The Ever Widening and Tightening Gyre of Whiffenpoofs

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Jan 9, 2014

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
My oh my… Insanity and her whole dysfunctional brood are out on life’s metaphorical Route 66, like the Sawney Bean Family. It’s an all day, all you can eat affair, world wide. Madness and mayhem, along with an intransigent and inflexible sexual predator plague, radiating out from the pinnacle of Entrenched Religious Depravity Central. No amount of Gotcha, embarrassment, legal action or window dressing internal clean-ups has impacted on these twisted freaks at all, at all.
How crazy is crazy? I think this probably qualifies, huh? There’s another kind of crazy that makes no kind of sense but… that’s crazy for you, eh? Then there’s clueless crazy and no one does clueless crazy like the five for a dollar Z list celebrities that make up the present crop of bottom dredged non talents, being foisted off upon the Stoned Sheep Network (pretty much all channels). This kind of thing is only fitting and we need more of it and we are going to get more of it. All of what we been predicticating here for some while be coming to pass on the I and I Network, which be the new emergent focusing tech for aware entities. We be small but we be tall, eh?
Comedy and the comical, including what is definitely not funny but certainly absurd and ridiculous, are all surfing that tsunami wave of the Event Horizon in approach, all courtesy of the unveiling and uncovering force of Mr. Apocalypse. It’s the second video down on the left. All the unfunny clowns and reality show ‘ho’ downs are appearing live in their own meltdowns, as life becomes satire, becomes life, becomes lampoon, becomes the living mockery that they are in fact and soon to be realized as.
Get ready for the next stage of the play as blowhards and (non genetic- wouldn’t want the PC Police showing up at my door; a division of the TSA) retards prepare for their ultimate denouement. Speaking of the TSA, they’re marching right along to the demon drummers that set the rhythm pattern for their passage. They’re marching with the Neo-Nazi Napolitanos, the pumped full of halitosis winds, John McCains, the steroid crazy policemen and the demented psycho soldiers from the Department of Defense’s Kill for College Program. They are attended by politicians and shit for brains academics, Frankenstonian scientists, child eating bankers and all that varied collective of bent and busted whiffenpoofs, in their ever tightening, winding gyres of disappearance, in search of The Primal Matter, which indeed they will find and spend a very long time in the redolent company of; rest assured.
Ouroboros has turned and try not to become terrified by the spectacle. These are necessary and unavoidable moments in the process of all that was planned eons ago by the Planetary Logos, whose ways and intentions are unknown to the mortal mind. My suggestion is to do what you can to no longer be in the possession of one. This is the time and place for that too.
The old order is breaking down and the things that were formerly allowed are having a different outcome now. This is not to say that smooth sailing is the presently predominating influence, anything but. This is to say that the corner has been turned. This is the point at which those going up and those going down, have come to a moment of level placement before the one proceeds below the one rising above. It’s some kind of higher math, dude. To paraphrase the master, Lao Tzu; ‘Keep drawing on a bow and you will repent of the pull’; something like that. Out of wack can go only so far before it swings around toward into wack.
There is a mass awakening in progress. It appears not to be actual until, all at once it manifests everywhere at once. It’s going to be an all of a sudden thing and the resulting product of that is an unknown, which we will correctly file under, “wait and see”.
Be strong and be watchful.
End Transmission…….

Visible sings: ♫ You Wanna Dance
You Wanna Dance’ is track no. 10 of 13 on Visible’s 2007 album ‘The Sacred and The Profane’
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