Gotchaland and the Angels of Retribution

Smoking Mirrors — Dec 28, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
First up this rainy morning is an example of money doesn’t talk it swears. Like a stiff dick, money has no conscience. Can you imagine the response of the Tribe sponsored alternative sexual organizations when the people from A&E let them know that the head of the Deep South Rainbow Gathering was going to be back on site with the new season?  Bhwahahahahaha! Check the online poll where yours truly punched ‘Yes”.
(I don’t usually ask the readers for a personal favor but someone has put together a write in site for the acapella group, “The Persuasions” to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I’ve spent time with these guys at various intervals in my life and  not only were the best acapella group I ever heard (that’s ‘were’), they were among the most decent and human guys I ever encountered. Jerry has left the group and Joe has passed on. Please do me a favor and go to the site and cast a vote for them. You can even say I browbeat you into it.  Thanking you in advance)
Okay, where were we? How about things we didn’t know? This surely qualifies and if you’ve had spiritual hesitations about making money, keep in mind there’s always validation somewhere. Let’s remember that no one looks out for individual rights like The Tribesters, here they legally petition for equal time for their own deity.  It wasn’t enough for them to bomb The Muraugh Building and lets face it, I’m only putting this up because I can draw direct connections to the players so mentioned in all cases. It’s like the Darkside version of Six Degrees of Separation, or the Kevin Bacon Game. You can’t find much that is big time criminal that they aren’t deep into and why? Follow the money. The only time it isn’t about money, it’s about… money! That’s why they are The Central Bankers.
All over the cultural swamp, they are busy little wasps, first they shoehorned the dumbest people around into being the mouthpieces of the entertainment world and then they toss loaded questions, controlling the parameters of inquiry and use that forum to push their agenda-  Here is a transparent example of coming to the defense of the indefensible. Keep in mind that this is all about keeping the irrepressible truth about 9/11 from coming out (and it is coming out). Yeah, judge not. Don’t employ judgment at all. Let your opinions be granted to you and embrace everything. Don’t judge mass murderers, don’t judge serial killers, baby killers, seedy Wall Street operatives, international bankers or the TSA. Jesus said, “judge not lest ye be judged”. I’m cool with that, go ahead and judge me. This is one of the newer scams like the Anti-Semitic racket.
Things are stirring in The Middle East and this coming year should tell the tale.; On the heels of his son getting jammed up tight over graft, Erdogan has now seen the writing on the wall. ♫When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide♫ Oh Yeah, ♫ the heat is on ♫ and of course, as the avalanche builds and that Crime Syndicate of a country becomes more and more isolated, check out the reactions from the reaction zone and don’t overlook the obvious association between the author and the players  Here’s the thing, when the cosmos decides the time has come, the time has come. There is no reprieve. there’s no higher court of appeal. As all the forces of irresistible change align with one another and the drumbeat intensifies, Mr Apocalypse is ramping up one of his other talents. Besides his uncovering and revealing with that walking stick, he’s also very capable of putting the pressure on to do what you’ve been doing for awhile or thinking about and making it a reality. Yes, bad intentions are being forced out into ‘gotcha land’. It defies reason that people would act out under such circumstances, where exposure is almost certain and even more telling is are coverups from higher ups who KNEW. who KNEW what was happening.
Consider this in the light of the last several decades, where this particular church has been in the glaring spotlight with pederast, pedophile priests. Consider the magnitude of financial cost and damages that have ensued over recent years and they still, THEY STILL keep at it. Like I keep saying, “it’s for the purpose of demonstration’. This church and most of the others are so corrupt and bankrupt, are such dens of hypocrisy and perversion that Mr. Apocalypse had no choice but to force them out into the light. They’re getting that extra added push.
I’m certain Mr. Apocalypse pushed Satanyahoo into bombing Gaza on Christmas. We know that it was only another Israeli shooting that Israeli in order to provide provocation for applied genocide and it was Mr. Apocalypse who forced the Crass Media into reporting on it and the murder of the 3 year old girl. Regardless of it not being readily apparent, I assure you that millions of people noted what was taking place. Where was the proof of who shot the Israeli and what kind of proof was it? The usual false flag. The usual false flag but… not the usual passover. The dominoes are falling. The power is shifting. The will is breaking. The defensive illusion barriers are crumbling. The whole political and mercantile systems are imploding. The delivery vans of Karma are loading. Relentless and implacable Justice is on the wing and the Angel’s of Retribution are calling the furies and harpies to their sides.
You feel the pressure and the fear. You feel the uncertainty. It may not be your pressure, your fear or your uncertainty but it’s palpable. It’s all a part and parcel of the ending of one age and the beginning of another. Now we shall see, how valid is your philosophy. Now we shall see what it is you have based your life on, what you believe in and… the strength and legitimacy of it. It is in times of great testing that we are shown the validity of what we have put our faith in.
When I was younger, I was stunned at the things I had to go through. I didn’t know anyone whose life was as bad as mine or who had worse luck. I couldn’t see the point of it but now I do. I was reduced to extremity time and time again and in the process, I found a rock of certitude and a deep understanding of the battleground of life, the warring elements and the awareness that it is only necessary for us to overcome ourselves. That is our primary challenge which all too few of us apply ourselves to. Gaining mastery over yourself gives you a hidden mastery over others. When you gain control of anything that control extends outward. I have seen this in application. I have been in the presence of those who possessed what I am speaking of. I have watched the calm extend over groups of people gathered at various fountains of quietude and abiding peace. There are no greater things to strive for and since all seemingly external demons and frightening apparitions are only projections of our inner disquiet, unresolved fears and unrestrained appetites, once these are brought to heel, the rest is significantly easier.
Everything we see going on in the world is an acting out of one thing or another, for the purpose of demonstration. We learn by experience and by example, or we don’t and… thank god we learn by example, when we do and don’t have to go through some of these things ourselves. There is no bottom to stupidity as is fully evidenced here.
Illusions come in many forms and there are a countless number of them. Some are individualized and some are experienced by large masses of people. Illusions are dangerous and that is why the drive to self realization and clarity should be our deepest and most abiding inspiration. None of the rest of any of it is important but people think so, don’t they?
Every day I get up hoping that the monsters among us have vanished from this Earth and every day I see now evidence of their presence but it will not always be so. We must endure and we must never despair or give up. By my count, we are almost there.
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