On the Doorstep of a New World

Visible Origami — Dec 27, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Well Christmas is now a year away, more or less, unless you intend to celebrate it every day as I do. Let’s face it, Christmas does come every day for someone. The dawn of awareness breaks in some mind, somewhere, every day. Since the effect on any one individual, translates into an effect on the entirety of all of us, it matters, just as it matters what each and every one of us does. Many of us don’t think it matters and they behave accordingly or, like the Israelis, they’ve got a personal agenda that is indifferent to the welfare of anyone but themselves. For them, Christmas means killing 3 year old children in occupied lands, illegally occupied by them and they do it to celebrate the bloodlust of the demon god they serve, who demands blood sacrifice in order to assist them in their ongoing war against the whole of the human race. You disagree with my analysis? Then explain to me how it is that nearly every Christmas they crank up their war machine and most of the time it involves an assault on a captive populace that they have corralled into an ever diminishing territory, which is for them no more than a playground for applied genocide. Meanwhile, you have the residents of the most powerful country in the world, who make it possible for these things to happen because they have more important issues that concern them  They want to know why they didn’t get the plastic crap that they ordered at the last possible moment, while the hardworking delivery personnel were up against inclement weather and whatever else was in play.
The odious and loathsome spectacle of materialism on the holiday, set aside to celebrate the birth of the one who came to save them from materialism, is a tragic and terrible irony (irony again!) writ large upon the canvas of our times. Of course, the irony is not lost on the cosmos who fully intends to let this callously indifferent, “I want it now” populace see where their ignorance and greed has led them to.
Now Congress wants to pass a bill legitimizing official propaganda, to shore up their crumbling police state infrastructure  They got real problems. They got serious problems and it’s just going to get worse as a massive effort is underway to shield the Israelis from being exposed as the mind behind 9/11 One of their main weapons of misdirection is to amp up the importance of the seriously irrelevant So the US has decided to send an all gay delegation to Sochi and Obama won’t be coming although, technically he should be a part of the delegation, given his association with that Chicago bathhouse and his Batman and Robin performances with Rahm Emmanuel. We don’t know at this juncture which one of them is Batman   Well, given the state of an ever increasing segment of the deranged Wal-Mart World public, nothing is a surprise anymore.  Through it all, Lady Nature is not amused and the impact of the human virus on the realm of Nature is causing all kinds of undesirable feedback  Then there’s all those dead manatees, the dying eagles, the disappearing (courtesy of Monsanto) bumblebees but the strange breed of ever more detached and cognitively dissonant ambulatory shark bait, masquerading as human beings, are just the thing to take the madness into the dimension of exponential WTF?
Man! Do I ever wish that an aperture would appear through which we could walk out of here but I’m guessing the die has been cast and the only way out is through. What that means is our own fates depend on how we play our parts. What it comes down to for many people is that they don’t believe this or, even worse, never even think about it at all. They are transfixed in the invisible rays of corporate hypnosis. They are completely product identified, everything is objectified, according to some weird spectrum of comparative value. “I like this more than that but I want them both and I want that and that too. I’ve got plenty of room in my garage and attic and I can always rent a storage compartment.”
Because of the isolation of the individual in the midst of the mass and the press for conformity in all things; endless cubicles of sameness. Conformity has become almost militarized. People hunger for individuality and the only means for acquiring it, it to behave ever more outrageously so that now, notoriety is completely confused with fame, the same way that liberty and license are now indistinguishable. Given the shit fly mentality of the media, there really is no such thing as bad publicity anymore. Accordingly, celebrities are more and more selected from the most clueless among us. This was the intent behind all of those reality TV shows. Those behind this nonsense are the same people behind some the worst atrocities in memory and the bigger the atrocity, the more likely they were behind it. Anyone who may be confused about, or annoyed at my opinion of a certain psychopathic subsection of the world’s people need only read this, then perhaps you can come and explain to us what it really means. Carefully read the article and add in to that the Bolshevik mass murders, the Ukrainian mass murders, the Armenian mass murders and so many more and throw in the large majority of all terror incidents taking place in past decades and still that’s only some of it. Throw in all the banking holocausts, the world wide drug industry, the human trafficking business, the organ harvesting industry and certainly not least, the cartel of criminal international bankers. It goes on and on and on. Take anything mentioned here and put their country, or the name of their people into a search engine and see what happens.
My new year’s wish is that they either disappear from the face of the Earth, or they are exposed for all their crimes in some indisputable fashion to the eyes of the world and are reduced to unwelcome pariahs across the entire globe. Some would find my commentary an example of intolerance. It is what it is. It is proven so. It’s all in the historical record. Many of them admit to much of it. They glorify themselves in their capacity to carry it out and they laugh at their victims for being so stupid as to permit it. They kill and blackmail with impunity and then they do it again and again and again. Judgment is coming and given the span of time across with these crimes have been committed and given the number and severity of these crimes, judgment is likely to be severe.
Well, I’m just repeating myself again, just as they are, just as they are. Let’s look on the bright side. There’s a new world coming and if you measure up to the needs and demands of that new world, your life will change just as this world is bound and determined to change. Some of us have been working on increasing our stock portfolio. Some of us have been dedicated to making life worse for others, in order to line our pockets at the expense of your misery. Some of us are spending our days killing large numbers of people and making even larger numbers sick for the most craven of motives. You and I might find it perplexing that people could do the things they do but we’re not them. We have a conscience. We possess a moral sense. They have neither. They are absolutely convinced that they are gods on Earth and that there are no other conscious forces to contend with them. They believe fundamentally in eat or be eaten. They believe in “me first, you later, maybe.” They believe you can never have too much and anyone who can’t take care of grabbing everything they can because they feel that’s why they have two hands in the first place, deserves everything they don’t get. The one thing they most definitely should get though, is out of the way.
These are truly strange times. The worst of us are in charge of so many things and the best of us have been forced to the margins. Because evil inevitably destroys itself, it has been decided to let evil have free reign because it will go down all the faster. It will commit more and more visible offenses, against an ever more defenseless public. it will act out in more and more absurd and ridiculous ways and convict itself in the court of world opinion to where its position will be indefensible. It will implode under the weight of its own darkness. It is inevitable. Keep your distance from its personnel and all its works. Strive to be as singular as possible in contrast to it. Its time has come round at long last… drum roll.
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