Inflexible Process and Cultural Decline. Happy New Year!!!

Visible Origami — Dec 31, 2013

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May your noses be lit up like Rudolph’s this evening to lead all those motorized DWI’s and potential road kill home safely.
I never go out on New Year’s Eve and on the rare occasion when I have, I stayed at whatever location I went to. New Year’s Eve is Amateur Night on the highways. People race everywhere today and in previous days to buy explosives and related entertainment items for tonight’s festivities. I guess if you have kids maybe there’s justification and maybe that’s the worst reason of all. I’ve no use for any of that and never have. They’re unpredictable to begin with but in the hands of drunken fools, far worse. You Tube will be filled with filmed mishaps from tonight’s activity; more so than ever before due to the widespread presence of cellphones with cameras. Be careful and watch out for morons at any speed.
I think this is an auspicious day upon which to discuss something that popped into my mind quite strongly this morning, while shuttling around through town and getting the necessary comestibles for this New Years period. The stores close at 2:00PM here and don’t reopen until Thursday morning. As I was driving I thought about those people going up and down the streets of Everytown in the country of Everywhere. One thing stood out in my thoughts; patterns and how they become habit and then habit becomes inflexible process. Once this happens, life is at an end and whatever remains is just a long drawn out echo, or something shorter.
All inflexible processes have the stamp of mortality on them and are, for the most part, predictable. Why is inflexible process so ubiquitous? It is because civilization is humanities reaction to pain in search of comfort. Once ensconced in habitual inflexible process, composed of a predictable reliability of material consistency, there is little motivation to risk that status in the pursuit of a finer awareness that might require some degree of sacrifice. In fact, we might say that the mind, intentionally sets its perception of reality around the maintenance of that state. Reality is relative to what we want to believe to be true. Recognizing who did 9/11= Israel and collaborating neo-con traitors, along with individuals in strategic positions who acted out of self interest or fear, is a no no. It endangers ones status in the status quo.
We’ve seen the hitchhikers on the highways and the homeless citizens through the windshield and side windows of the car as we go by, looking like extras sent in from Central Casting as ominous evidence of the possibility that, “This could be you.” …if you don’t play your cards right and… even if you do play your cards right but… you’re in a no win environment because the soulless corporations, in league with the politicians, destroyed the manufacturing base, shipped the jobs overseas and then the bankers engineered the housing crisis-toxic mortgage scams. Selling these poisonous bundles to overseas banks and investors, along with the NSA debacle have gone a long way to make Israel’s bitch a pariah among her allies. This has led to all kinds of unfortunate behind the scenes reactions and alliances abroad but… I digress.
Inflexible processes are not all bad. There are good ones but they lead to a constant exposure to the teeth of the wind. Nobody like the teeth of the wind, unless you’re some kind of reckless adventurist, or some one who has taken too many psychedelics; not that we would be familiar with anyone like that around here. The teeth of the wind is a testing zone that checks to see if you are a worthy sort that deserves the wind at your back, eventually, wherever it is that ‘eventually’ may be located, should you eventually locate it, or have it locate you.
As we have been pointing out lately, look for more and more of this kind of thing happening as Mr. Apocalypse ups the pressure on hypocrites, high profile miscreants and everyone previously enjoying a place in the controlled spotlight that is now in the hands of another technician, whose intentions are quite the reverse of the previous company man. More and more examples of conspicuous consumption are going to be publicized. Yep, more and more of this kind of thing. There’s even a website that caters to this.
Apropos of this sort of behavior, the term that defines it is decadence; applied decadence. The dictionary says that decadence is “moral or cultural decline, as characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury”. Note where it says, ‘cultural decline’. Uh huh. As has often been said here, cultures go through their seasons, just like the weather. By any stretch of observation we are in mid-winter and the dead leaves of former good times, are lying in a frozen muck of rainbow colored oil slick packets, along the gutter of time passing. What follows is the emerging trends and tendencies that accompany the wide gulf matrix of rich vs poor, things like this. Such phenomena are the logical result of the inevitable attempt to transplant Communism as a template over Capitalism, to ensure the necessary oppression of the lower classes in order to provide protection for the conscienceless elite (second link down on the right). This accounts for official policies put into place by ‘owned’ governments. This leads to despicable ironies such as you see here. Lao Tzu would be turning over in his grave if he were dead but… he’s not. The truth of that is on a need to know basis and the determinant of that is if you need to know, you do.
Yup, you can look for more and more irony with every passing day. You see the breakdown in the power of ‘the powers that be going down’ manifested in continuous inexplicable happenings, also containing a modicum of irony. Nearly everything has got some irony in it there days. It’s the carbon and hydrogen elements of our time. The terror tandem of criminal governments in the employ of criminal Central Bankers are in high gear because the more Mr. Apocalypse presses down on them, the more they freak out and spin ever more and more out of control. The same people behind this are behind the explosions in Russia, the conflicts in Libya and Syria and pretty much most places. They can feel that cold wind on the napes of their necks and they should, oh “yesssh precious”.
As we’ve said here many a time, the giant chimpanzee of destiny has begun to fling massive handfuls of shit at the cosmic fan blades in the wind tunnel continuum of time. Well, we didn’t actually say it quite like that, nor do I think anyone else ever has either (grin). Here’s some corroborative input. I’m not all that fond of grandstanding personalities but I take what I can get.
I’m hoping that that small segment of the readers who are employed to bend reality according to the wishes of their paymasters, will get a clue and save themselves a lot of typing time. This site has some of the most intelligent visitors on the internet and everyone here has done their homework so, poorly assembled bullshit arguments generally result in hoots of derision and pervasive scorn, over the paucity of professionalism being demonstrated. Make a new year’s resolution not to embarrass yourself or… at least don’t do it here.
Here comes the New Year folks and… like every day, that by grace arrives for our use, a new life is waiting, beyond the restrictions of inflexible process. Rapare Ad Vitam, my friends, Rapare Ad Vitam. Time marches on and eternity awaits. Carpe omnia singula puncta temporis and you could find yourself skinny dipping in the pools of infinity and sunbathing on the rocks of time. “Dig the infinite!”. Every moment is precious and also valuable, according to what direction your inflexible process is heading in. You can easily see those wrong directions of inflexible process, simply by their outcome, if not in present time, certainly in historical hindsight. So what’s the right way? “Walk in all ways contrary to the world”, as one memorable soul once put it. You may have never heard of Jacob Boehme before. There are all kinds of interesting people who skirted the margins of existence on their way on the way to Who Knows Where on the Planet Everlasting. Millions are contemplating how they might rearrange their course in this next year (even if only momentarily). Tap into that motive intent.
Not much more to say so; Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be toasting the memory and presence of all of you this evening, who have made this journey so unforgettable here in virtual space. I think I’ll spend the rest of the day making music; been awhile.
End Transmission…….
I still haven’t been able to get the latest novel manifest in print for those awaiting it. It will come, we are in the final stage of making that happen. Check out James Jancik’s, Feet to the Fire Radio to catch the timing of his upcoming New Year’s radio show. I’ll have a segment on that.

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