ADL to Ukraine: Don’t Link YOUR Holocaust with OURS

Peter Myers — Australia Jan 10, 2014

When Viktor Yushchenko was President of Ukraine, he sought to move it away from Russia and towards the United States.
He proclaimed the Holodomor (Ukraine Famine) a genocide, and sought assistance from the Anti-Defamation League in achieving closer relations with the US Government.
Perhaps he did not know that the Orange Revolution (which brought him to power) had been secretly orchestrated by Gene Sharp, the State Department and foundations such as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).
The ADL being a leading part of the Jewish lobby in the US, Yushchenko’s approach suggested that he believed that it was close to the seat of power.
Yushchenko depicted the Holodomor as a genocide perpetrated by Russians. Yet it was only in the Soviet era that such an event happened – not in the centuries of the Tsarist Russian Empire.
The Bolshevik Revolution had been led by atheistic Jews, and even though Stalin overthrew them, they were still greatly influential during the 1930s. The Collectivization of Agriculture, as part of an Industrialization drive, was one of Trotsky’s policies, which Stalin had opposed (instead supporting Bukharin’s pro-peasant line).
Trotsky, although exiled, was agenda-setting from the sidelines. His hardline approach may be gauged by his earlier proposal for the “militarization of labor”, ie forced labour on a large scale. Lenin had rejected that, but Stalin lated adopted his similar proposal in the Collectivization drive.
Bolshevik Jews, from Kaganovich down, played a large role in the suppression of Ukrainians.

Michael Hudson, an Economics Professor whose father was the American Trotskyist leader Carlos Hudson, visited the ADL, and reported, “These were old Schachtmanites who had become ultra-rightists.” Schachtmanites are a faction of Trotskyist.

Yet Yushchenko approached the very same forces for assistance, all the while blaming the Russians.
Leaders of the ADL visited Ukraine and met with Yushchenko’s chief adviser. No doubt, observing the success of the ADL in promoting Holocaust-awareness, Yushchenko was hoping to enlist their support to make the Holodomor equally prominent.
But rather than co-operate with this venture, ADL leaders warned Yushchenko not to invade their turf – not to create a RIVAL Holocaust in the public mind.
Parts of the meeting are recorded in a Youtube video. It shows Abe Foxman (head of the ADL) saying:
“But one thing that you need to be sensitive about is not to link it {the Holodomor} with the Holocaust. Be careful that it not be linked as your genocide and our genocide, because that would be counter-productive.”
A Ukrainian refugee Andrew writes:
“Yushchenko, Ukraine’s only president to recognize the Holodomor as genocide – bullied by the ADL not to compare with Holocaust
“I tweeted about this earlier today and posted a clip from the 2009 documentary Defamation in which an Israeli-Jew discusses the politicization of the Holocaust and Anti-Semitism in modern times.
“Abe Foxman the head of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the world’s largest advocate for Israel and fighting Anti-Semitism meets with Yushchenko’s advisors and warns them not to compare the two genocides – the Holodomor and the Holocaust:

“Abe Foxman (head of the ADL): But one thing that you need to be sensitive about is not to link it (the Holodomor) with the Holocaust. Be careful that it not be linked as ‘your genocide’ and ‘our genocide’, because that would be counter-productive.
“Israel has still yet to recognize the Holodomor as genocide.”

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