Communist Takeover of US Began Long Ago

Henry Makow — henrymakow December 15, 2013

For most of the last century, the United States has tolerated a party openly dedicated to the violent overthrow of the US government and the enslavement of its people. This party, the CPUSA was funded and directed by a hostile foreign government. It engaged in industrial and military espionage, trained guerrilla units on American soil, forcibly took over unions, raided their treasuries and controlled whole industries. It slandered, harassed and killed opponents; bribed police and judges and infiltrated the military. Obviously it is sanctioned by the powers that be.

(March 13 2005; Updated Dec 14, 2013)

In 2005 I wrote that KGB generals have been given important positions in the Dept. of Homeland Security, run by Lenin look-alike, Zionist Michael Chertoff.
I described this development as the “stealth Communist takeover of the USA.”
“How better do it than when everyone is thinking Muslims, and our elected officials are too corrupt and compromised to protect us?”
We don’t recognize what has already taken place because we were taught that Communism was an idealistic but discredited “working class” experiment, tried mainly in Russia and China.
This misconception duped millions of unsuspecting socialists and liberals including myself. As recently as 1999-2000, I was singing the praises of Canadian Maoist dupe Dr. Norman Bethune to my English literature class.
The Illuminati bankers created Communism to harness the working class to their program of a comprehensive world dictatorship (now known as “globalization.”) The Illuminati and Communists are Masonic secret societies that celebrate the same anniversary, May 1, 1776 and share the same satanic symbols. Coincidentally, as you know, “Chertoff” means “devil” in Russian.
The program took a giant step forward in 1913 when these Luciferian London-based bankers gained control over America’s finances through the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. This gave them means and incentive to step up their covert war against humanity. The two world wars were the immediate result.
Communism is a satanic movement devoted to human degradation and enslavement, not public ownership and social justice. Of course, no one would support it if they knew the truth.


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