What is Perversion?

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — henrymakow.com Dec 11, 2013

In a world controlled by a satanic cult, the meaning of the word “perversion” tends to be obscured.
Perversion is anything that deviates from what is healthy and natural. The word “perverse” is synonymous with “sick.”
Sexual promiscuity is a form of perversion.
For the last 100 years or more, the Illuminati has been promoting “sexual liberation” — sex for its own sake, free love, anonymous sex and promiscuity.
The Illuminati now promotes promiscuity to young women as healthy.  Satanists invert sick and healthy.
Next to survival, reproduction is our most powerful natural instinct. The purpose of sex is to ensure the survival of the species and the continuity of civilization. To turn it into an end in itself, for sensual pleasure, is perversion.

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