Watching Porn is Sadistic

by David Richards — Revised from Feb 22, 2010 (

(David Richards, 24, is a UK citizen teaching English in Mongolia. See his personal statement at end.)
Shelley Lubben believed she was ready to shoot her first porn film. She was in for a shock:  ‘When I walked in, a dark satanic anointing just fell on me. It was creepy, dark and eerie, and it was nothing like prostitution. I knew I was in the devil’s territory; this was the final frontier of Satan.’
During the satanic ritual that followed she hit rock bottom: ‘I sold what was left of my heart, mind and femininity to the porn industry and the woman and person in me died completely on set.’
Then something remarkable began to happen. Shelley’s survival instincts kicked in.
She re-connected with the Christian God of her childhood and after a period of rehab, she started on a crusade to expose the reality of porn.
She presented herself as a charismatic public figure in the televangelist style, telling her life story in a confessional manner. The hub of her operation is the Pink Cross, a charity that engages in grassroots activism and collects data on the industry.
Her message: Behind whatever thin veil of glamour they might have, porn stars are prostitutes. Delete any notion in your mind of a glamorous ‘porn star’ now.
Using Shelley’s research, I have written this article with the hope that it will act as a wake up call to men addicted to self-pleasure by sadistically watching brutalized  prostitutes at work.



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