Fake Sign Language Interpreter at Mandela Memorial Faced Murder and Rape Charges

Rixon Stewart — Dec 13, 2013

As noted when first reporting on the fake sign language interpreter at Mandela’s Memorial service: you couldn’t make this up. Indeed, this is a manifestation of real karma at work.
For it has now been revealed that the sign language interpreter who gestured meaninglessly at Mandela’s memorial service had previously faced charges of murder, rape, theft, breaking and entering, malicious damage to property and kidnapping, according to eNCA.com.
The South African news site said the outcome of the murder charge against the ‘interpreter’, Thamsanqa Jantjie, was unknown because the 2003 court case file is “mysteriously empty.”
Many of the other charges against Jantjie, were also dropped, eNCA reported, after he was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial.
However, Jantjie was acquitted in the rape case.
Deaf aid groups and other sign language interpreters first pointed out that the gestures Jantjie was making at the memorial service made no sense and accused him of being a fake.
For his part, Associated Press reports that Jantjie says that he suffers from schizophrenia and heard ‘voices’ while he was on stage at the remembrance service.
Meanwhile a South African government spokesman has apologised for any offence caused but admitted that the firm that hired Jantjie has “vanished into thin air”.
As noted however, the whole episode is a fitting epilogue for Mandela’s life.
The old apartheid regime was admittedly brutal but it was also hostile to monopoly capitalism. In effect it amounted to an obstacle for the Trans-nationals and they only had to use the old regime’s inherently racist policies to remove it.
Employing their own media outlets to stir up a groundswell of global indignation, it became little more than an exercise in marketing for the Trans-nationals.
All they had to do was airbrush Mandela’s terrorist links out of the picture, award him with a Nobel Peace prize and present him to the world as the face of a “new, liberated South Africa”.
No matter that life hasn’t improved for the vast majority of Black South Africans. The Trans-national giants have achieved their goal, installed a more compliant regime and secured their hold over South Africa’s rich mineral reserves.
So that now striking Black miners can be gunned down with the tacit approval of the ruling ANC. While many of those who once railed against the old apartheid regime’s crimes are curiously silent about those sanctioned by the ANC.
It’s fitting too that a man who refused to condemn terrorism while alive, and who helped secure the Trans-nationals hold over South Africa’s mineral reserves, should have his memorial service mistranslated by an admitted schizophrenic with a criminal past.
That’s real karma at work.
It’s also telling that scuffles broke out among mourners at Mandela’s lying in state.
That’s not the sort of behaviour you would expect from mourners solemnly waiting to pay their last respects to a ‘great man’. But it is exactly the sort of behaviour one sees among fans of media created icons, such as teen-idols and pop stars.
For that was essentially what Nelson Mandela was: a media created icon in the service of the Trans-nationals. Empty, devoid of any real substance and in the employ of much darker forces, Mandela was sanctified by the New World Order and their media whores.