Demonizing WW2 Japan is Hypocritical

by James Perloff — ( Jan 9, 2014

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe‘s 30-minute visit to the Yasukuni Shrine, which honors Japan’s war dead, Dec. 26  sparked widespread denunciations, including an admonition from the U.S. embassy in Tokyo. The visit, it was alleged, means Japan is reviving “militarism,” especially since, among the millions of souls the shrine honors, are those of a handful of “war criminals” like Hideki Tojo, Japan’s prime minister during much of World War II.
Perhaps it is time to dismantle misrepresentations of World War II Japan.
As documented here, President Franklin D. Roosevelt not only provoked Japan to war through economic strangulation, but had full foreknowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack via decoded intercepts and personal warnings – information he denied to our military commanders in Hawaii, whom he thereafter scapegoated for the attack.
• To get a feel for how Americans were being propagandized, watch on YouTube Our Enemy: the Japanese,  in which narrator Joseph Grew (CFR) told the public the Japanese believe it is the “the right and duty of Japan’s emperors to rule the whole world … to destroy all peoples and nations which stand in the way of its fulfillment …. Their actual dream is to see Tokyo established as the capital of the world …world conquest is their national obsession.”  Grew forgot to mention that Japan was a closed ISOLATIONIST country until Commodore Perry compelled them to sign a trade agreement under threat of naval bombardment.

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