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Rebel of Oz — The Rebel.org Dec 12, 2013 (Updated with Video April 11, 2014)

The level to which the Matrix is using the alternative media to spread its deceptive messages it truly amazing. The latest example I’ve come across is a series of photos published in an article on the ‘White Information Network’ titledMichelle makes Obama change seats so he can’t talk to Denmark’s beautiful PM. It describes an incident at the Nelson Mandela memorial where Michelle Obama supposedly got jealous of the attractive Danish Prime Minister and made her husband swap seats to sit in between them.

Cameron, Obama and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt pose for a ‘selfie’. Click to enlarge

Michelle Obama, President Obama and Danish prime minister swap seats.

What’s wrong with that article? Well, we should all know by now that President Obama is not into women. In case you missed that, Google ‘gay Obama’ or watch this interview with his former school mate Mia Marie Pope , according to which Obama was well known to be homosexual and not at all interested in women.

We also know about Michelle Obama’s masculine body features. Since Barrack Obama is not into women, Michelle is either a male or a shemale pretending to be a female to avoid getting in the way of Barrack becoming U.S. President. It is far less likely that Obama got married to a real female just to appear to be straight. Their body language says otherwise.

So if Barrack Obama is as gay as a pink poodle, and America’s first shemale obviously knows about that, why did (s)he get jealous of Denmark’s attractive female Prime Minister? The answer is pretty obvious to me: it was all staged. They put on a show for the media to counter the fast spreading rumours about Barrack Obama’s embarrassing sexual credentials.
Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hold against Obama that he is a homosexual. If anything I feel sorry for him. Nor do I hold against him that he is born outside the United States or that he’s a cocaine addicted Communist Muslim who used to earn his drug money as a teenage male prostitute sleeping with older white men and as such does everything he can to destroy the country and race he hates most. That’s his choice of life-style. What I hold against him is that he is a mass-murderous psychopath and pathological liar. Time to send HIM to Guantanamo Bay.