Paedophilia and its role in the New World Order

The same rogue government agencies close to our ruling crime families that are franchisees of the British Crown’s monopolistic international drug trading business, are also running the international paedophilia network. It provides the Matrix with a large chunck of the cash needed to pay for its various illegal activities such as spying on its own members and potential trouble-makers, maintaining a pool of professional hitmen to kill dangerous enemies and punish whistle-blowers, running sophisticated disinformation operations and finance the gravy train that keeps the huge network of moles and gatekeepers motivated that has infested all aspects of society. It also provides those rogue government agencies with valuable information on some of the perversions of prominent members of the public, information that the Matrix uses to blackmail those members to play by its rules.

While the unsavoury paedophilia business is widely considered to be dominated by the Russian, Ukrainian or – less politically correct – Jewish Mafia/Kosher Nostra, those organised criminals are in fact rogue operatives of Western secret services. Most of them work for Mossad and hold Israeli passports, which come handy when – in spite of the best efforts of higher brass to protect them – they get into trouble with the local police. The Jews-only state doesn’t expel citizens for crimes committed in foreign countries and is widely regarded as a safe heaven for Jewish criminals. Not surprisingly, one third of its parliamentarians are convicted criminals.

The reason for our ruling criminal famlies to use Jews to run the paedophile network is simple. According to the Talmud, the authoritative interpretation of the Torah, sex with non-Jewish children, even babies, is no crime. What is more, non-Jews are considered to be animals in human shape, created – no different from cattle – by God to serve and enrich Jews. While not all modern Jews still subscribe to these shocking religious teachings, anecdotal evidence shows a common lack of conscience towards non-Jews and a tendency to give their financial benefits priority over even the most basic ethical considerations.

The dual role of paedophilia as a tool of finance and oppression for our ruling crime families, it is a prime target for anyone serious on disempowering our self-chosen rulers and derailing the New World Order. As with illegal drugs, working towards a decriminalisation by reducing the consent age and de-tabooising sex with children for example through the increasingly common use of raunchy pictures of young teenagers in advertising, fashion and entertainment, will one achieve one thing: Seduce more people into engaging in acts of paedophilia and make them vulnerable to blackmail.

The best way to fight against paedophilia is by informing others of the forces behind this perversion and its function as a tool of oppression by our ruling elite.