Love and Fear and the Heart of the Populace

Visible Origami — Dec 14, 2013

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I said I would talk about the heart this time. I had written half of a post. Something I really liked. Open Office has been getting buggy and so I lost that whole posting. Ah well. That was the end of Open Office though. Now I’m using the spinoff from Open Office called Libre Office. So far so good. I’ll remember some of the things I said but not all, I’m sure.
The emotions are governed by the Limbic system. That’s in the brain. We feel our emotions elsewhere though, in the heart, in the gut, or ‘think’ we do. Maybe it’s a little like this. Love is seated in the heart almost like a creature in residence and is of a size commensurate with the amount of activity it engages in. The theater of action that it operates in also has dimensions based on the area of activity it expands into. Love doesn’t appreciate cramped conditions but in many cases, love is subjected to them. For the most part these conditions are generated by only a few competitors; fear, self interest (or selfishness, if you prefer), miserliness and attendant moods of similar construct.
One of the primary qualities of Love is expansion. Fear and selfishness express themselves in contraction. If love is not permitted to expand it will shrink. Like anything that is not exercised and employed, it heads toward Vestigial Canyon. It shouldn’t be hard to understand why there is too little love in this world. Of course, in times of material darkness, the first casualty is Love. It should go with out saying that Fear, Selfishness, Greed and Miserliness are all hot-housed during times of material darkness. They pass for acceptable qualities in these times. In ‘their’ words, “Greed is good”; I think Any Rand said that and who the Hell is John Galt?
Let’s consider Love in metaphysical terms. It’s said that God is Love. If that is so, it implies that Love is conscious, or perhaps, at the upper end of it, it possesses the capacity for consciousness. Maybe is possesses it at all levels but the quality of the consciousness is variable. Or one might say that the manner in which Love employs itself varies depending on its octave. At one level, Love would express itself in the capacity to share. At another it would express itself as the desire to serve. At it’s highest point it expresses itself as sacrifice. This we see in the tales of love personified in the lives of certain individuals who have made their mark on history but who are also the victims of legend and myth. All kinds of stories are told about these super beings. It’s not that I don’t think they are capable of anything said about them and… more. It’s that many of the stories are teaching allegories, fraught with symbolism, constructed to convey a point. As a guy named Pontius Pilate once asked, “What is truth?”
Love is difficult to define but Truth? It’s nigh on impossible, probably because Truth only gains definition according to what you are relating it to. All by itself it’s some kind of blinding light but I would say the closest one can come to the truth is, ‘the self’. I’d say there is a larger population embodying Love than Truth. Those focused on Truth as the be all and end all will certainly find themselves general outcasts in most every environment where Love might- then again might not- get a pass. Love is somewhat more user friendly than Truth which inevitably brings some form of trouble to the bearer. It’s been said that “the truth will set you free”. It will also get your ass locked up as I can personally attest to.
Not only have we heard that God is Love but we have also heard “Love makes the world go round”, “Love conquers all”. “Love is all you need” and my favorite (cue the Doobie Brothers) “without Love, where would you be now?” Those are some heavy claims made about love. Confront most people with these sayings and most people will nod their heads and say, “Yes that’s true”. Getting them to explain why they think so is going to be far more difficult and getting them to agree to live according to those statements, even harder.
At the moment, The Material World is browbeating Love into a near comatose submission. Were I Love, I would have packed my bags and headed for the hills some time ago but… I am not Love, only one of it’s inconsistent servants. I’m here to witness my mistakes in relation to the expression of a more perfect love and hopefully, with the aid of the invisible, correct those errors of thought, speech and action. I try to keep Love operative in my heart but all it takes is the right distraction to knock me off kilter and dump me by the side of the road. I know we passed the ten thousand times mark a long time ago.
Each of our lives are different. The same things are not asked of us all and the same burdens and trials are not placed on us all equally. Most of us piled those burdens and trials upon ourselves and some of us assumed them for the benefit of greater gain across the board but that would be the very few and as I’ve been told more than once, “all too few”. The things going on behind the scenes are far beyond mortal ken in many ways. To certain forces we are no more than cyphers. This is not to say they don’t care but their level of dispassion concerning our brief and perpetuating appearances doesn’t raise much interest or concern over the long haul and that is because most of us don’t have much interest in the long haul to begin with. A lot of what goes on between the seen and unseen is meant to be reciprocal, is meant to be a quid pro quo. How can any relationship flourish without a regular back and forth? It can’t. It will die off or go into remission, the same way a plant will dry up and die without light and water. If we’re not drowning in irony around here, we’re drowning in allegory and symbolism.
Does the usual person bopping down the street concern themselves with irony, allegory or symbolism? No, not at all. They got those earpods in their ears, shutting out (hoping to shut out) the world outside. Otherwise they are thumbfucking the cellphone, thinking about what they are going to eat when they get there, or impossible sexual fantasies, made impossible by their complete lack of faith in their ability to engineer such an event. I’m not pulling this out of the air, countless studies have proven what is on most people’s minds, by the process of asking them in anonymous polls and interviews. I left out the main concern these days, which happens to be simple survival and which is increasing in intensity with every passing day. Those with too little are very concerned about their future. Those with too much are very concerned with holding on to it, as well as how to get more. Those armed to the teeth for the purpose of protecting those with too much, are concerned about their ability to do so when they are outnumbered ten thousand to one. We’re all concerned about something. I’m concerned about the width of the Daath I’ve got to cross. Faith and Fear are the determinants of the expanse of emptiness. It varies. For some there is no noticeable gap. It’s a mere step across. For others, it could be so wide that it has no other side. It is only as wide as your fear. Love and Fear displace each other. There are more powers secreted in Love than there are known to all living things.
There is a nasty war on. You see it exemplified in the good guys seeking to feed the indigent and the bad guys making this act against the law. You see it in the dark mission creep through the halls of power and in the hearts of those compromised by power who do not realize that Love is the greatest power and like the truth it makes you free. The only ones vulnerable to the shadow are those whose Fear exceeds their Love and the main impetus of the bad guys is to ratchet up the Fear and this they do by creating conditions that increase the Fear in the hearts of the populace. They do this by attacking the unity within us, which directly impacts on the unity between us and which further extends into our surrounding environment, where everything is projected as hostile and inimical. Eventually, the progression puts the majority of us in a world of fear and apprehension and then we become easy victims for manipulation.
The desire to plunder the assets of the population and the resources of Nature is evil. It is engaged in by the banks and corporations, the governments and religions and every self serving fool among us. The armies and police forces work for them. So long as you live in service to the Fear they have instilled in you, your chances are slim and few and far between (or something to that effect. There’s something wrong with that sentence, I think). It all comes down to what you align yourself with; what you rely upon. If it is transitory then so are you.
The greatest power of Love, to my mind, is based on the principle that we become like that which we emulate. It’s a good thing to keep in mind.
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