The Year of Living Dangerously with Mr Apocalypse

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Jan 2, 2014

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When you see the government acting out in an unexpected manner, depending on the situation, you can suspect there is a great deal of pressure coming up from below (and above) from society (and elsewhere) at large  We get used to presuming that if we don’t hear about something, it’s not happening. Note the comments below the article, especially the longer one. Mr. Apocalypse is shifting into over drive and this particular concern is now going to become more pressing and more visible with each passing day… as it should.
Let’s explore the job description of Mr. Apocalypse today. As of the arrival of The New Year, the range of his activity is going to become much wider and much more diversified. It has already been pointed out, he’s pressing on people from the inside to act out outside. More and more spontaneous rage is going to become the order of the day. Society is sick. Materialism and all the ills that attend it are in full force. People are being offered more and more and are able to acquire less and less of it. Meanwhile the indolent and pernicious rich are rubbing it in their faces as you scan the pages of this site through the months, as I did yesterday, you get a horrifying glimpse of ‘the other side’. I felt like I needed a shower soon enough but like some strange addictive compulsion, I couldn’t stop watching. I felt terrible soon enough but kept going anyway.
As we have been saying here for some time, Mr. Apocalypse is going to get, ‘diabolically ingenious’ in setting up scenes where the irony literally puddles at the feet of the objects of demonstration. The comments show, the public is becoming more and more aware of the greed and idiocy of the carbon tax junkies. This is only the beginning.
What’s with this serial murder of homeowner’s dogs by demented police officers?!!! Here is the latest. I am at a loss for words and have to forcibly turn my mind to other things lest a great rage overtake me. I fear the incandescent anger that threatens to rise in my breast. No doubt it is directly linked to my impotence in respect of actions I cannot take but surely would take. These fiends would definitely be gone had I the power, Unbelievable… Unbelievable.
The mass of humanity is insulated from any awareness of the extent of extreme violations taking place against the animal kingdom; chickens by the millions, pressed hard up against each other, shot full of hormones to give them massive breasts as if these were just early preliminaries for the coming chicken porn, once bestiality gets made legal. Cattle are shot full of muscle growth hormones, which melt their hooves off their feet. They collapse when they try to walk. Pigs are treated in such a way that they cannot even stand up through their life. There is horror after horror after horror and the people committing these awful crimes know full well the depravity inherent in their acts, which is why they demand that being caught filming any of them results in felony arrest. They do it for money and money has no conscience.
The in your face excesses of public servants are increasingly being made public knowledge courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse
Everywhere the public is being aroused and awakened, they know who the enemy is and in every country where this happens, spokesdemons for the enemy trot out the same bullshit defenses and professional victim fabrications as if they were ALL READING FROM THE SAME SCRIPT, It doesn’t matter where they are or what language they speak. They are all saying the same thing. Obviously it’s a world wide conspiracy and it’s all based on revisionist history and that is one thing Mr. Apocalypse has planned in coming times. Once the lid gets ripped off of certain fantasy constructs it’s going to be open season.
Here’s an amazing piece of operational karma eight years now and counting. Also in this year, furies and harpies are coming for some number of odious entities. Pneumonia is what usually gets them at this stage. No doubt she’s not going to let that trouble her beautiful mind. David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and all sorts of others are on the list of pending departures.
Certainly many of us are expecting major changes in these next couple of years. I don’t think most of us know just how sweeping those changes are going to be. My advice to everyone is to make sure you’ve got 3 months of food available at any time. That means bags of rice and beans, pasta, cans of tomato sauce and simple basic foodstuffs; don’t forget spices. It’s no great investment and even if push does not come to shove, you’ll still have it. If and when it really starts to go down, the descent can be incredibly fast. Recall what happens to supermarkets and stores at times of great disaster, they’re looted, pillaged and emptied in very little time. Should chaos descend, it’s the first week or two that will be the most dangerous, so it would be good if one could stay shut in. remember that the water mains could go down too.
As materialism becomes ever more incrementally powerful, the desperation grasping of those with too much just goes up and up, until absurdity enters into a whole new dimension of expression. Materialism is a veritable fountain of rage and frustration. When too many people are living on the edge, outbreaks of madness will become routine and people will go over the edge as well.
Those who have been on the taking, milking and oppressing end of life are being fiercely outed by Mr. Apocalypse. Their greed, corruption and indifference are being displayed for the whole world to see. The mediums of their engines of crowd control are being turned against them. They can’t control their own media anymore. They set out for business as usual and it, well, it doesn’t look right. They are up in arms against each other and this is one of the ways evil arrives at its downfall. It turns against itself. Formerly cagey, disciplined and well concealed abusers of the public good, are behaving in all ways contrary to their own well being. They can’t help themselves and why? Mr. Apocalypse is why. As the planets move inexorably toward change in their relationship to one another, the effects of this are made visible here. You either adapt to the changing conditions and are then evolved to new planes of awareness, or you resist the irresistible and are forcibly changed. Minions of evil resist change because they are used to things as they are; the state in which they plunder and profit at will …but as the relationship between archetypal forces alters, conditions are also altered. Things are no longer what they were.
A major false flag is in the works and close to actualization because the powers that are going down are very upset at the degree of focus being turned on them. They are well aware that the world is watching, so they have to be very careful but…whatever they do to shield themselves from being identified as the cause is going to go awry. Count on it.
For some this is going to prove to be the classic year of living dangerously. It didn’t have to go like this but they give Mr. Apocalypse no choice. What must be, will be and the devil take the hindmost. He certainly will.
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