Why I Admire David Duke

henrymakow.com — Dec 12, 2013

An army veteran, John Stanley has been a cabbie, an asbestos remover and a salesman. He is retired.

(Editor’s Note. Although I am in general agreement with Duke, I do not follow him closely, and so reserve judgment.)

John Stanley — Dec 12, 2013

I can’t think of any American Political Dissenter that has received more criticism and organized opposition from the mainstream media than David Duke.
This is no accident because it has all been propagated by design.
The defeat of white constitutional America was contingent upon the defeat of its defenders and leaders. David Duke was chosen by the MSM to be that target and “punching bag”.
As a white Southerner, David Duke represented mainstream Southern traditional values that had to be removed from the consciousness of America.
If you agreed with his political platform of “freedom of association” and not “forced immigration” you were immediately identified as a racist or a white nationalist.
Also, if you found “racial quotas” in the workplace and universities to be unfair,  after being ” leapfrogged” by someone with less qualifications or scores, you were dubbed as a “racist”.

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