Diversity Israeli-Style

henrymakow.com — Dec 13, 2013

On Wednesday, a Red Cross blood clinic at the Israeli parliament rejected a donation from a Black member, right. The law allows Ethiopian Jews to immigrate and marry other Jews. Nevertheless, they are the most discriminated against, more than the Arab Muslim and Christian Israelis based strictly on their dark skin.
Illuminati Jewry and Freemasonry impose diversity, multiculturalism and political correctness on us but practise racial and ethnic discrimination in the “Jewish homeland.” (The implication is that, in the NWO, people of European origin do not have a “homeland”.)

Discrimination Israeli-Style

By Saul — Dec 13, 2013

As an American-Jewish immigrant to Israel, I witness a blatant and ugly racism.
In America, the Jewish community has long championed the rights of other minorities as a strategic gambit. Sadly, in Israel, where Jews are the majority, the Jewish population is extremely race-conscious.


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