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Visible Origami — Jan 7, 2014

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
I had a terrible day yesterday. I don’t usually have those. They have become very infrequent. As I believe I have mentioned, I was told that the worse things get in the world, the better they will be for me. That’s based on whatever role I’ve yet to play, or so I’ve been told and more than once. I don’t put any big woo woo value on this. It’s a natural thing for all of us to evolve from one thing to another and that can be interpreted in both a good and a bad way, depending on the direction we’re going in.
Yesterday I had a brief misunderstanding with a valued associate. I’d done something specific to the content of my work and it had not met with a reciprocal awareness. My sense is that that has passed but it speaks to something I want to make the subject of today’s Emersonian effort (grin). We’ll get to that.
Anyway… I had this altercation, which was basically my fault because I was flippant and also, having a bad day so I got morose as well. These were not read as they actually were but otherwise and subsequently it was a misunderstanding but it was still my fault. However, I was being hammered astrally, along with these other two items and it was really uncomfortable. The pressure of the situation led to my acting in ways that were more precipitous that normal for me.
I have a big thing about not being understood and slander. It originates from early childhood where my own father slandered me often and also in public. I was also accused of things I didn’t do and often severely punished simply on the suspicion of them, with zero evidence, that I was involved. Once my father read something in the paper and immediately assumed it was me. Factor this in with my having been arrested twice for major- and in one case, multiple felonies. One of them spanned a course of almost 6 years with between 3 and 4 on the inside. The other amounted to only 90 days but it carried a life sentence.; In both cases I was entrapped and it took significant effort to do this because I WAS NOT engaging in this kind of thing, which was drug dealing. I didn’t abstain for any moral or legal reasons. In that case, the legal and moral restrictions amount to bullshit in my mind. No, I abstained because I wasn’t very good at it. I tend to give things away and also be my own best customer, so it only took a brief foray into the arena to figure out I could get in real trouble with this kind of cavalier approach and I don’t mean the police. I personally know some number of people who got their asses in a sling. The heir to Metro Goldwyn Mayer (I didn’t know him, an associate did), was found with his hands bound behind him with coat hanger wire and received a bullet to the back of the head.
There was a Wild West atmosphere in this area after Nelson-Nazgul- Rockefeller passed his Draconian drug law. Prior to… it was a much more relaxed venue. Afterwards it got serious and dangerous; another good reason not to be involved.
What I was doing, that caught the attention of law enforcement was being a public figure around whom certain things were happening. Since these things had esoteric connections they appeared very suspicious to those who do not recognize such things in the course of their spurious duties
In Philadelphia, I befriended a sociopath named Rick, who was a bass player in a former friend’s band. I helped this guy get on the police force on Maui and he turned on me in dramatic fashion. How I helped him was not through influence with the police but more along the lines of complete support and attendant considerations. Eventually after his betrayal against me wound up smacking him upside the head, he had to leave the police department and went back to Philadelphia where he told all kinds of outrageous lies about me, I had many friends down there and it is to be assumed that some number believed this fellow. Later on he proved to that community to be a scoundrel but that doesn’t erase what he had done to me, reputation wise, earlier. Because of the nature of my personal being and the fact of my capacity to influence people and have good things said about me, my condition routinely generated, generates, a certain amount of resentment, jealousy and envy. It also arouses ego ire. I’m way past being convinced about the features and realities of all this. I have lived it repeatedly. I would know and I do know. Then there’s the kind of resentment that comes when certain readers mistakenly presume I don’t take them seriously, or don’t respond immediately or effectively, about something they want me to read or do. They don’t realize the volume of personalities I have to deal with. I don’t usually mind this, nor is this a plea not to interact with me. It comes with the territory. It’s what I do. It just happened; the way everything in my life just happens. I’m outlining so many of the examples of similar things that have collectively served to put me at a particular level of apprehension and also displeasure at the way some people operate.
Various slanders and overkill have been responsible for my losing any number of readers at this blog. I’ve always been candid about my part of the responsibility in each case and that is why there are no follow-ups because the parties involved have no further ground to stand on but… the damage was done. Maybe that’s all they wanted. Anyone can do what I do. They just have to be willing to go through what I have gone through and go through. Anyone can have the good offices of a muse. You simply have to impress her. All that takes is industry and internal reaching for inspiration, along with a certain character of the heart. No action of performance is denied any of us if we put the work and struggle into it. Zeal and persistence, not to mention enthusiasm are wonderful things. Everything in my life, both positive and seemingly negative, has occurred because of my invisible friends, either by causing it or permitting it for the purpose of education.
All of us have invisible helpmates and minders, unless we have the infernal variety but… too few of us communicate with or talk to them. I do, that’s the difference. If you keep talking to them they will speak to you, especially in times like this. Not everyone has actual conversations like I do. Sometimes the back and forth is an interplay of feelings. The difference in this regard can be likened to the difference between words and music. Some few of us are lucky enough to have both. I can tell you, most assuredly, that possessing this makes the things of the world much less important than they generally are to people. Everything you can have or do here, you can have or do in a much more pleasant and spectacular way elsewhere.
I’ll leave you with an illustration of this as it applies to sex and also feature The Tarot in such a way as to show the practical value of it. The Hermit card is a pictorial example of one who possesses the inner light. It’s got all kinds of attributes and one knowledgeable of its meanings can talk for hours simply on that one card, or any of them. One of the chief things associated with this card is the sense of touch and that refers to internal coitus with higher energies. The known ecstasy of the saints and rapture of mystics is akin to this. Pedestrian sex has a strong allure and is a major attraction down here and the performance of it here leads to more down here in many ways, just as the up there leads to more up there in many ways. The key point of the affair and… I speak from personal experience here, is that such interplay with the invisible and ineffable far exceeds in pleasure what is possible in the physical sense. It also has none of the liabilities of that expression with a great many assets the other does not possess.
Most people (there he goes again) can’t see the truth of this, or the potential value, it’s too arcane for their state of being. If your focus is on what’s down here, well, where your heart is, there your pleasure (grin) is also. It takes a great deal of tandem suffering and aspiration to get to the other state but its value is priceless. The sense of assurance alone is worth more than the wealth of fabled kingdoms. I’m quite certain that if Solomon were asked to make a choice between his wealth and his wisdom, it would require no thought for him to respond, concerning where his true wealth lay. Once you have had the benefit of certain experiences, you require no further convincing and, as I’ve said many times, I don’t have to convince anyone else, I only have to convince myself.
In any case, we are all different insofar as what sorts of things affect us and occasionally these aspects of our temperament can be difficult to dismiss. We don’t know which course anyone of us has come over to get where they are and this is one of the reasons there is an admonition against judgment. However, actions can be judged even if authors are sometimes given a pass. The reason for this also is that we all have our shortcomings as per, ‘the mote in their eye and the beam in your own’. In conclusion, I’m having a much better day than yesterday. It’s a very different day too because it’s filled with premonition of things about to occur in a personal sense, good things, as a matter of fact. It’s been some while in this bus station bardo… heh heh, it gets old and as many of us know, so do we …but… eventually, if we’re on course, innocence regenerates. There’s a card for that too. There’s a card for everything under the sun and none of it’s new except for the packaging.
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The novel’s entry into print is just a tad more complex than previously thought but… definitely out this week.


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