How to Avoid being an Extra in Lifestyles of the Rich Man’s Anus

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Jan 5, 2014

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I hear all kinds of things. I read all kinds of things. I don’t know what to believe. Yes, there are rumblings and rumors and all manner of portents If it’s true… the US and many who live there, are in serious trouble, serious trouble …and it seems to me that anyone living there would want to give thought to the situation. I’m thinking the only way to know for yourself, is to get a Geiger counter or similar measuring device and do your own computations. Failing that, there are a whole lot of gopher holes that with a minimum of work, one could comfortably stick their head into, for however long needs be.
This isn’t’t what I want to talk about today. I’ve been noticing this particular phenomenon for some time. It’s not just Martin Scorsleezy who’s been glorifying irredeemable assholes. It’s become a Hollywood standard, whether it’s romanticizing serial killers like “Dexter”, Lecter or many another; making fixers and fraudsters magnetic, as in “House of Lies”, “House of Cards” and “Ray Donovan”, or sexing up and sensationalizing gangster mystique via “The Sopranos”, “Boardwalk Empire” and many others. Then there’s the always popular, vacuous slut scenarios like “Sex in the City”, “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”, or “Girls”, featuring David Mamet’s porcine offspring doing The Sweathog Shuffle. Hollywood is all about the Horizontal Hula, interspersed with predictable violence. As we all know, Holly would if she could and will. Kink is a burgeoning market with “Polyamory”, “Queer as Folk” and “Dave’s Old Porn”, which is some kind of modern variant on “Science Mystery Theater 3000”
Then there’s the phony terror shit to distract the public’s mind away from the fact that the biggest terrorists on the planet are the governments of Israel, the U.S., Saudi Arabia and England; all of them caught up in Central Banker Thrall.. For that we get “Homeland”, “24 Hours”, “Zero Dark Thirty”, “Argo” and many, many more, including one bullshit SEAL flick after another. Of course, there’s the humanizing of Vampires and other parasite life forms and the massive output of Zombie dreck. Last but not least are all the shitcoms, which are literally that and in which one fecal freak reference follows another. I won’t even list these, there are too many.
Yes, for some time there has been a massive effort underway to turn verifiable assholes into heroes. I guess this helps in real life (if that’s what you call it) because there are so many of them. Those reverent acolytes of the Stool Sculpture Deity love shit. Besides the fact that that is exclusively what they produce, there is a sexual angle to it that’s connected to infantile erotica. Well, none of this is news.
It’s all about corrupting the culture to the point that it turns into a steaming pile of shit which, under compression (and we got plenty of compression) turns into an inferno of Hellfire. Then they dance and cavort in it. Actually, that’s where reality departs from fantasy and projection. They do not get to cavort, buying into that Miltonian aphorism as they have; “Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven.” It don’t work like that, take it from one with the inside scoop (grin). As we never tire of pointing out around here, The Devil, such as he may be, works for the principal originator. There is only one source of power in the universe and in the case of everything manifest, IT IS BORROWED… borrowed for? It is borrowed for the purpose of demonstration. Firm that up in your consciousness.
Why is it so hard for us to believe this as incontrovertible truth? It is because the purpose of demonstration doesn’t go according to our wishes and our continuously reappearing self interest. The self interest comes back again and again because we have no certitude concerning the one acting in our best interest. We think maybe this mysterious force doesn’t know all the ins and outs of us like we do because, even though we don’t know shit, we think we do. Yes, we’re all too certain of that too often.
Here’s an image worthy of keeping in mind. Imagine that you are trapped in a well of darkness, cause you are. Unable to see where you are going, as if that possibility actually existed, you travel round and round in the dimensions of this well, always returning to where you were, without realizing this because? …because it’s really dark. At various points, fear or passion get the better of you and you wind up either bruised and battered from bouncing off of the walls, or covered in a sticky spiderweb like excrescence that seems to have materialized out of the darkness, which it did. The sane and intelligent thing to do is to realize that there must be a reason you are trapped in a well of darkness in the first place. Of course, most people do not believe they are trapped in a well of darkness …because the darkness generates a false light that… after awhile, gives you the impression that you are in a place that’s lit up and it’s not too long before all the people from The Overlook Hotel show up and you have a social life. Before you know it, a lifetime has gone by and not the same way it went by in that short story at the back of Magister Ludi.
Back to that sane contemplation about there being a reason. If there is a reason then logic implies that someone knows you’re there and what the purpose is. There are various ways to approach the situation after this realization dawns (should that ever occur) and books have been written about it, religions and philosophies have been born out of it. I’ll leave it to the individual inquirer as to where they take it from there …but the point is to not go on being a bit player in that long running TV show, Lifestyles of the Rich Man’s Anus, cue Robin Leach (or is that leech?)
An apologist for histories biggest charade once said something about evil being banal. That’s why the face of evil often looks like this unprepossessing, seemingly innocuous and well, banal and operationally anal. There is a reason; a very good reason why I’m using certain terms today and it’s not gratuitous. At least I don’t think so; being down here in this well of darkness it is sometimes hard to tell. So… if there is a false light, it stands to reason that there is a true light. How does one approach that possibility? Either one uncovers it, or one learns to generate it. I’m guessing that both are distinct possibilities. This sort of thing doesn’t appeal to most people (I say ‘most people’ a lot, don’t I? Well, I’ve got a good reason for that).
You will note as you go along that if you are the sort that doesn’t go along, you will attract opposition. The initial instinct is to resent this but the truth is that this opposition can be beneficial. It helps you to polish your procedures and once you’ve honed these to a certain degree, your detractors are usually fools or frustrated well dwellers that just make you look good. One can usually be effectively measured by the quality of the opposition. If the opposition is banal and predictable, you’re headed in the right direction. If it is sagacious and wise, it’s not really opposition and if you are sincere in your purpose and intent, you will profit immeasurably from attracting that sort of attention. It’s win, win.
Okay then… I think I’ve gone about as far as I want to go in this direction, for the moment, so it’s back to the guitar and sundry, as we await the day’s guaranteed entertainments.
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