Voice of the White House May 19, 2008

“I have used the Google information service for some time now for background information for my reports.

Of course I stopped using Wikipedia when I learned their ‘close connection’ with various governmental agencies and noted how they always seemed to present positive official views while trashing anyone who would dare to hold negative views towards the Fourth Reich on the Potomac.

So much for that abortion. It’s Google I am going to discuss.

With the dying of the print media, the hucksters are flocking to the internet to shove their overpriced, lead-painted Chinese imports down the public’s collective throat. Google seems to be a magnet for all the marketplace trash and now, when you click on the name, for example, of a Civil War general, (Confederate Braxton Bragg,) I got, in rapid succession, incest porn, young gay porn, an ad for a thrill-packed weekend in sleazy and drying out Las Vegas (‘and every Super Luxury Mini-Suite has inside plumbing or a nice balcony…’)and pictures of the general offered for sale by some other sleazy company.

It’s probably a joint scam with that fat ex-con ‘Small Dick’ Gordon who runs a Bible rip off and fake pet shelter (‘Baghdad Pups’) series of ripoffs on the internet.

Having had to get off the internet (some of the garbage won’t delete) and then get back on to get rid of the obnoxious trash, I later tried Google again to look up a Civil War ship.

Did I get the article I clicked on? No, I did not.

What I did get was another advert for tickets to a concert by a group called the Squashed Fetus, followed by a new site advertising over-priced and run-down beach front condos in Georgia .

Now, I don’t use Google anymore and strongly suggest that you keep your kids away from it. Some of the unwanted porn I got was hair raising. I haven’t seen anything like that since the last Bush cabinet meeting, especially the one with the stellar command performance by ‘Wide Stance” Larry Craig..”

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