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Visible Origami — Dec 21, 2013

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Some of us see life through the lens of mathematics, even when we know very little about mathematical theory, we are aware of the concept of random happenstance and it is that feature that predominates in many minds; the belief that we are mere fleshbags who got here through some evolutionary fluke. They believe that what you see is what you get and when you’re dead you’re dead so… it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you don’t get caught. That’s how a lot of people see it and they got that Carpe Diem attitude. They also believe that people whose lives are screwed up or who find themselves in terrible situations just weren’t smart enough to avoid it and Darwin is going to take care of them.
I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is an invisible realm and I can prove it with no difficulty at all. The example of the various rays shows there are bandwidths beyond the senses. But there is much more to it than that. I’ve no real inclination to prove anything to anyone. As I have often stated, I only have to convince myself. I have and will put my findings and analysis out there as I am doing this moment. Some will find a personal commonality in this. We vibrate to the same awareness of forces and powers beyond The Five Blind Sisters. Sitting atop each of these senses is a higher companion sense that is not actuated in the majority of people. Once these senses are stimulated by one thing or another they grant the one possessing it the ability to perceive things that others have no awareness of; clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, these are examples of capacities that can be developed and exercised.
These powers can be activated in various ways. Some are born with them operational, though usually they only have one of them. They can be activated through yoga and through Hermetic practices, which are simply the western version of yoga. They can be activated, temporarily, through the use of psychedelic substances. I have been able to do this both ways so I know it is so. They can also be activated through trauma and finally (though there are probably still more ways) these can be conferred on you by someone capable of it.
Telepathy, Intuition, perceiving conditions at a far remove and other talents are of yet a higher order still. When I had my initial Kundalini experience I was rendered fully telepathic. In fact, John Hall’s awareness of me inside his mind was such a shock that our friendship never recovered. He could not handle it. Along with certain other marvelous happenings that took place that night, the collective effect was too much for the musicians who had come out there with me, to take acid and to make music, so much so that finally they decided they had to go back to D.C. right away. Not a word was spoken during the hour+ drive back from the Virginia countryside. They pulled up to Dupont Circle and I was let out of the car. I can just imagine what a sigh of collective relief must have gone through the car once I was gone. I never thought about it at the time. I was simply thrilled by what happened. I crave that sort of thing above and beyond anything else available here. I see most everything here in the same way the Buddha did; “all life is pain caused by ignorant desire.” Interestingly enough, from that time on, whenever I tripped (and we would nearly always wind up in Nature, even if it was just one of the city parks), I would see green holographic Buddhas in an electric silhouette outline. Meaning you could see through them. They’d be sitting in flower beds and at other locations. Besides this I would see massive electronic like serpents moving in and out of the Earth and everything had fiery red hieroglyphic characters vibrating on the surface, even the sky. It was quite a while before I discovered that other people were not having the same visions and experiences that I was.
When I was instantaneously in John’s mind he pushed hard to drive me out but it wasn’t possible because there is only one mind and I had been propelled into the consciousness of that so it was like being in a large ocean and all the fish swimming around were the thoughts people were having. When I saw “Lawnmower Man” it flashed me back to that period. I hadn’t meant to invade his mind. It just happened. Since though, whatever the peculiar reason may be, I have little interest in what people are thinking unless it means me harm and this has saved me grief on many an occasion. Much of the time, when I engage in bizarre acting out, this is one of the reasons. There is a need for certain concealed motivations to expose themselves. Nothing accomplishes that better than a strategy that looks like something else entirely.
Since my life has been filled with supernatural events and… still is, I have to imagine there are others out there who have had their share as well. Then, there is that large body of grazing public that basically, grazes. Their eyes are cast downward at whatever their personal feed may be. That’s their focus. Bringing things to their attention in too dramatic a fashion can cause a stampede as well as that “turn again and rend you” phenomena. Matthew 7.6 I think. As I said earlier, it took me some learning to realize that you can’t tell people anything unless they are ready to listen. It’s okay to put it out there. It’s not okay to insist that they hear or see it. They’ll come around, eventually. They’re on the slow track. Some of us prefer the fast track. It’s wilder of course and unpredictable and certainly it can be dangerous but being here in the first place is dangerous and being unaware of that, as many people are, well, that’s really dangerous. What you don’t know can hurt you and depending on who you know, there is serious protection available. It all comes down to who you rely on. One would think, after a certain period of being here and the inevitable disappointment and heartbreak that the vast majority of us experience, some number of us would tumble to where the power is.
