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Visible Origami — Dec 24, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Welcome to this Christmas Eve and at the risk of being redundant, Merry Christmas!!! Of course, it being Christmas I need to talk about Jesus ‘the’ Christ. Jesus as world teacher, as Wayshower, as revolutionary- take no crap from the moneychangers. As Bill Maher, Zio-Satanist shill and mouthpiece likes to say, “Well you know who they mean when they say, ‘moneychangers?” Yes Bill, as a matter of fact we do.
Some decades ago, I lived with an Archbishop of the Old Catholic Church; friend of Vanderbilts and sundry, as well as many another curious public figure. One of them was Kalil Gibran. I was at the time a huge fan of Gibran’s (still am) and I used to ask Father Francis (as he was called) about him. He once told me, “He was a very sweet man but he drank too much wine.” Gibran wrote a relatively unknown book called, “Jesus the Son of Man”. In this Christmas hour, let me gift you with a digital copy!  It is a most unique book about those in various professions and how they saw this teacher through the lens of their professions. Gibran was a true mystic and as with all true mystics, could bring you to tears with the beauty of his inspired articulation. The beauty of his soul attracted the attentions and ministrations of a high muse and we are the beneficiaries of this relationship.
I lived with Father Francis on Mead’s Mountain in Woodstock. He was a cantankerous fellow and I was the least loved among those who came and went there, no doubt due to my lack of orthodoxy and he was none too fond of the ladies that came around to visit me. I was in celibacy mode but I doubt he trusted me on that. His preferences were ‘otherwise’ focused as are so many of the representatives of that faith. When I knew him he was in his 90’s. Sometimes the power of the connection he had would display itself in his tea time talks. It was enervating. Regardless of his moral failings; more of the mind than of active expression (I think), he was still used by the invisible hierarchy for what good there was in him. I am in his debt. He got me out of the West Street Federal Detention Center in NYC when they were looking to shanghai me up the river yet again for the usual charge of being a public menace, although they called it something else of course. I miss Woodstock, even if it is known as the Jewish Rockies.
Anyway, back to the man of the hour. Some number of people have gotten after me about my outspoken support and celebration of Christmas. Why it is that people feel that I ‘have to’ mirror their own contempt of the event escapes me. I live in a house where the residents are none too appreciative of the meaning of this time. They, like so many, got hijacked by the corruption of religions and the awful toll that materialism has taken upon the real meaning of this time. I’m from the school that “Ye must be as a little child to enter the kingdom.” I don’t get brought low by appearances and wind up all cynical and empty of the bounty of spirit that walks abroad in this season. Where is the profit and the good in that? Just because people ruin the moment for themselves does not mean I have to follow suit. Go ahead and wallow in your lack of wonder, awe and joy; not me, not me. I am fair to bursting with Christmas spirit at the moment and I don’t care two figs and a wheelchair for the naysaying negativists who have purged their life of all innocence. You’re stuck in your own boat with yourself. I’m not.
I see Jesus the Christ as a warrior. You can see him as The Prince of Peace (not that the Christian tradition reflected that in any way over the centuries), a healer, or a teacher of the peoples. I see him as a warrior for truth against the pervading temporal darkness of this depraved age. I see him as a man of unshakable courage and conviction. I see him as integrity personified, one in whom all the qualities of the ineffable were invested and expressed. I see him as a shining example of how one might come to be; an inspiration and a guide and I have no interests in religions, dogma, avaricious and power hungry priests or any off the other ‘for profit’ scams that always try to lamprey on to the aftermath of the lives of those who gave their all.
What I believe about Jesus the Christ is that his blood was the currency that bought and paid for the age we live in. When the blood fell, it nourished and spiritualized the Earth and everything in it that was so disposed to be lifted or ignited by it. I had no interest in the historical Jesus, or any of the religious porn that proliferates in the hypocritical speeches of pathological sophists. I believe that Jesus Christ is the solar logos and the word made flesh. I understand the metaphysical meaning of it in the only place where such things matter, in my heart. All true lovers of God love every legitimate appearance of that force, in whatever outfit, culture or language it appears in. I love the Buddhas and the prophets, the gods and goddesses, the saints, mystics and jnana yogis AND the Ahora too. I love them all and see no conflict in any of the teachings and traditions in their essence. I’ve no interest in arguing any of it with any of the dogma-drones, fundie garbage heads and tight assed ‘send you to Hell’, self righteous fountains of hypocrisy. Tell your story walking. The door is thataway.,
I love Christmas. I only see what I want to see and that works for me. I love Easter and Diwali and all those festivals and celebrations that venerate the light. People get trapped in their heads and then they get insufferably pretentious. They’re all tangled up in the little they know and puffed up with all kinds of vanities over their exalted states of reasoning and logic and they don’t know a damn thing. I literally cringe when self important pseudo intellectuals come around and start hairsplitting with me, while never getting whatever it was I said in the first place. They want to argue but the whole point of their arguing is that they want me to know just how smart and well informed they are. It’s all about prancing and posing and wanting me to admit that they are a formidable equal and that it is in my best interests to accept whatever they have to say and it just bores me to tears. I’m not interested in any of it. I just want to commune with the infinite and hope you have the good sense to do the same.
It took me awhile to realize that all these pundits and park bench prophets weren’t interested in hearing anything. They were just waiting for their turn to speak, which is when they would spin like a top, enthralled in the magic of their presumed eloquence and the denser and more convoluted their arguments were, the more they liked it. Well, the fact is that only Love counts and the rest of it is no different than what you get mucking out a horse stall. One of the main tenets of wisdom is quietude and a serenity devoid of internal conflict, which expresses itself in an external lack of the same. Every bonafide teacher I met was as humble as dirt. They knew about the awesome and immeasurable, incomprehensible excellence of the ineffable and… what that made them by comparison. If you don’t know that you don’t know much. Arguing is a sure sign that you missed the point.
Jesus the Christ is an internal affair. I remember a tale about a monk who was cleaning out a stable when Christ supposedly appeared in front of him. His reaction was, “Be gone or I will fill your mouth with what I have on this shovel.” His point being, Christ appears within, not without …and the Second Coming of Christ will be in the hearts of humanity and it shouldn’t be long now. Certainly it is imminently pending in any particular heart that is open to it at any time.
It’s not my place to judge or censure people who want to harangue me with their pet theories. That doesn’t mean I don’t do so (grin). What it does mean is that, regardless of my occasionally unfortunate responses, I don’t personally believe I’m right or that I know anything. I know it’s possible I’m not and that I don’t. I play a role for various purposes and until lately I went out of my way in regular fashion to expose flaws and shortcomings in myself and all of that is to keep us on even footing, as a company of equals. I’m not letting myself get put on a pedestal, nor am I wearing a dress for that purpose (grin). I’m just one more walker on the road. If some of my thoughts and experiences are useful then make use of them. Otherwise discard them. It may not have been for you anyway. A lot of the time I’m not writing into the present. I’m writing into the future, for times when much of what gets said here might become relevant. Very often what doesn’t make sense at one point will make sense later on. I know that things I came across didn’t reveal themselves to me at the time I heard or saw them. A digestion was required, after which the information was booted back up out of the subconscious into a form I could understand.
I don’t bear any ill will toward those seeking to unhorse, slander or offend me, nor am I affected by it. The only criticisms I consider are the ones that rise out of my conscience later on. In the meantime all judgment is held in abeyance until I get the word from my minder.
So, on this day before Christmas, this is what I had to say, as it was told to me before I said it (grin), according to my own  peculiar process and how it applies to me. That said, Merry Christmas!!! Do something nice. Be nice to someone, in the spirit of it.
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