Cosmic Laundry Day … slip Sliding Away

Smoking Mirrors — Jan 4, 2014

Dog Poet Transliterating…….
May your noses always be downwind and your rear ends upwind (I have no idea what that means).
We’ve tried to be consistent with certain features of this coming age that have been presenting themselves as the advance evidences of what to expect in coming times. The more we see of certain things, the more certain we can be that they will be prominent features. Here’s an example of a recurrent condition that keeps manifesting. Tie this in with many a similar report and with the presently obvious breakdowns occurring at every level in the system.
The spying debacle is yet one more example of the kind of forces the bad guys are up against (Yes, they are bad guys, misguided and deluded perhaps but they bode no well for any of the rest of us.). They’re all about secrecy, or are supposed to be. Now they’re one of the most visible operations going. As has been said here many times; conditions are reversing themselves and the power base is shifting. You can read this as being along the lines of, “there’s a new sheriff in town.” There’s going to be a new everything in town. There’s going to be a new town. The old order is collapsing. It can’t hold its own weight up because? It’s because the power is shifting. As is typical in these situations, appearances are at their most deceiving. The bad guys seem to be significantly powerful, as is always the case at that cosmic juncture of ‘reach exceeding grasp’. They are in Paper Tiger Country (Paper Tigger country?)
The less effective and intrinsically strong that apparent evil may actually be, the larger the shadow cast by it and the more it appears to be effective and strong, when it isn’t. Look back over recent times at the acts and behavior of your politicians. Have they done anything right? You have to look very, very hard to find anything that would answer that description. The amount of times they have done stupid things and even more importantly, the amount of times they’ve been caught with their pants down; their hands in the cookie jar, lying, you name it, are impressively large. Nothing seems to be going right for them and nothing should. They’re a bunch of Wrong Way Riegels.
In every location where lies are currency and where the currency is also a lie, one more huge expression of irony manifests and double manifests. This kind of thing is priceless and every time, one faction of evil suffers, another faction profits. The playoff results in a payoff, where both are incrementally diminished in the back and forth. It’s Laundry Day! It’s dual purpose Laundry Day, where the clothes get washed while you are still in them.
For those of you who may have missed yesterday’s Visible Origami, there are points I try to make (sometimes I’m successful, sometimes I am not).
I’m trying to convey how positive it all is while looking quite the contrary. This is not to say it can’t be seriously negative, should you choose that course. That course would be the same course being traveled by the most recently aforementioned. The Israelis have a saying, “Use force and if that doesn’t work, use more force.” Another way to say this is, “If you’re wrong, keep pressing in the same direction and it will turn out right.” This isn’t true. It has never been true and… on those occasions where it appears to be true, it is only for the purpose of demonstration.
How many times do I have to echo The Bard? “All the world’s a stage and we are merely players.” It’s typical of the cognitively dissonant to nod their heads and go, “Uh huh.” and then go right on play acting on the stage, without it ringing the big bell of realization. Let me attempt to illustrate what this means in practical terms; if “all the world’s a stage” and we are players upon it, then it is logical, it makes sense, to say that how we perform is the most important part of the equation. If we are here to perform and the quote directly states that …then the outcome of our acts is one result or another. Of course, I suppose The Bard could be wrong. It’s your call.
The motivation of the deceivers among us, is to muddy the moral climate so as to make our values equivocal and ambiguous. This way, many of us have no firm conviction of what is right. They blur the lines, pushing for moral relativism. This way, people can personalize morality so that it meets the demands of self interest. This is the key motivation behind sexual ambiguity, making the family unit irrelevant, pushing patterns of behavior, which exemplify things like, “greed is good”, “nice guys finish last”, “do unto others before they do unto you”, and “if you don’t do it someone else will”. I could go on all day about this kind of thing but it should be self evident, especially if your self is evident. It’s not self evident if you’ve compromised your integrity because it is only integrity that ensures clarity of vision. Most people don’t realize just how important integrity is. I will tell you this much. There are a great many things you can let go of before you let go of integrity …because once you let go of integrity, all kinds of other things go out the door with it, including a lot of valuable things you could let go of if it came down to them or integrity. See, that’s the thing, integrity has a lot of associates and they are inseparable. If integrity goes, they follow.
I don’t have much in the manner that people measure temporal accomplishment by but I do have some of the things that makes it possible to possess temporal accomplishment without having it possess you. Some amount of you also possess these things and that is why you come here, or, let us say, that is why you return here. It is also what sets certain people’s hair on fire. They run around like crazy looking for inconsistencies in my player acting on life’s stage. We’ve all got them. In some cases it is merely the appearance of them, for the purpose of demonstration (grin) but… that’s never a good excuse to use. It’s just a useful argument to have in the larder, if you catch my drift… Whoa! ♫slip sliding away, slip sliding away. You know the nearer your destination, the more you’re slip sliding away♫ Some number of you have been helpful in signing this petition. Please, I’m sincerely asking for as many of you as can to sign this thing. I probably won’t ask again or… I’ll get more creative about it. Thanks.
A lot of truths are getting set to music in these times.
As the shift in public awareness slips more and more; is more and more pushed, into moral relativism, very disturbing patterns are spreading across the country. The seeming indifference of law enforcement in disrespect of this is calculated. More and more, this indifference is making its way into a public indifference, based on the depersonalization aspect, manifesting out of overcrowding, juxtaposed with rampant materialism.
All kinds of bizarre news reports are making their way into the public consciousness and these events are just further evidence of humanities descent into the unspeakable, as the Beast of the Apocalypse rears its shaggy, horned head. We talk a lot about Mr. Apocalypse. We don’t talk about The Beast all that much but let’s point out our perspective on this. Just as we have mentioned numerous times… that a certain return and awakening is going to take place within the collective human heart, the same is true of this beast. It too is going to appear in segments of humanity, so disposed to its presence. If you don’t let it inside you, its influence becomes marginal. The same can be said of that other appearance and that would not be good news for those so not inclined.
Many factors are at work to amplify the purpose of demonstration. There is a season to every purpose etc. We are in such a season. Strangely enough, as it chills in certain locales, it is practically balmy in others, such as where I am. The weather here is decidedly unlike the weather there but…so are other things as well. Hold on tight to that inner light.
End Transmission…….
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