You might get your initial awareness from someone like Castaneda and his thesis on one’s place of power. The right Shamanic lineage certainly can open any number of doors and some of us are drawn to the more primitive expressions. You might say it’s in our DNA. Some of us are drawn to traditional means but that plateaus in a hurry and it’s corrupted beyond repair as well. Some of us are drawn into the occult and metaphysical. That can be a dangerous proposition without a guide. A good safeguard to have in place is not to mess with anything you don’t fully understand. A good analogy would be trying to fix an electric problem when you are not an electrician. Some of us are drawn to the mystical side. I tend to favor that more and more.
You might have a capacity for mental telepathy or you might have the gut intuitive feature (vibes). You might be able to see things clairvoyantly (rare and unlikely), or you might be able to visualize things yet to manifest on the mindscreen. The problem with a lot of these talents is similar to what happens to nations when their technological powers outstrips their moral constraints. As the old maxim says, “Power corrupts”. In the majority of cases when people have certain gifts there is the inclination to use them, regardless of need. This is the problem with varying access to psychic insight, not to mention that psychics are usually wrong. If you do not control the moral condition and that includes the profits objective of your gift completely, it will naturally come into the hands of entities who are waiting there for that opportunity. So now, you possess a gift that has been transformed into a liability and potentially worse.
This exists because you don’t have to be highly disciplined, morally tight and focused to have any of these tools. You only have to want them more than anything else and all kinds of people in India have them, simply through mantra work or austerities. Then you find, as many of them do, that you have not a blessing but a curse. Once you have these abilities they are yours, unless you give them away and you have to ‘know how’ to do that. All of this is why people should first ask for self control and self awareness. That’s the ticket, to all kinds of places.
The big tragedy about life here in the unconscious zone and… it does matter if you’re conscious, is that there is such a total lack of awareness of what lies beyond. I read an occultist once who said, more or less (paraphrasing here), “It is unfortunate for people that they head off into a landscape they are completely unfamiliar with. They have no maps and lack all recognition factors. It behooves anyone to familiarize themselves with where they are headed and even to make the acquaintance of guides ‘before you go’, rather than to be bewildered and fearful in a strange land upon arrival.” Anyone can have invisible friends. You just have to want that more than anything else (grin). Getting the picture? Actually there is more to that and a much easier course as well. You simply have to impress them with qualities that they admire. You also have to presume their existence before it becomes an operative reality. You have to interact with them as if they were already there and they will be. Far be it for me to recommend psychedelics to anyone but under the right circumstances you can certainly make some acquaintances that way. I did and do. Friendship is a time lapse consideration for them. Every luminous entity has different requirements and of course, there’s the past life factor. You may already have friends you don’t know about but you’ve put your focus more on terrestrial associations in this life. Those will depart and some of them even before you go.
Here I need to mention two critical things, which I have mentioned in the past. Brand them on to the important graffiti wall of the mind. You don’t go anywhere. You arrive where you are. Of course that seems misleading because in a sense you are no longer here. All that happens is that the present scenery is gone and replaced by a new scenery commensurate with right where you are at the moment of departure. The other thing is that Heaven does not begin somewhere up in the sky. It begins where your feet touch the Earth. One of the magical things I try to engage in is to consciously land my every step on the Earth accompanied by a mantra or associated with a song. The Earth responds to this. The Earth is a conscious living entity. You can be in accord with the Earth, or you can be out of harmony with it. These conditions will land you in two separate places and also lead to yet more places that follow to either fulfillment or painful learning. Make her your friend. She is a bad enemy and she resides and can act though every creature here resident in all kinds of ways. She’s also wedded into your nature and your physical form. Getting out of sorts with her is a sure route to dis-ease.
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Visible is engaged in his next book which is due in mid-Spring. It’s titled, “Walking with Invisible Friends in the Hidden Realm of Nature.” This would be walks with Visible and his curious encounters, real and whimsical. Our Merry Christmas Origami will be the next posting.

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