Here Be Psychopaths and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Here Be Psychopaths and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Smoking Mirrors – May 24, 2008
Every now and then you see blinding clear evidence that some people, some nations, some systems are pure evil and this is such a one You can’t spin this. You can’t morph it. You can’t put a smiley face on Count Dracula when you’ve got the video of his fangs going into a neck. Come to think of it, Count Dracula is probably smiling but it is unlikely that you are.

What kind of conscienceless creatures could bulldoze the farms of a people already in such desperate straights? If you said Israel, you get a thousand dollars at Free Parking and you can proceed directly to Go.

Sure… you may know that they’ve shut off the power to such an extent that the sewage can’t be processed (nor anything else) and have made damn sure that the sort of thing that happened in Katrina could happen again in Gaza in spades; step by step, inch by inch. You know that they routinely take target practice on small children and then confirm the kill. You know that settlers beat and kill Palestinians without provocation whenever they fucking well feel like it. You know that they control American domestic and foreign policy by controlling the banks that issue the currency that they release and withhold in order to force compliance so as to… make sure that America will fight her battles. You know that they, without a doubt, control the media and whatever the Donald Duck media wants the Elmer Fudd’s of the world to believe. You, the reader, probably know most of these things and are as helpless as I to prevent them.

After all, we’re up against the cartoon characters who were born out of Britany Spear’s head as if she were the Mother Alien in Alien 2 and we’ve now got a world half (or more) filled with Nimrods, text messaging the divine and expecting the McRapture to lift their cottage cheese asses up into some eternal Heaven where they, according to me, are welcome to enjoy a fellowship equally as numbing as one of those Protestant hymns they love to excruciatingly bring forth in their ponderous way for the enjoyment of God whom, I do indeed know, has far, far better taste than that. I can’t stand that shit and I’m sure God has a better ear than me. Does any reasonable person think that God, much less any of us, wants to sit around and listen to some stiff-necked, bloated, fast food recovery system, belt out “Faith of our Fathers”? ;…or any of the rest of the awful badly written peans to anthropomorphism?

Here’s your Starship Enterprise well, they can’t possibly really mean this because that would just mean they would all go to Hell the sooner. No one can tell me that Bush does not know he is a Satanist. He certainly does. Bringing on the end times; which do not exist because there is no end, just new beginnings, is a load of crap even bigger than the one St. Peter will find in Bush’s diaper when he shows up at the gate.

People… I would like you to pay a little more attention than usual. I know that is asking a lot because a lot of you pay a lot of attention anyway. However, this needs to be said and it needs to be said hard and direct and with all the clarity the speaker can muster. God is not a dim-witted Kentucky Fried Chicken eating fool. Could this remarkable universe have come into being through the technical agency of a retarded God? Think about it.

And if you think that intelligence is the result of evolution then you are sadly mistaken and history shows this to be true. Evolution is the result of intelligence and that is why they call what some few know to be true as, “ageless wisdom’. It doesn’t change. It just is. Some few in every generation get it and the rest enjoy the vampire antics of the facsimiles. I have the rare pleasure of having met an agent of this energy and I can tell you that, for all your meandering about secret societies and one world governments, the matter is firmly in hand and always has been; therefore the prefix, ‘ageless’.

I don’t know anti-Semitic from soft ice cream. All I know is that some people are nasty characters and some people want to know if you’re okay and if there is anything they can do. That’s what it comes down to. Anyone who is reading this and anyone who is not that thinks it is okay and justified to destroy the food source of a people displaced by the party of the first part is an ugly and indifferent creature and I… yes, I, hold you to account.

You may have the upper hand in this temporal movie at this time and you may think that you can kill and rape and plunder with impunity but I will tell you that there have been others before you and they have thought what you think now and they became the veritable scum beneath the dead leaves in the gutter as a reward for their presumption and mischief.. I WILL see you in Hell and it won’t be as a resident.

Yeah, justice…balance…beauty…arguably things and terms change to suit the conditions. No asshole ever rocks the Casbah and you certainly do not; not in any cosmic sense and I will say what I have said many times before. You are going down. You will feed on the filth of your own being. Today, you control the press and the banks and so much that we all once enjoyed. You have made rules to forbid our pleasure while you have increased your own. You have murdered our children while your own have fed on their flesh but that was then and this is now and no one knows what waits down the line.

Anyone who knows me knows that I consider compassion the first indication of humanity in anyone. Any of them will tell you that no one without compassion can be my friend. Don’t mistake that for weakness. I can dispassionately watch you go down. I do not interfere with choice and free will. I might mourn the loss but I will not interfere.

You have made Heaven cry. You have blotted out the sun. Your coarse antics have shit not only on your own humanity but upon that of all of those deceived who have followed you into perdition and beyond. I speak as an expression of the one who brings the Tandava. You may take this as Gospel;

No one… not one…can approach the throne by words and empty gestures and allowing the torment of others. Your master told you very clearly everything you need to know to be a Christian or a Muslim or a Jew and you don’t know the text written upon your heart for the lack of its vibration anymore than you can find the hole in the ground you will be buried in.

Don’t talk to me about The Rapture. I won’t say this often but I know what that is and you don’t. What you get is a purgatory listening to all of your fellows who can’t dance and who can’t sing and you absolutely, unequivocally, don’t know how to make love and you are welcome and invited, RSVP, to kiss my ass all the way to nothing at all.

Destroy people’s farmlands? It’s personal now, you vile shits. Talk about your rapture when you are the last people the God I know will ever take up. Think about it this way… selfless service and a warrior like certainty against injustice motivated by the one who seeks it more than you will ever know… that is the ticket to Heaven and… without it? You are going nowhere at all… or worse. Mark my words.


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