Voice of the White House May 26, 2008

“The son of a top CIA official has laid his hands on a thick file of transcribed conversations between a writer and a retired senior CIA man. I have read through them and find them to be very entertaining (if you like black humor) and very enlightening. What old men with fond memories will say to a good listener is absolutely amazing.

Now we can expect CIA officials, retired and active and a number of the Washington in-crowd to play the Joe Lieberman card and demand that these be removed from the internet. Joe, who is a congenital asshole, wanted some pro-Arab postings taken down because they offended him. Wait until McCain reads what this ex-CIA boss has to say about him! You will hear him in Georgetown with the windows shut.

The CIA are still torturing people but are being very careful about it. We now know that the FBI agents working with them, were horrified by their brutality and reported their illegal actions to their senior officials in Washington . None of the agents, to their credit, would dirty their hands with this perverted and sadistic behavior but I note that their seniors sat on this.

Having read over period reports on some of this, all of it highly classified, it is my feeling that some of these perverted shits should be arrested and put on trial so the rest of the world can see the genuine filth and evil that the worthless Bush has deliberately unleashed. We ought to try Bush and give him a fair trial before we find him guilty, but that will never happen. “

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