John McCain’s Navy Flight Instructor Weighs In

I was John McCain’s Navy Flight Instructor — in formation tactics and air-to-air-gunnery. I could write a book about this man. Suffice to state, I shudder (and I’m fearless) at the nightmare thought of this man becoming our next President and Commander in Chief. I am not alone as to this man’s former shipmates, instructors and senior officers — as to who and what this man is really all about. Although politics is really theater and the best performing actor gets to stay on the main stage — sorta like American Idol only much more dangerous to all living things — the performance and the make-over (re-invention) of this man is currently matched only by that of former LTC Oliver North, USMC (Ret.). Together on the same ticket, these two clowns would be real crowd pleasers in this sorry day and age of liars, banal dummies and limp-headed performers.

Thanx for having the guts to put the real deal information on the site re: John Sidney McCain III — since the mainstream media is much too lazy to put the real story on McCain out there for the rest of their lazy consumers.

Best regards,

CDR Jerry K. Loeb, USN (Ret.)
Palm Desert, CA