Apocalypse on Hold Part II

He’s said it before and was proven 100% correct, despite being at odds with prevailing opinion.

About a year ago, when there was much media speculation about an impending US/UK/Zionist attack on Iran, a trusted clairvoyant friend said it wouldn’t happen, at least not in the immediate future.

Well he was proven right and this is not the first time this has happened. For when I say “trusted” I mean that our friend has a very sound track record.

He was talking about an Anglo-American invasion of Iraq years before Saddam’s statue was toppled in Baghdad. In fact he was talking about it nearly a decade before media pundits even considered it a remote possibility.

Ultimately, our friend said the invasion would turn into a bloody mess. As indeed it has, but he also added that the real objective would not be Iraq or even its oil but Iran.

At the time this seemed unlikely but in the light of current events the idea seems entirely plausible.

He was saying all this more than a decade before the “surge” and today’s steadily mounting casualties,

Now comes word from our friend that is both good and bad.

Good because he says a massive U.S. led attack on Iran is still not imminent.

Despite constant badgering by Israel and pressure from the neocons U.S. ground forces are no position to launch a sustained ground campaign, particularly against a well-armed and motivated opponent like Iran.

These facts only underline the point that our friend isn’t warning about an attack in the immediate future. Because although U.S. air and naval power are still entirely capable of striking Iran, he says he doesn’t “see” it happening just yet.

While this may sound like good news it has highly negative implications, at least for Britain, America and their Zionist “friends”. Because the longer it takes the U.S. to launch an assault, the more time Iran has to arm, equip and prepare for just such an attack.

Indeed it has even been postulated that Iran could develop a nuclear capability by next year.

Meaning that if and when a clash occurs it will be big, far bigger than the current war in Iraq. So big that it could easily escalate beyond the Middle East into a global nuclear exchange.

That’s the bad side and according to our clairvoyant friend, a clash with Iran is still very much on the cards. It is not a matter of if it will take place, he says, but when.

However, our friend says that there are deeper forces at work behind the impending clash. A deep-rooted opposition to Islam motivates the Zionists, not because Islam poses any genuine “terror threat” but on a point of principle: Islam strictly prohibits usury.

Christians may have forgotten exactly why Christ threw the moneylenders out of the temple in Jerusalem but Muslims have not.

Islam strictly forbids lending money at interest and this threatens the very basis of Zionist power.

So where does the idea that Muslims pose a “terror threat” actually come from? Well it’s here that things start to get really interesting. For the answer, says our friend, lies in one Michel Nostradamus who far from being an ordinary Catholic was in fact born and raised an Orthodox Jew.
Thereafter he ostensibly converted but his divination reportedly took place late at night in private and who knows what powers were really involved?

Many of Nostradamus’s predictions involve the threat to “Christianity” posed by Islam – a force that just so happens to be the biggest obstacle confronting Zionism today.

Coincidence? We hardly think so, in the words of one mentor: there is no such thing as “coincidence” and by strange concurrence this writer had independently arrived at the same conclusion about Nostradamus as our friend.

In regard to the current situation regarding Iran, he says a new element has entered the picture that should give the U.S. serious pause for thought.

China, he says, will be a key factor when it comes to the crunch.

The Chinese will not be sitting on the sidelines if Iran is attacked. They have a vested interest in the country: specifically its energy reserves. Because China’s emergence as a global super power is dependent on Iran’s oil and gas deposits.

These facts only underline our friend’s warning that China will enter the fray in a BIG way.

Watch China, it’s beginning to flex its muscles and the day is coming when it will be able to project its military might globally. Right into the heartlands of North America, if needs be.

China is in the process of developing technological and military prowess, very rapidly. At some point soon it will be able to challenge U.S. global hegemony and the turning point could come with Iran.

Russia could also play a part but our friend is emphatic: China will be a key player and America and Israel will be made to pay.

The billion-dollar question is when? In answer we can only say not just yet but however long it takes, the Apocalypse is no longer Biblical myth but an approaching reality.

Of course, in six months time the situation could have changed entirely and we could be on the brink of open hostilities. The U.S. certainly seems to be making preparations for just such an eventuality. However, right now our friend doesn’t ‘see’ it happening just yet.

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