People Get Ready for the Changes Coming!!

Visible Origami — Jan 3, 2014

Dog Poet Transcending…….
May your noses always be registers of truth.
What would the new year, any new year be, without something from the Twilight Zone and… since we presently live in the Twilight Zone, it stands to reason, inasmuch as either reason or logic may apply in these environs, in these times, that this might well be true.  (it’s even more telling that he is a character from the Lord of the Rings. No doubt this was Gandalf’s long lost Hassidic brother, even though he looks a great deal like Radagast) and certainly, easily as true as anything that passes for truth these days. What this site needs is a Miley Cyrus twerking avatar who does a ‘mad booty butt slalom’ every time the truth is written or read here and we be hoping that would mean she be shaking it all day long. If you’re going to be in the Twilight Zone, you got to act like you’re in the Twilight Zone. Comprende? Uh huh… you clowns in the back are in the wrong sector. This is the Department of Demonstrations and Expositions. What you want is Nimrods and Nitwits. Go out that virtual door at the back, turn left to the elevators and go down to the sub basement. Once there you can ask any of the white coated attendants for assistance.
Where was I? Good grief! I was in Origami, sorry about that, To make up for it, here is another gift,  if you have not read this yet you are in for a major treat. Proof positive of many things doesn’t get much better than this. Then, also, there’s the documented fact that he laid in state after his mahasamadhi for over a month with NO VISIBLE SIGNS of decay. Some of you may have problems with the BOTA lessons that go on for a very long time. Why you would have a problem with them I couldn’t guess but it might be just from being on a different ray. That said, you can’t do much better than this as an alternative. I do have other options too. I’ve given out plenty for Christians and there’s always more. I’m often surprised that people seriously into that sort of thing don’t look deeper into what’s available, such as the work of Swedenborg, Kierkegaard and of course Meister Eckart. These are serious player but for those with intellectual capacity there’s some real wisdom to be gleaned..
I know I mentioned Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes any number of times. One of the keys to survival in these coming transitionary years, is possessing mental preparedness. Few books provide such a serious system in that respect as Holmes and… Holmes didn’t just write this book. He lived the truth of it as many who knew nor met him attested to. These are the characters that move me, people who walk the talk, as opposed to that other Eckhart, Mr. Tolle-Booth and all the other money sucking charlatans abroad in these times. We’re knee deep in false prophets these days, whether they be faux-spiritual, economic, political, or the general across the board corruption of temporal religions. What has happened to the latter is that it’s been around so long it’s become no more than a cash register for the priest class. In the age of irony and the demonstration of the ridiculous, it is a guarantee that celibacy would transform into pederasty according to the ‘weakest kink (heh heh, I wrote ‘kink’ by accident, it was supposed to be ‘link’. Damn that’s funny! I was told this kind of thing would become more and more apparent in my work; unintended output.) hypothesis’.
Anyway. You’ve had years to prepare for what’s coming. What have you done? Have you piled up a lot of assets and set up a bolthole? Good luck with that. I’d say, even if you possess nothing, or very little, externally, if you’ve got it wired internally you have a lot more going for you than those seeking to plan against the unexpected. The unexpected is just that. If this weren’t the case then Evil would have a much better edge for its plots. I look at the unexpected as the X factor of the combined and mostly basic reflexing of Lady Nature and the ineffable. The House always wins just as the invisible hierarchy prevails and predominates over the external hierarchy. The individual will and the self interest focused mind refuses to integrate this problematic into its schematic. Invictus may look good when John Philip Sousa is playing but it’s out of step with the archetypal rhythm, much like Steve Martin was in “The Jerk” trying to snap his fingers to the music of his adopted family.
What is going to be happening (is happening) is that a new cosmic template is going to be superimposed over the old template and everything we knew, symbolically, iconically and externally is going to be changed, whether you like it or not. You might compare it to the way Christianity was superimposed over the religious rituals it replaced and the way the deities and archetypes, were replaced by a new cast of characters; gods, saints, prophets, animal totems, whatever. If you are a traditionalist, a dogmatist, a letter, instead of the spirit, of the law type, an embracer of cant over the intuitive, you’re in big trouble because everything familiar to you is going to become unfamiliar; not that you were ever really familiar with it in the first place, which is the point. For those who have managed to grasp the essentials behind the temporary forms, you can adapt with little problem.
An Age of Brotherhood is coming. That is the hallmark integrity of the coming age. If you are not receptive of this, if you are selfish or militaristic, you’re in trouble, you’re a dinosaur. You’re going to become fuel to heat the moments of the times you were unable to progress into otherwise. Well, heck, at least you’re useful for once.
You have to get ready, ♫people get ready ♫  cue Curtis Mayfield! If you haven’t gone here to fill in the petition please do so, do it as a favor for me. It’s taking me a lot longer to write this than it will for you to do that (grin).
You have to get ready. Daily routine intensity based on the power of recurring memory is hard to stop as long as it never does. Of great importance too, is to be in a community of kindred spirits who embrace that hallmark integrity of the coming age. This is why I’ve tried over the years to build a community but… that hasn’t been possible so far. Maybe it just wasn’t time but I have seen the power that gets unlocked when even a few are gathered in single purpose. It can be, quite frankly, amazing and I have seen it. I have seen it. Hopefully we will get a shot at that at some point. Knowing your astrocartography positives is a real plus. Having the sort of friends that don’t book on you in critical moments is a real acquisition for those acquiring. I’ve said it at other times. People have 3 faces. They have the face they first present to you. It’s what they want you to believe about them and in many cases what they want to believe about themselves. Then you have face number 2 that appears over time and which very few have the power to prevent from appearing. Face 3 you see when danger threatens.
I want to hammer this home. Mental and emotional preparedness is crucial. Get it into your head that certain things are about to go down over the near field monitor, vibrational range of the manifest (what the Hell did he just say there?) plane. You can’t be in sync if you don’t sync up with the main synchronicity groove. The cosmic rhythm is going to change and you need to be able to dance to it or you’re headed aleman left.
Help is present and help is on the way. You have to be able to tell the difference between help and hindrance. This is all arranged according to your value system. If your value system is askew then so will be you. Selah!
End Transmission.
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