Lizards and Vultures and Swine … Oh my!

This isn’t going to be easy to accomplish. If I have to think about it I’ll wind in a personalized version of the Okefenokee Swamp without an airboat, or mucking through the Everglades looking for the Tamiani Trail; use your imagination and you’ll come up with something.

Before I get sucked back into specializing on one topic after another, which often makes me feel like a monitor with an 800 by 600 resolution, let me paint my idea of the big picture and throw in a little creative visualization, all at no cost to you except for the time spent to consider it. You’ve got time. You’ve got nothing but time. No matter what time you think you don’t have and however much you think time is running out, you have more time than you can possibly imagine. To explain this I have to get a little metaphysical.

As long as you’re running around in the world of time, which is part and parcel of the terra you walk on and made possible by the possession of a physical body, you will never run out of time. You may go through transitions and bodies but time will be a constant companion. When you are not in the realm of time you have forever, literally so… any way you look at it there’s a big stretch of something to either move across or be perfectly still within as you expand exponentially in all directions.

Time is a little like gravity. It has weight. It presses down. Compare in your mind the relative time awareness between being in a prison cell and having sex or watching a movie. Compare sitting in a sauna to lying on a beach. Compare being a lawyer to being a musician. If time is a construct of the mind then- it goes without saying- the first place you should address anything is in your mind. This is your control sphere and either you are running the show here or the world is running the show.

You see… either you possess an objective mind and a capacity to be detached from an emotional connection to trivial and ever changing phenomena or your head is going to be copped by the world around you and you are going to be the plaything of lizards and swine. It’s a matter of degrees of torment and bondage or degrees of clarity and freedom; it all begins and ends in your head and that’s what makes the media such a powerful force. That’s what makes the control of the flow of information such a high priority for lizards and swine.

Let’s talk a little about lizards and swine and vultures too. Animals are living embodiments of qualities we see exercised by people every day. You can see the animal characteristics in people without much difficulty if you are capable of this sort of thing. Human characteristics are less easy to spot- and a surprise when you see them- because they aren’t in evidence as much.

Most of you know who David Icke is and have read about the lizard people who may, or may not be in control of much of the phenomenal world. This idea didn’t originate with Icke. He just assimilated it from much older texts that stretch beyond recorded time. The terms ‘atavistic’ and ‘reptile brain’ should be familiar to you. Icke postulates that there are shapeshifters in our midst who can turn into bi-pedal lizard people. He’s got people who allege to have witnessed Daddy Bush doing just this. It would explain a great deal.

I’m not concerned with whether some portion of the psychopaths among us can actually do this or not. For me, if someone behaves like a flesh-eating lizard then they might as well be one. The same goes for vultures and swine. There are people among us who gladly trade their humanity for animal and reptile characteristics in order to profit according to the appetites of these creatures. It is in the satisfaction of certain appetites that you can see what is predominant in anyone. What you want and what you strive for determine who and what you are.

People like Donald Rumsfield and Dick Cheney; the Bush Crime Family, Rupert Murdoch, assorted neo-cons and various and sundry are all human equivalents of lizards and vultures and swine. Think of a lizard that can walk on two feet and who has hands that can open your icebox, operate a firearm and sign a piece of paper and you get some idea of the sort of monsters you are dealing with.

I know that it is difficult to imagine that a person can do the kinds of things that David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger do because… you’re not like them and you could never do these things so… it just seems incomprehensible. This puts you at a disadvantage because you’re always thinking there have to be reasons; reasonable necessities, needs, requirements that compel them to behave as they do. It is impossible to imagine that members of the banking community actually get together and bankroll wars for no other reason than profit; which they reap from both sides of the battlefield.

War creates debt which creates profit made from money that is printed out of thin air by bankers. Debt grants control over policy and resources. That’s all there is to it except for one thing. They enjoy doing it. They do it because it also makes them hard. You have to understand this. There is no secret wisdom that these men and women possess that requires them to behave as they do. There’s no hidden charter that says they have to perform difficult acts that are for our own good but we can’t know why. They do these things because they delight in evil and practice it for the sheer joy of doing it.

Around every two thousand years the world goes through a tremendous upheaval and transformation. We are present in such a time. What the universe does in the beginning of each new age is a certain amount of spring cleaning. Much of what the lizards and the vultures and the swine have been up to and the creatures themselves are about to pass away. You need to know this and to be calm and aware. Otherwise it is not difficult to get sucked away with them when they go down. Think of what happens when an ocean liner goes down and you are trying to swim away from it. You need to get distance from that liner or all of your swimming is to no avail. It’s better not to be sailing on that liner at all.

You have heard that it is “always darkest before the dawn.” Just so… We are being separated out according to our treasures and will be having our cosmic passports stamped at the customs station for points up and down; evolving and de-evolving. New heroes and villains, opportunities and challenges are this very minute being manufactured for the coming age; for the next movie. But this isn’t your ordinary 2,000 cycling. This is a 25,000 year cycling and so the ocean liner and the whirlpool and the re-cycling is going to be impressive indeed. You don’t need to believe in any of these things to see that insanity is loose in the world. Lots of people want a piece of it and some don’t want any part of it.

I’ll say this much. Belonging to a particular religion isn’t going to make any difference whether you make the quantum jump or not, no more than belonging to a particular political party, or having brown hair or no hair. Certain qualities are being awakened and carried forth and others are being composted and discarded. Depending on what you identify with determines where you go. Love and compassion above all; a capacity for selfless service, the acquisition of wisdom and a connection with the source of what all religions are based on will be your most valuable possessions. Not much else is worth much.

I don’t care if Bush can really change into a lizard because if it walks like a lizard and talks like a lizard and acts like a lizard it must be a lizard. The same goes for vultures and swine. I don’t care about the reports of vampires and werewolves because you can find both of them from Hollywood to Bangkok any day of the week. I don’t care about Christians and Jews and Muslims banging each other upside the head. All of that is on its way out. There is an entirely new world on the horizon and it won’t be all cream and gravy either.

We’d all be a lot better off working on ourselves and staying out of mischief than getting overwrought about the actions of dark forces seemingly and temporarily triumphant over our lives and circumstances. They cannot last and their only power lies in making you believe they can. Their power is in making you forget to be human and act like them in kind. They are on their way out; the Zionists and the neo-cons; the illuminati and the lizard kings, the fascists and the communists, the materialists and the con-artistes are going down. Nothing can stop this. It is natural and supernatural law. It’s best not to get caught up in the circus unless you want to be part of the act.

Spread Your Wings

Next time I’ll be back to bang on one drum or another but the only drum I’m ever really banging on is the drum I was banging on today.

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