Is Porn Getting a Hidden Subsidy? — Dec 19, 2013

Nothing advances the Illuminati’s satanic agenda like porn. Joe explains how “deep pockets” behind a company called Manwin has made porn freely available on the Internet.
“Leveraging wealth earned from advertising on the tube sites, Manwin has amassed a porn empire that includes popular properties like Brazzers, Digital Playground and managing Playboy TV’s online and video properties . But … many industry insiders… believe the company pillaged the industry by flooding the market with free, sometimes pirated porn…” (Gawker)

By Joe (Fmr. porn producer & author of No Glamor in Porn Biz)

Back in 2006/2007, a company called Manwin with tens of millions of dollars in financing from still mysterious sources set out to dominate the porn industry and they have  achieved this goal by putting many porn companies out of business due to making everything free.
Even if Manwin does not own a particular tube site, they created the current model of selling advertising for products such as online dating, models on webcams, viagra etc etc.
Manwin either started or bought out most of the biggest free porn tube sites that exist today.  Who funded them?  I have no idea but they came out of nowhere and took over the porn industry in just a few years.   They had DEEP DEEP pockets and not only spent tens of millions of dollars on their own content but bought out other huge companies.
They tried to recruit me away from another company and told me their plans.  I thought they were just full of testosterone but it turns out they did exactly what they said they were going to do and more.
They got a lot of death threats because they destroyed the income stream so many newly rich people had acquired. The top guys at the company hired 24-hour armed guards.
The “front man” for several years was Fabian Thylmann. He was born in Germany but have no idea of his background.   Fabian recently resigned but like I said everyone has always known he was just a front man.
These tube sites are set up so that anyone can upload videos to share with other people as in Youtube.  Other porn companies accuse Manwin of uploading their competitors content and pretending it was uploaded by some guy sitting at his home computer.   Some of the companies take legal action to get the videos removed and it works but then the videos often just go back up and they have to start the legal action all over again.   Many smaller companies never bother to police the tube sites to get their content taken down.
Manwin is also a producer of original content so while they are (allegedly) destroying their competition  by making it freely available and at the same time they are branding a new generation of porn watchers with the “Brazzers” name as well as the other brand names they have acquired.
As far as all the free porn on torrent sites like Pirate Bay, it is uploaded by single individuals just wanting to share porn with other people or it is competing companies trying to burn each other by offering all their competitors content for free.


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