
There is a great deal of enormously valuable items and talents that are available to the canny inquisitor in these times. Access to long concealed treasures has been made available to anyone possessing the requisite vision and virtues. Much can be given and much forgiven to those capable of discovering the means. This is serious business! Don’t shortchange yourself by missing this rare- oh so rare- chance to acquire priceless things. Just as the inky darkness of ascendant materialism, offers every possibility of its realm, so does the other realm. It is precisely to divert your focus that the material world is so powerful at this time. As has been said here often, there is a singular war on,  whose objective is something very different than most people might think. The downside is that you get sent to the costume room for 26,000 more years, stumbling around in the abattoir of the Kali Yuga and… this is not just any transitionary 26,000 year cycle’s end and beginning. This is the Big Kahuna. I can’t tell you how much is possible in these critical hours. It lies beyond both my knowledge and imagination. Suffice to say that it’s huge. It’s really huge.
Well, I’m busy selling Neil Roger’s poetry on EBay and other locations (Craig’s List, Swindlers List- didn’t they make a film by that name?). I’ve also made the offer to travel anywhere and read Neil’s poetry and even have sex with you, while a CD of Neil’s poetry is playing. Now, from all reports, I’m real good at this so… consider the implications.
I’m that busy that I’ve got to be going. We’ve got all kinds of specials happening too, ‘buy one poem get one free’. We’ve also linked up with Café Press so you can get coffee cups with poems, wall and pillow samplers, calendars, t-shirts with poems and pretty much poems on or with anything. WE got toilet paper poems so you can read while you do your business and we got smoking jackets. We’ve got bongs and all kinds of paraphernalia with poems that glow in the dark and one bong that recites poetry while you’re inhaling, too cool.We’ve even got tattoo templates for body art poetry. Keep in mind that all profits (after our unfortunately rather large operating expenses) will be donated to the Les Visible Fund for Metaphysical Bloggers. Our selection committee has narrowed down the names of those chosen in the competition and we may, or may not announce the winner at the end of how ever far we want to milk this thing. Have a wonderful day!!!
End Transmission…….
The Devil has a tail. That is the opposite representation of having the cobra hood above and behind your head. It is a symbol of the reversed Kundalini whereby the goddess it transformed into a whore as opposed to a font of Wisdom and many another rare delicacy.
Right, I almost forgot. The latest novel is at the very last stage prior to publication but will probably take a fortnight longer because I ordered a physical proof in order to scan one last time, for errors and omissions. As for the latter, there was not enough gratitude shown for those who assisted me and I want to correct that at least. So bear with me. The book might as well look and read as good as it can. A lot of work went into it.


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