No Glamor in Porn Biz – Insider — Dec 18, 2013

In response to our article, Porn is both Sadistic & Satanic,” a former porn producer presents a more realistic but no more appealing picture of the porn industry.

by Joe

I used to be a porn producer who lived and worked around the infamous “Porn Valley” in Los Angeles but now shun that lifestyle and have also turned back to follow God. I am pleased you are warning your readers about the pitfalls of watching porn and also warning the young men and women who get trapped in the industry.  However I am sad you decided to promote Shelly Lubben and her distortions on your website.
Shelly Lubben is nothing but an attention-seeking opportunist who shocks people into thinking that the porn industry is a one-dimensional place made up of evil  men who abuse women. Sure, this happens but it is not the norm. Selly shocks the public and then is happy to accept their donations. Also, it is obvious that she really enjoys the spotlight which is a big part of the reason women get into the porn industry in the first place.  Women like Shelly crave attention and her phony ministry is now the way she gets attention.

She is only hurting these women by enabling them to think that porn is why they have drug and mental problems. These women have so many problems is because they were raised without strong fathers and in many cases were molested by another male figure in their childhood.


I can tell you without a doubt that the female talent on porn sets have the ultimate power in most cases. If they don’t wan’t to do something, it does not happen. Also, in most cases these women are by far the highest-paid person on the set making about double what the male talent are making.

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