Merry Christmas!

Anthony Migchels — Real Currencies Dec 25, 2013

The fact that the Old and the New Testament are in the same book was already a major victory for the adversary. YHVH is not the Father. The Gnosts called him the ‘Demiurg’, a pseudo deity. The stories about genetic engineering in the Garden of Eden by some advanced alien are also more credible than the classical interpretation.
The ‘god’ of the OT is Christ’s enemy.
The story of Jesus’ life in the Gospels are not tenable and a mishmash of older legends and astrotheology.
However, the NT is still the most profound and important book that humanity has when it comes to spiritual truth.

Jesus Christ, the Prophet of the Spirit

Jesus was a prophet. I’ll go even so far as to say the most important of all, as he incarnated the Spirit like no one before did.
This was well known during his time, but the texts were corrupted and only around 340 the Bible was compiled. Many important texts were left out. Even more texts were ruthlessly suppressed by the nascent Vatican, coming back only the last few decades, with the Dead Sea scrolls and the Nag Hammadis.
By then the adversary, temporal power, had subverted the story, claiming Jesus was the Son. But Jesus, to my mind, makes quite clear the Spirit is the Son (God Immanent).The Father is God Transcendent, he’s not in his creation.
This can still be gathered from the NT, but only if you free your mind from the mind control.
For instance, the first verses of John are quite clear. They’re the most important ontological verses in the Bible:
1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
2 The same was in the beginning with God.
3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
A little later John goes on to say that the Word incarnated in Jesus.
Paul, also, on one or two occasions says ‘Jesus Christ, who has made everything’, clearly indicating it was not about Jesus the man.
The Spirit pervades creation and is not only the light of men, but of all life and indeed, anorganic matter. In this way pantheism is a subset of Christianity proper.
This whole story about Jesus the man being the Son of God is nonsense. Jesus says: ‘come to me and I will give you peace’. But how can we come to a dead man? But if you realize that ‘I’ is the Spirit, because that was who he truly was, than everything is clear.
Jesus says: he who knows Me has eternal life. But how can we know a dead man? The Spirit is in our heart, though, and knowing it means knowing what is Unchangeable and Eternal.
All the Gospels get a completely new meaning when you read them again, realizing ‘I’ is the Spirit and not the man when Jesus speaks. This is particulalry the case with the fourth Gospel, which is the most important one.
It was only after realizing this that I truly started to admire both Jesus the man and the Spirit and started to identify with Christianity.
Jesus Christ, then, is the name of the Spirit and the Spirit is the real God of the New Testament.
By knowing the Spirit and, very important, doing his will, we can also come to know the Father, when the Spirit considers us ready. This is the mystical experience that holy men and women have reported throughout the ages.
I believe this is the secret ‘esoteric’ Christianity of all ages.
It’s also completely congruent with Buddhism and Taoism and much of Gnosticism too, of which Jesus the man was a crucial exponent.
Gautama and Lao Tse preceded Jesus and culminated in him as the Great Prophets of the Spirit. The three of them often play Whist in heaven, having a good crack about all the silly disbelievers they met in their day on earth.
This, in short, is how I look at these things.
Oh, I love the Gospels. Nowadays, anyway, I couldn’t stomach them for the longest of time.
They’re very profound, but only if one realizes the above, otherwise it makes no sense at all. But while the NT is nowadays my favorite book, with a special place for Lao Tse in my heart too, I love all the religions. Not their exoteric tyrannical mind control, but their real message, which is still available for the thoughtful observer.
Having said that: I’m not happy with Judaism and, to a lesser extent, Islam, as they focus solely on the Father, and worse: on Law, which is antithetical to Christ. Lao Tse fought Law too, which was represented by Confucian thought in his day. But even Islam recognizes the Spirit (which it calls Fitrah) and says worshiping it is the real faith, adding, interestingly, ‘but the people don’t understand’.
Rumi and Sufis represent the Spirit in Islam.
Happy Birthday Jesus!
You were not born this day 2013 years ago. Christmas actually celebrates the Winter Solstice. But it does not matter, because it is about remembering you and what you represented: the Spirit, who created everything. Who is with us always. Who we can disobey at the cost of karma, and who we can obey to know hapiness and become legends of our own. All for good fun.
Help us crucify self and carry our cross, so we can transcend our carnal nature and become One with our maker!
Thank you for everything Jesus, because without you, we would not have known the Spirit and the Enemy would be winning!

Merry Christmas Everybody! May those of Good Will prevail!


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