We’re Surrounded By Occult Monuments

"By symbols is man guided and commanded, made happy, made wretched. He everywhere finds himself surrounded with symbols, recognized as such or not." Thomas Carlyle, Sartor Restartus

Winnipeg Obelisks
1. UN Peace Keepers Cairn  (cairn is p.c. word for obelisk)
2. Winnipeg Aquaduct Monument
3. U of M Medical Memorial Monument
4. One of several wire mesh obelisks on North Main Street’s center median
5. Louis Riel Monument
6. Ukrainian Settlers Monument
7. Taras Shevchenko Monument (poet, artist)
8. Chief Peguis Monument
9. Seven Oaks Monument

by SPH — (henrymakow.com) Dec 30, 2013

Occult monuments are absolutely everywhere.  Often they are before our eyes and we don’t even see them.

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