Why Are Jewish Husbands Henpecked?

Frank Senger — henrymakow.com Dec 27, 2013

I found Why I didn’t Marry a Jewish Women (Sept.28, 2011) after I googled, “Why are Jewish men such pussies?”.
I did this because I am an alpha male. I am the only child of Holocaust survivors. I take after my Berlin-born Jewish father.
I am very accomplished and have been very successful in many occupations and entrepreneurial pursuits.
My Jewish wife lacks the common sense, analytical ability, memory of cause and effects and my broad base of knowledge. To this I have always maintained the role of lead dog, but with an open ear. I always recant any position or decision that my wife can show is flawed. I gave my daughter that same right, which she used at 4 years old, no problem.
I just realized that almost all of my Jewish friends and their wives share the same domestic structure. The men all are Very Successful and work about 40 to 60 hours a weeks, while their wives either do not work or work part time.
Yet all these women decide who, when, where and how. It is reminiscent of indentured servitude. Why are 99% of Jewish husbands like this?

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