Living in a Time of Darkness on a Sea of Madness

Smoking Mirrors — Jan 9, 2014

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Before I place the link to one of the best essays I have read in years, I want to thank Mick Meaney for abandoning those seriously annoying popup ads. His site does provide a lot of interesting thought so… Thank you. Here is what I read this morning. There’s a lot of truth there.
The level of corruption in America is astounding Volumes and volumes can be gleaned from this and it also speaks to the level of profit enjoyed by the banks which are vampires in a very literal sense  Informed minds know that from the beginning, J.P. Morgan has been a front for Rothschild Bank. It’s not surprising that they let Madoff run without a leash. We know they knew what was going on and so does the Department of Injustice.
As The Apocalypse intensifies, all kinds of bizarre evidence floats to the surface of a dead lake.  The lake is dead because nothing could survive in such a toxic environment. Noxious gases inflate the stomachs of the rotting corpses of unknown crimes. Everything is coming to the surface.
It has been stated here multiple times that as materialism intensifies, so does all manner of insanity manifest in the ranks of the public. Here’s something that has gone several steps beyond tromping on parakeets though the commentary of the offenders is strikingly similar  We are looking at an exponential increase in this sort of thing and the reason for that is also connected to materialism. The gap between rich and poor widens with every passing day. Those at the top are a tiny minority by comparison with those at the bottom and those in the middle are experiencing a rapid descent toward the bottom as those at the top intensify their hoovering up of all wealth and assets that are presently the property of those they intend to steal it from. So what happens is that as the thrall of materialism continues, the majority of the public are less and less in a position to enjoy it and acquire from it. This will result in bouts of berserker insanity and also other assorted distempers. Materialism already creates insanity by the very nature of its being, add in the extenuating conditions just mentioned and you’ve got a perfect storm on a sea of madness. ♫ It’s dark as a dungeon way down in ♫ that well we were talking about recently.
Materialism is a form of darkness and that is why we often use the phrase, ‘in times of darkness’ around here. The sort of darkness that materialism is, concentrates itself toward a mysterious center somewhat like a black hole (I think… but we can always fall back on poetic license). What happens is that as the darkness incrementally concentrates, the sense of bondage among those living in the darkness increases. Consonant with this, the pressure on individual residents get more and more palpable. This inevitably leads to ‘weakest link in the chain country’ and that accounts for all explicable and inexplicable outbreaks in sexual and criminal behavior. Of course, when the atmosphere of collective sexual awareness becomes perverted, as it certainly is, as a result of powerful special interest cabals in the government, the culture and the education system, more and more people act out and the manner of their acting out becomes more and more strange. All of these things are predictable. When darkness concentrates enough it turns into diamonds, which after a fashion can be rendered into prisms that have nothing at all to do with darkness and the banker’s sing, ♫darkness, darkness, be my blow-up doll ♫
A great many of those going the wrong way are simply deceived by self interest and appetite. Being materialists, they don’t see the payoff in going in the opposite direction. The way their minds are arranged, they are all about immediate and tangible results. Materialism has a serious impact on appetite and what most people don’t realize is that there is an intelligence (if you can call it that) that dwells within the darkness of materialism. It’s even got a name, Mammon. Then there are those who consciously perform evil for the joy of it. They know what they are doing and they do it purposely.
Pointless Political Correctness goes on and on. as one of the many engines of distraction and the way they go about it is not unlike a desert sidewinder. Of course, the point man for this is a lawyer and one of the smuggest and most self righteous of his kind. Neither he, nor any of the rest of them, engaged in any one of the variety of these endeavors, gives a shit about the principle in play, mostly because they possess no principles of their own. They weed that sort of liability out of you in law school and if you don’t lose them there you will certainly be shorn of them in the scrimmaging on the playing fields of corporate America. I’m sure you wonder why no one at the top of the game ever comes out and speaks about how disgusted they are with the culture of rot and then proceeds to name names and events. This is because such personalities are weeded out prior to getting to that level, or compromised to such a degree they can’t say a thing, or… paralyzed by fear.
Even when people do talk out of school, it’s always within acceptable margins, where the only revelations are things like so and so didn’t care for so and so. Well, neither do we and neither of those things are news and if they are it’s not useful news. All of this is now in a state of transition because of Mr. Apocalypse and it is going to intensify to a remarkable degree in coming times. Watch and see. All the things we haven’t been seeing we soon will be seeing, as revelation pops its head up from the sub-terra like the gopher in Caddyshack. It’s a cosmic imperative and resistance is futile. When the time comes (and the time comes for everything under the sun, including you and I) that’s it. It’s time. You can argue in vain. You can refuse to accept it. You can carry on as if it doesn’t apply but all these perspectives are useless. Change will come and it is change very unlike that trumpeted by the hypocrite in chief. Hope is coming too. Hope also very unlike that espoused by the charlatans. The point of all this blanketing darkness is to see what you’re made of. This is a theater and it’s all about performance, both seen and unseen, though everything is seen at some level. If people could learn to live and behave as if an audience were watching it would be a far better world and… ironically an audience is watching, whether you see them or not.
To resurrect a phrase from the past and not repeated in a few years, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there and just because you can doesn’t mean it is. It’s been so long since I’ve said that that I can’t even remember how it goes but that’s close enough. Even those of us who are aware that there is more to life than what the senses report are still mostly caught up in a reliance on sensory report. It’s as if we know something but it doesn’t compute in terms of a basic mindset. This is a form of cognitive dissonance. A person has to hammer certain truths home into their hearts and minds. Powerful disciplines don’t come easy. With the onset of puberty the world divides into a dual interactive. The unifying consciousness gets lost. This has to be recovered and one has to want to recover it. If you’re not in pursuit of it, it’s not going to come to your door and invite itself to dinner. Karma provides all kinds of things but only things you were after at some other point. You have to be in pursuit of what you want to acquire or accomplish. Otherwise it doesn’t get done.
Of course, it’s a real plus if you’ve been at it for a long time but everyone is welcome to come to the party late. The cosmos don’t discriminate and this has been illustrated in timeless tales, which I am sure some of you recall. It comes out of that same understanding that the sun shines on everyone, both the good and the wicked. As has been also often stated here, it’s never too late until it’s too late so… if you’re going to come to the party late, now is the appointed time, especially given the catching up in consciousness that might be necessary. However, we’ll close with that timeless statement from the Bhagavad-Gita, “success is speedy for the energetic.
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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