Voice of the White House May 23, 2007

“There has been much speculation, fueled by obviously concocted “leaks” from Israeli official sources, that Bush is planning to attack Iran before the end of his term in January of 2009.

As I have said before, a unit attached to the DoD has been monitoring all the secret Israeli governmental communications between Tel Aviv and their Embassy in Washington since 2003.

Why are they doing this? Is Bush aware of this?

They are doing this because in a number of elevated military circles, Israel is viewed as treacherous and eager to involve the United States in a war against Iran solely to protect themselves from a possible attack by that country. And Bush is most certainly not aware of the military surveillance of Israel or he would order it stopped immediately and the perps punished.

While Bush is very, very sensitive, and highly responsive to, Israeli needs, he knows that an American attack on Iran would have to be via the Air Force and tactical nuclear in nature. A forewarned U.S. military leadership would certainly block this insanity and Bush knows it.

He does not want to end his disgraced presidency with a public rebuff from the JCS so his (and especially Cheney’s) wishes to show up Iran will have to find other outlets. Bush has a pathological detestation to being defied and anyone who gets in his way is fired at once.

On the other hand, a rebellion of sorts at the highest military levels would be a personal, and very humiliating, disaster that Bush wants desperately to avoid.

If not Bush, then the leadership of the Republicans know that there is sharply rising anti-Semitism in America, based entirely on the activities of the Neocons and some elements of the American media. They hope, frantically, that they will not suffer a crushing defeat at the hands of the American public at the November elections and are distancing themselves both from Bush and the rabidly pro-Israel factions of their own party.

Power means, among other things, money, and if there is a sweeping Democrat victory at the polls and the pliant carbon copy of Bush, Senator McCain, loses his last-chance for the presidency, all of them will be looking for jobs where they will have to work for a living, not working the public for its bounty.

Fully aware of this, Israel is frantically trying to shove the United States into a war against its enemies. Israel, according to military intercepts, does not want to be seen as the actual aggressor and does not want to spend any money on a war they might lose.

Besides, the logistical problems inherent in an Israeli attack are such as to preclude Tel Aviv from doing anything other than pushing and shoving their many allies in Washington to help them.

I have maintained that these intercepts ought to be published in full so that the American voters might know exactly what they have in store for them if McCain get into the White House. Given their incendiary nature, I doubt if any branch of the American media, with the possible exception of Keith Olberman, would dare to make any of them public.

If they did get out, I, and others here, can easily see pogroms in America that would rival those of Imperial Russia or Nazi Germany.”

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