Now Comes that Most Welcome and Unwelcome Year

Smoking Mirrors — Dec 30, 2013

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
As the year closes, one thing that hasn’t been challenged so far is the Reign of Stupid.  The signature motto of this age should be, ‘wake up with makeup’. Welcome to Sleep Mask City. As long as this strange hypnotic state continues, traitors to their nation will flourish.  Vile enemies of the public will be feted and toasted as ‘philosophers’ and called ‘renowned’, instead of infamous. I sit here in my confinement tank, pounding on the glass and shouting, Chomsky is a fraud! He’s a traitor to the nation! He is an enemy combatant! Some one passing on the outside sees me hitting the glass, waving, pointing but… they hear nothing. A little girl, holding her mother’s hand asks, “Mommy, who is that strange man?” “I don’t know darling. Come along now, we’re late for the party at Chuck E. Cheese” (we only use 100% Velveeta!”). People, Chomsky is an intellectual terrorist and should be in Guantanamo. If the world is in danger of Nuclear War, it is as a direct result of the intentions of the people he works for. He should have a big tattoo on his head that says, 100% Tribe Owned and Operated. Speaking of Judas Goats (which we were), if this works on four legged pigs, wouldn’t it also work on 2 legged pigs?
There are so many scary things going on in the Dis-United States of America. You need a professional listing agent to itemize them all for you but… the scariest thing going and which is an extension of the Zionist false flags at Oklahoma City and the 9/11 attacks, is this gem of a staged drama brought to pass by those seeking to eliminate the Second Amendment, in order to establish Operational Communism as the national political policy. Who created Communism and first applied it in the Soviet Union where tens of millions of Russians and others were murdered because of it? So… who, ironically and coincidentally is behind this effort?
These are hard cold facts. Any professional investigator would very quickly come to the same conclusions as are published here. Take the cues and clues posted here and please… please show me how this is incorrect and then, of course, since you have been able to do this, show me with accompanying hard data who is really responsible. I’m not asking for much. As I have stated here numerous times, nothing could be worse for this author than to come to the conclusions shown here but… the evidence leads nowhere else. It leads nowhere else.
Because Mr. Apocalypse has come to the same conclusions as we have here, he is busy galvanizing people from all walks of life, to react to the ever more and more convincingly obvious. Of course, in their paranoia, here on the verge of reducing the world to managed chaos, which has always been their intent, they are striking out at every perceived criticism and coming up, not only short but also wrong. They’re in panic mode because the aforementioned Mr. Apocalypse is making sure that all the relevant and necessary information and evidence is getting out there.
The evidence of mendacious criminal behavior is overwhelming and the world is taking note. Things aren’t working out so well for global corporate control of the planet. The odious and incessant press from Satanic corporations leads to unintentional gallows humor, while also pointing up just how incredibly sick these creatures are. The corporations own the politicians and the Central Bankers cast their long shadow over the corporations. It’s all a single mentality and it is reaching it’s logical conclusion.
No one wins behind mindsets like this. Corporations can’t survive if they destroy the structures and the world they depend on for their business. There is no kind of sanity at work here. Politicians cannot survive or protect themselves when they collapse all sense of order. The moneychangers cannot prosper when they destroy the very system they depend on. Sure, you can say, well, they’re cornering all of the precious metals, while wiping out all of the small business competition and crushing the entrepreneurial spirit, while buying up all of the assets at firesale prices. However… isn’t most of the gold going East? Or am I missing something? Well, of course I’m missing things but let’s go back to my theory on the whole affair to begin with, it’s for the purpose of demonstration. This is all a living life lesson. Life is about learning. The purpose of life is not simply to come here and “eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you die”. It’s not about coming here and contending with your fellows for personal gain and squeezing everything you can out of existence, until it ends and you’re gone but that doesn’t matter because there’s nothing on the other side. He who dies with the most toys does not win; he merely piles weight after weight upon himself, which accounts for the level of depth he sinks to afterwards. Believe what you like. I may not know a lot about nuclear physics but this I know about.
This New Year is going to be a pivotal period in our times. Nothing is going to be the same, when we arrive at this same point, a year from now. Time and again, the world has been pushed back from the brink of all out chaos, by the industry of positive forces, working contrary to the intentions of evil, as seen in Syria and other places. My hopes and prayers are with that segment of humanity that seeks a higher destiny for itself and a greater good for humanity. Events like this are not accidental.  The same ugly cabal is behind this as has been behind all the rest of the terror and torment of recent times. These are the same psychopaths already mentioned here. They and their compromised sidekicks and lackeys are the source of these things, which their Crass Media will spin as being the work of local extremists. It is not. This is the work of mind controlled robots and the insurgency of those used for these purposes are all funded by this same cabal.
The corruptions of the age have reached near maximum rot. These are all destined to pass away but they will not go gentle to their fitting end and the endless darkness that awaits them. They will go down reaching on all sides to grab on to those they seek to pull down with them.
Let us, you and I, enter this new segment of measured moments, with hope and indefatigable faith in the promise of a better world against all odds. Let us cleave to what is good in us and in each other. Let the force of our individual vision, unite with the collective vision held by all of us, no matter how great may be the distance of our separation and let us prove stronger than all the gathered armies of those who seek to destroy, not only themselves but all life, such as it is, here at this time. It doesn’t matter if you live or die or win or lose, what matters is how you performed. What matters is what we held to be true in our hearts and to what degree this was reflected in our words and actions. Happy New Year! May you long endure and prosper.
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The print version of the latest novel, “The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine” is hours away from being available for order online. It will be announced here when news of its presence is transmitted to me. The radio broadcast for this week was recorded but due to inclement weather, James was unable to post it. It will be included in his New Year’s show, tomorrow or New year’s Day. I’ll let you know.


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