No Time for Dumbasses, Steampunking on the Gloom Train

Smoking Mirrors — Jan 1, 2014

Dog Poet Transmitting…
May your noses always be cold and wet.
New Year’s Day… New Year’s dinner, taken on my own upstairs here, will consist of Kaenekebrot, meerrettlich and tinned sardines, mussels and other sea delicacies with a Caesar Salad made with Crème Fraische and garlic (knobloch) baguette croutons. I don’t think I’ve ever had that combination before. It just popped into my head a couple of days ago that that was what I wanted. The impact of my thinking about it radiated out into my environment and so I observed my associates here having a cold tinned fish assortment with their champagne last night. It was momentarily discouraging. Would there be any left for my late afternoon feast today? Thankfully yes but not like there had been previously.
I had one bottle of pretty good champagne for myself for the late hour celebration. It was chilling in the icebox and so… about 10:00PM, I went to crack it and did. I was sipping some upstairs when the call came in, “Where is our bottle of champagne?” I said, “It’s right in the icebox laying down on the middle shelf.” I had seen it there over the course of the day. However, it was not there now. We searched everywhere. I looked in the icebox, there’s not all that much in there and it’s half refrigerator and half freezer, so it’s not that large. I looked in there twice. I was mystified. I know I’d seen it. So… I said, “Look, you can have mine, you can’t not toast the New Year’s with your mom and uncle.” There was some real surprise because I guess she didn’t expect me to do that but I know this sort of thing is a lot more important to them than it is to me. The ironic (ever the irony) part of it is that when we were buying the bottles the day before, I had opted for a better class of champagne (French champagne), about 12 Euro; would have been about 30 bucks in the U.S. and she had gotten something for about five, telling me, “You’re just paying for it to say champagne on the label.” Not really. The point of buying a better bottle is that it comes with no headache hangover the next day. Bad bubbly is notorious for this.
Well, I have two reasons for this rather extended intro. Once I had offered over my bottle, the search sort of backed off but I still couldn’t figure out where it could have gone, so I went back downstairs and it was there! It was right where I had seen it before and in exactly the same position. Crimminy! Also, there’s no one here that would have been inclined to play prankster. We were both shocked that it was there. We had both looked several times. There’s only about a dozen items on that shelf and the champagne is (was) at least 3 times the size of the next object. This kind of thing goes on around here. I don’t know why. I do know it was a test of some sort and we passed it.
If you can’t see the writing on the wall you don’t want to.
Then, I get here this morning to see this (talking about my dinner, which I was). Holy Marlin Manicotti Batman! There’s a lot of hard evidence that things are looking grim in some locales. This is the most impressive litany of evidences that I have seen yet. Folks, if you’re in that neighborhood maybe you want to give some thought to relocation.
There are a lot of very cool, sparsely populated locales in Eastern Europe where we could buy some very large dwelling place for very, very little. There are huge forests so… get yourself half a dozen woodstoves and bang bang. Some of these locations are very, very nice. The place I am allegedly going is like that. I could certainly take in a few people where I am going to be, should you be in a position to get here and manage minimum sustenance requirements. It wouldn’t be all that much. Meanwhile, 40,000 new laws got passed by predatory local governments, this link is interesting for an example of cinderblock head consciousness on the part of a Kennedy. Is he one of those Kennedy’s? What a moron. Anyway, now you probably can’t pat your head and chew gum without being a felon. Jumping Jujubees Batman! Bad shit is logarithmically on the rise. I’m not looking for roommates but I know my responsibility as a member of that dying demographic, the human race. Enough said.
This is to be filed under the heading, “Things we pretty much already knew” (second link down on the left). The evidence is all right there, meticulously documented. People don’t want to see it, which is akin to walking blindfold on a mountain path. This year, Mr. Apocalypse is going to be going around ripping off blindfolds, or so I’ve been told. He’s been patient. He’s been gentle, when the circumstances in the midst were anything but and have been anything but. What I’ve been told is that an apocalypse is not an apocalypse, until and unless the wide majority of the public get woken up, whether they like it or not and the means to that end becomes increasingly more severe as the awakening does not occur, as the result of more tender ministrations. You can expect a noticeable upgrade in the force of the blows and the certainty of emerging evidence. This is no time for dumbasses. Consider the case of the recalcitrant mule, who decides he’s not going any further. What happens is that the mule is going to get a serious taste of the whip. As has been noted here on many occasions, “those who will not hear must feel”.
I don’t want to come in here on this New Year’s Day and go all Steampunk on the Gloom Train. There’s a world of good on the way but the process of it’s progression into appearance is veiled by the continuous daily fare of the same old, same old shit we’ve been served in order to break our spirit. Our spirit will not be broken, will it? The point of all this focused mischief, the real point, is to strengthen our resolve. That’s how I see it.
Unnoticed in the paralyzing uncertainty of these times, are all the marvelous discoveries taking place in the theaters of technology and science. I’m not talking about the abusive applications that have been the routine. I’m talking about the fantastic transformations that, when they show up, are going to change the way we do things and provide heat, light and motive force in unexpected ways and these are going to then lead to even more fantastic developments. I’m not going to give a single example. Those of you who keep track of these things know what I’m talking about and a lot of it is entrepreneurial. These are the things we are going to need when the system crashes and it will …and large masses of population come up against desperate survival scenarios. These are all part and parcel of the coming mini golden age. I’m guessing that those who have more than a passing knowledge of astrocartography, will be in a position to make educated guesses about where it might be better to be located in these times now upon us.
Somewhere around March, we are going to see a perfect storm of converging conditions and events. These seem inevitable at the moment and that is partly so because they are also the last gasp efforts of desperate men and women, who are up against the emerging ingenuity of the cosmos which has walked step in step over recent decades with these monsters, as they effected their plans for world domination, all the while being steered by invisible control, toward a result very unlike that intended by the tunnel vision acolytes of evil.
You have to adjust your emotional state according to the eternal maxim, “appearances are deceiving and appearances are a lie”. We provide the power utilized by those manipulating appearances, to enslave and confuse us. Belief is an actual force and many a poor unfortunate has been stymied over and over again due to believing what is not real and having that belief, via the subconscious, manifest into the material sphere in direct opposition to what they had hoped for. You have to get into the subconscious and positively program it to your benefit …because otherwise… it will be programmed to your disadvantage and this is taking place all the time, through media and entertainment, obviously and subliminally. It also is taking place through education and all the mechanisms of information that disseminate without respite. The key is and always has been; know thyself, work on yourself and leave everything else to the task of rearranging the mind’s eye view in accord with your own positive efforts at personal transformation.
No matter what you ‘think you see’, you’ve got a lot more say in what happens to you than you presently imagine, even if that means aligning yourself without resistance to your own invisible support factor. When you put yourself in the good graces of the angels of your better nature, by whatever version of The Eightfold Path you subscribe to, so long as it’s the right one (grin), all sorts of interesting results occur. You don’t have to take my word for this. These things have been trumpeted by many another over the course of this segment of recorded history. There’s no time like the present. In fact, there is no time like the present. It’s all you have for as long as it continues to remain in your possession. It’s never too late, until it’s too late.
Happy New Year!!!
End Transmission…….
Those who may be dismayed by the descending bubbles, should keep in mind it is only a temporary expression of holiday festivity. I am especially partial to Bush snorting coke on his way down the page. Bush and Rumsfeld as Laurel and Hardy also amuses me.
I’m still working on the appearance of the print version of the novel for those of you asking about it. The radio broadcast should be up soon.


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